How to Improve Listening Skill to Learn English

How to Improve Listening Skills to Learn English

Most people do not concentrate on listening to English, their concentration is not even on watching TV, changing channels from time to time is their habit, their search is for the fun every time, not even interested to listen to any English news, lecture, speech. English communication distracts them. How to improve their listening skill to learn English? You need to read the following steps to improve your listening skill.

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 The simplest way of listening is to make it entertaining, and have fun while listening,  try to understand the accent of the lecture without takings stress, don't bother about any other work, only focus on the topic of the lecture. Entertaining like deeply involved listening to music requires that kind of concentration. 

Why does our mind divert while listening to lectures?

Most people don’t concentrate on listening while listening to lectures, they use mostly divert their mind towards the other related stories going on in their mind, even if it's a lecture, speech, or any topic, Sometimes they get bored with one topic. While describing on any topic some speakers make it interesting by telling stories, which attracts the audience and attracts them to stay with them. How to avoid boredom and how to concentrate on listening? The following tricks will help you, how to improve your listening skill. 

Points to be followed: 

  • Pay your attention to learning, not to listening 
  • Only those who succeed have more listening power 
  • Listening sincerely may achieve something in life 
  • Attend the lecture as task-oriented 
  • Listening improves your knowledge 

Start with a positive mindset

 You need to start with a positive mindset so that the lecture, speech, or seminar may give you a positive response and will help you like the best achievements by understanding with more concentration. Every lecture is important for everyone, but not for those who are not there with their mind. Their mindset is disturbed by some other circumstances. What is required for a positive mindset?  How to learn English easily

Points to be followed:

  • While listening think positively in mind 
  • Set your mind to the benefits of the seminar 
  • Don’t take any other stress in mind 
  • While listening think of yourself as qualified 

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Make it Entertaining 

The simplest way of listening is, to make it entertaining with concentration, have fun while listing, try to understand the accent of the lecture without taking any stress in mind, don’t think about any other works, and focus on the topic of the lecture. Entertain the listening like you are deeply involved with music because you have an interest in music, pay attention to this habit one day you will be able to understand every lecture.

Points to be followed: 

  • Enjoy the topic and learn in a fun 
  • Listen like deeply involved in music 
  • Make such a habit of listening daily 
  • Use this habit of listening to lectures as well

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Choose the material you are interested in

Everything you don’t like to listen to, but there may be something important for you, choose the material you are interested in, or related topics so that you can expand your vocabulary, and start listening to those things in English. Your requirement needs to be fulfilled as per your practice of listening regularly.

Points to be followed: 

  •  Any speech may be motivational for you 
  •  Listen to those things you are interested in
  •  You can listen to funny English videos and movies 
  •  Make habit of more listening every day

Listening makes your pronunciation better

When you are listening to the American and British languages you will be able to learn more vocabulary to express your thoughts. Listen to them sincerely, and speak like that, in this way, you will learn the pronunciation of British and American as well. Listening to more words more varieties and their uses will improve in learning English. So listening is an art, that needs concentration, as you start listening more you can speak more.

Points to be followed:

  • Listen more and pronounce better
  • Listen to American and British accents and try to speak like that 
  • Think to improve listening skills better
  • Listen more and practice more

Concentration on understanding 

Why does listening irritate people, actually they are not able to concentrate on the lecture or the speech because concentration may attract those only who are free from other stress. They need to get free from all stress then the concentration process will work, and you will be able to understand the situation as well. For concentration, you need to get free from all the stress and put your attention on listening which is going to make your bright future.   

 How to speak English with confidence

Points to be followed: 

  • Control while listening to too many things which distract 
  • Avoid those negative vibes and concentrate on the topic  
  • The related topic may change your life 
  • Rarely comes such opportunities in life

·       Mobile improves listening skill

Mobile can be used for listening to videos, movies, or lectures without disturbing any others, headphones or earphones must be used for listening maximum times, which will improve your habit of listening more. Mobile is being used all over the world and maximum digital marketing and online work are being done by mobile phones. So the following points will help you how to concentrate on listening by phone. How to speak fluent English

Points to be followed:

  • Use headphones while listening with more concentration 
  • Focusing on conversation improves listening skill  
  • Most of the entertaining part is mobile 
  • Use mobile phones for their best purpose  


All the above processes can be applied to improve your listening skill, which will give you many benefits. If you are using all the above practices, you will be able to make it possible, anyhow you have to improve your listening habit to learn English. Attend any meetings, seminars, and conferences with a positive mindset. Avoid any type of stress in mind while listening. Concentrating on understanding, and listening will automatically be connected with the topic.

For more listening habits you can listen to American and British languages, try to listen to them sincerely, and speak like that, your pronunciation of British and American may improve by listening to more words, and their uses will improve more in learning English.  Listening is an art that needs concentration.

Mobile is being used all over the world and maximum digital marketing and online work are being done by mobile phones. Other sources are equally important for improving English but listening is the most important to follow. Listen English every day for many hours is the only option to improve your listening skills, as you listen more, the more you understand. And if it’s about your career then make your habit to listen every day to ‘Josh Talks’ ‘TED Talks’, English videos and movies, etc. 

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