5 Steps to turn Passion into Profession

5 Steps to Turn Passion Into Profession

 This is the history of most of the legends who are successful because they know how to turn passion into a profession. Did you ever notice, why they are known as the most genius, creators, inventors, and industrialists? Because they all were passionate about their dream, they created differently, developed their leadership quality, and achieved the position they desired in their life.

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Very few are successful without changing their passion, they were either in the same profession or they would have changed their profession according to their passion. During their struggling period, they would not have been satisfied and would have compromised their life. Career changing is your choice, but going with your hobby may be difficult, if you have finally decided to change then you need to follow some steps.

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  • Pandemic Period and lockdown
  • Passion of Parents
  • 5 Steps to Follow Your Passion
  • Discover your hobby
  • Create your demand
  • Focus with clear determination
  • Work on your hobby
  • Qualify yourself
  • Conclusion

     Pandemic Period and lockdown

Even during this pandemic period coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread all over the world, and a large number of people lost their lives. But our Doctors and Scientists have finally succeeded in inventing the vaccine to save the lives of people.

Inspiring from above some new entrepreneurs are searching for new opportunities. Several Engineers are unemployed, their mind is diverting toward such new creations and new ideas, and trying to change their profile as per their hobbies. Their creativity and hobby may change into a passion that will turn into a profitable profession.

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Passion of Parents

I met some of my friends, who are Chartered Accountants, Business Managers, Doctors, and Engineers, who have achieved their goals, as their parents compelled, and achieved their parent’s desire with their hard work. They followed their parents' passion.

After the achievement, they ask their parents if they want to follow their passion, parents' advice will be why waste time on such unnecessary work. You have made your career with lots of effort and hard work that will be forever in life. Some people don’t want any change in life, they forget their passion. They used to live a normal life as usual.

During their struggling period, they would have been satisfied with their job or businesses, which they have achieved by hooks and cooks. And financially they became sound and they don’t desire to do something new or creative. They are just having fun and have compromised their life.

Career changing is your choice, but going with your hobby may be difficult, if you have finally decided how to turn your passion into a profession, then you need to follow the following steps.

5 Steps to Follow Your Passion

Discover your hobby

Your hobby should be the thing you enjoy and for which you naturally wanted to enlarge, that needs to be discovered, where your hobby is giving happiness and in which you are involved most of the time, wasting time on unnecessary things is not considered.

The work for which you want to spend your maximum time doesn’t mean time of day or night, the unlimited time you want to spend is your passion, and that kind of passion needs to be discovered.  How to live life with passion

   Create your demand

If you have discovered your passion, then create your level of demand for your skills and choose a field where you need to put your attention toward the goal, for that you will go as much as possible. Search the demand, which is made for you, and you are positive to achieve the goal, at anyhow at any level.

Creating demand is using your skill in new areas using waste material which is going to be valuable shortly. That creation will be useful for the environment will be life-saving for the people, and helpful for the coming generation.  

   Focus with clear determination

If you have created demand and focusing on the same way, you need to research the way that may be good or bad for you. There are two ways of the human mind some are going negatively, but some have always been positive. We are suggesting research about the positive way of success only.

Clear determination is required like Jubin Notiyal is a singer who went against their parents' business. Raghav Juyal’s father is a lawyer, he wanted his son should go into the same field but Raghav chose his career in dancing. M.S. Dhoni, the great Indian cricket captain was on the railway, but his passion for cricket turned his career as a cricketer. There are many more examples of  How to pursue a passion they have changed their passion into a profession.  

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    Work on your hobby

During your research you have to work towards passion, suppose you are a reader and you like reading books, but sometimes you start writing comments on the topics and your hobby is reading and writing. If this is only up to reading and writing then don’t turn this hobby into a passion. 

If your interest is reading different kinds of books and writing articles, poems, and stories then you must go for it, work in this field, your hobby can change into your passion for writing, and you may become a writer and an author in life.

    Qualify yourself

You need to be qualified for your passion, suppose, if you are interested in teaching, you like to teach children and started taking tuition, it means you need to prepare for a B.Ed. Teaching is not easy, you have to spend a lot of time with the students to develop their overall quality.  

There are a lot of examples of changing a hobby into a passion, but you need to be qualified with more knowledge and efficiency, which will help you to succeed with your passion. We need to Live life with passion.


A career-changing is a major decision, but the following passion is different. Many people start to work toward their passion along with their running job, and with time they change their careers after a few years or more. The following passion will give more satisfaction than the jobs, but the above 5 steps need to be followed. 

You need to be flexible in life, whenever you desire to change your hobby and you want to go for another profile in which you are interested. Most people want to do better in their field. If you feel comfortable changing your profile, you must be flexible about changing your passion into a profession.

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