How to learn English Easily - 7 Tips

How to Learn English Easily

If you are searching to learn English easily, here are some tips that will help you 'How to learn English easily'.

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7 Tips for Improving English Fast

·                      ·       Learn English from surroundings by creating an environment.

·       You can speak easily without the help of grammar

·       You can learn to do all activities in English, be engaged with English

·       And you can learn by watching TV and movies,

·       Reading stories or nobles,

·       Studying phrases properly 

·       Attending seminars and lectures.

1.  Create English Environment


You can learn English from your surroundings by creating an English environment, you have to get in touch with those friends, who are good at English, and try to speak always in English with them to overcome your hesitation. 


2.  Don’t Focus on Grammar 


Grammar is just following rules to speak correct English, but remembering all the rules at the time of speaking is too difficult, you can learn it without grammar, but your interest is required for learning every day.

·       Just to remember some forms of the common verbs that are mostly used

·       (such as help, helped, helped, most of the verbs are used adding ‘ed’ in past, and past participle form)

·       Always used III forms in a passive form of voice. 

·       Tenses that tell about the time, just to remember the present, past, and future.

3.   Be Engaged in English Conversation


Learning English needs consistency in your interest, which may be your hobby and may change into passion, yes, this passion is required to learn English faster. Everybody gets this with practice and is attached to such an environment where everyone speaks in English. I have practically experienced it, do remember the following points:


·        How to create such an environment? Search for your best partner to speak with for some hours every day.

·        Try to do your all activities in English, while you are working on the computer.

·         Keep busy with social media or any mobile work in English.

·         Keep your conversation and reply to comments in English every day.

·         That habit will show you are on the right track.

4.    Watch TV Shows and Movies in English


It will be very good to watch TV shows and movies in English don’t think you will not be able to understand the story of the movie; your concentration must be not to listen to the story but to understand English.   

  •        Don’t put your attention on the story
  •        Concentrate on understanding English
  •        After some days you will be able to understand everything by watching movies

 5.  Study Idioms & Phrases Properly 


Phrases are being used mostly in fluent English, which makes your English more effective, so try to study phrases and idioms as much as possible and try to use them in speaking.   How to improve listening skills to learn English


·        Listen carefully to how people use phrases in their language.

·        Try to learn from them every day

· Use them in your speaking and learn more

6.  Read Story Books or Nobles


Make your interest in reading books and novels that will make your word power better, it will help you to speak effective communication and fluency in your speaking. Keep learning more and more words for better communication. And those words must be spoken wherever required to improve your confidence. 

 How to speak English with confidence

·       While reading concentrate on dialog

·       Note down them and try to use them in your speaking


7.   Attend Seminar and Lectures


Attending seminars and lectures is a very good habit, it gives you lots of knowledge on which the seminar is organized but along with that, you are improving your English as well. The benefits of attending seminars and lectures are: 

 How to improve your listening skills?


·        There is the most senior level of people addressing the audience.

·        They deliver their best knowledge on the concerned topics.

·        You will get the chance to learn English easily

·        No need to give a reply you are required to concentrate on the topic 


If you are waiting for your perfection, then it will be too late, nobody is perfect in English, as they are coming in contact with more English people they learn more from them, you have to try to speak as and when required, throw your hesitation start speaking anywhere.

Yes, it’s the chance for you to make a relationship with those who are promoting you to the best level of the English community, and learn the Technic from them, how they speak with senior-level people, and try to learn how the seniors communicate, learn from your boss, learn from your senior and from the guest lecture, mentor, and from those people teaching you time to time. But your concentration is required to pick up the right techniques for speaking to them.


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