How to create interest in study if not able to concentrate

How to create interest in the study if not able to concentrate

How to create interest in the study if not able to concentrate? This question is generally asked by parents, and you might be having such a question in your mind. Here is the solution to that. The study is the most important part for students in schools and colleges to succeed in their life. 

I have been attached to schools, colleges, and institutions for the last 15 years. I have seen most of the student’s interest nowadays diverting towards extra-curricular activities like music, dance, games, acting, YouTube, or other creative works. Only 20% of students understand the value of education and work hard toward their careers.

Here are some solutions to your problem, but you need to go through all the following points to read and understand them thoroughly. My suggestions to the students are that the basic qualification is compulsory for all, It means 10th, and 12th are basic qualifications after that you can go for higher education like graduation, or diplomas, or degrees. After that, you can change your profile or search for a career as per your passion for a job, or business.

The following points have been researched for diverting students’ minds towards study these points will help to force them the study, such as refreshing themselves, trying to focus on studying initially, studying the chapter they like most, setting their goal, finding out your weakness, and pay attention with a positive mindset. 

Refresh yourself

Most students seem careless in their studies and they may be better in other activities, or in some special activities, but as per the study is concerned they show negligence, this is a common habit of most children. For that, some physical exercises like fitness or working out at home are required for a mindset toward the study. 

You need to do something to get refresh yourself, you can help your mom or others at home, such as just cleaning your room, or cleaning your books shelf, that cleanliness will give satisfaction and refresh your mind, and you will motivate yourself to do some work. You will feel refreshed in your mind and will be excited to do something more. 

Initially try to focus on the study

If you are searching for something new and more work to do at home, then you can take one of the books you like most and start reading for at least 10 to 20 minutes, take a break for some hours, then increase the time limit by 10 minutes extra, and after some hours focus on study for 30 minutes, and on the next day revise the previous chapter that you have studied. Have you needed to read it again? Check your memory. Through this, you will be able to complete your one chapter at least in one or two days.

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In this way, you will be able to study some chapters in a few days, and that will give you an initial interest in reading books. And keep that habit continuing for some days. 

   Study the chapter you like most

On the 3rd day, you may not be interested to study like the previous day you did, you may be engaged with some other work or going somewhere with your friends, anyway, but the continuity of studying should not be broken. Take your time, if you are getting bored.  

Whenever you get time, look on the bookshelf, pull out your favorite book and study the chapter you like most or easily, which will give you the satisfaction of studying that you have attempted some study at least. And your interest will increase this way. After reading some interesting chapters from different books and you are improving your study. 

Set goal for the study

Similarly, increase your habit to study every day, at least for some hours, and after a week you will realize how many chapters you have to study, don’t worry you will be able to cover up and set a goal for the study. Select those subjects you can do easily, attempt them first, and if your habit increases to study more then you can also plan to attempt other difficult subjects.

Set time for all subjects, and one by one all will be cleared in a few months. But remember one thing, don't study the whole book once, read only one lesson from every book, like this, you will be able to complete all books. Studying whole once may get confusion while studying other books.

Research your weakness

The easy way to research your weakness is to compare yourself to others. How they are doing, how they have achieved, why you can’t? These questions may arise in your mind, and you have to prepare to answer yourself. How it’s possible? Your father always will have been compelling to read, and your mother must have reminded you many times, but your negligence is your weakness. 

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Study every day otherwise, there will be a burden of many chapters at the time of examinations. Now you have researched ‘the weakness’ you have not studied regularly. Wake up and start right now, you will overcome your weakness one day.

Be positive and motivated 

Always think better, don’t think that’s not possible, it’s too difficult, these words are used for pretending. Every chapter is difficult if you don’t study; if you are positive then all difficult chapters will become easy for you, just need to step forward. For the best study, you need to be positive and motivated. Your parents have spent a lot of money on your career; their dream is your success.

Pay attention in the class

Being attentive in class is very important because only the teacher can give you the best tips for studying, which will affect your result. Respect your teachers and be attentive in class, learn more so that you will be recognized as the best student in the class.

How will you feel, if your teacher is apprising you in class? And your classmates also give you respect in the group in school or college canteen and at parties. Your appraisal is your success. But this achievement may be possible if you have respect for your teachers, don't demoralize yourself if your teacher insults you, and think positively it is said for your improvement, you need to get better to be recognized in the class. 

Take the help of your teachers & friends

You need to be attentive in class because teachers are always there for your help, but you need to show your attention and interest in the study, the teacher's help will affect your result. Always respect your teachers and be attentive in class, that will help to build your importance in the class. 

Your teacher's appraisal is required in the class, and you can also take the help of your friends for study and improvement, clear your doubts they will give importance to the group of friends.  


It’s my initiative to advise the students of the whole world, if my advice works for them, being a teacher it will be the happiest movement for me to guide them with this article. My guidelines may result in good for the students staying in hostels and PGs, and not being able to concentrate on their studies. 

If you are always worried about how the chapter will be completed, and through the above guidelines how easily you will be able to understand all the chapters and your responsibilities towards study and parents. Following points to be remembered: 

  • The study needs full dedication and thinking for the career ahead
  • Increase your energy, which is required for focusing on the study
  • The mindset needs to be diverted toward the study
  • Self-motivation is required for success

The above guideline will help them keep confidence in you, be motivated, and go for further steps. If you have any doubts, you can write your comments. I will be always there for your help. Use the guidelines for improving more and more in your study and step forward into your career. And if these guild lines really helped you, do share them with those friends who are not able to concentrate on their studies.


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