How to Overcome Our Weakness - 6 Major Tips

 How to Overcome Our Weakness - 6 Major Tips

How to overcome our weaknesses? This question always arises in our minds when we feel less confident while talking or presenting ourselves in front of many people. you would have discussed this with many people, including friends and seniors about this weakness. How to Overcome Your Weakness - 6 Major Tips, will help you a lot. 

We couldn’t find what our weakness was, you are qualified, smart, and physically strong. It may be your shyness, or never completing any task. Why can’t we do what the others doing? How they are doing in social media, seminars, conferences, and meetings. 

We will go on talking about this issue, and what I observed, I am going to share my experience. How I overcame my weakness. The following tips are suggested for you if you are facing such issues. 

As per my observation following points to be noted before going forward to learn about how to overcome our weaknesses:

Points to remember:

  • It's not about fitness or physical weakness, it's about success.
  • The weakness of facing interviews
  • The weakness of achieving higher positions
  • The weakness of qualifying for high-level exams
  • The weakness of becoming successful in life

All these weaknesses are with most people, and due to that, they are not able to become successful in life. How to prepare for that, I am going to explain, the real facts, how I have overcome my weakness. The following 6 major points can change your life. 

6 major points to overcome our weaknesses 

Points are to be noted:

  1.    Weakness is based on your thoughts  
  2.     Identify your weakness first 
  3.      Accept the reality of your weakness
  4.     Take help from guidance and pieces of training
  5.      Consistency is required to improve
  6.     Take decisions to accept the challenges

1.  Weakness is based on your thought

You will have never noticed that until your weakness is not identified by anyone, you will not be able to think to overcome, it because you always think of yourself best and always blaming to others for your career and your success.

You need to change this thought of mind and act as if the people are following the rules and regulations. Don’t blame the interviewer for not selecting you; their selection procedure may be as per the criteria they have fixed. So, first of all, you need to change your thought. 

This has happened many times to me, when I went for the interview, I tried my best and I replied as per the questions asked, but not selected. It’s not only happened once repeatedly it had happened many times to me. And maybe the same reason happened to you.  Importance of training and development                 

The reason was there may be a formality of processing an interview, the person whom they wanted to select, that has already been fixed. But if you are called for an interview, they must give you a chance. They can’t say an interview is over. So these are the processing of an interview. You are not called a failure for that interview. This may be a created situation for you.

2.  Identify your weakness first

How to identify our weaknesses? Ask yourself, there are lots of weaknesses with us but we don’t try to identify them. If you are qualified, smart, and physically strong, but you don’t think where you are, have you been fully prepared for that what you will appear for?  How to speak fluent English

Here I am sharing my experience, I used to think of myself as a great teacher of English, and I have been teaching for a long time, but never try to identify myself as a competitor. When I started writing articles and my thoughts, then I realized that English has no limit, the whole world is communicating and writing, everywhere English has the same rules and grammar for speaking and learning. But no one is perfect.

If you are trying to write your thoughts, and articles then you will realize how much knowledge you keep and how much you need to learn more. To identify your weakness, learn, and keep learning always.

3.  Accept the reality of your weakness

As per the above discussion, you can understand reality; there are many other examples in life. I am going to share one more example. There was a training session organized from my office, it was just to improve communication skills. At first, I didn’t register myself, and after a week another circular was mailed that, the training session was compulsory for all.

So, I was compelled to register as a participant, and I did. But it was a nice experience for me. The best tips were given to us on how to speak fluent English, and we learned online. I realized that I should not ignore such opportunities.  

4.  Take the help of guidance and training

Here I want to explain about my training session, which I was going to ignore. About 15 staff at a time were communicating together, and different types of communication ideas were given by the trainer, if any query we had there, was solved online by the experts. 

Professor Dr. Parul was the trainer and she has given us the best tips on how to speak fluent English, which you can read in another article.  How to speak fluent English

From that training, I improved my confidence to write more and more in English. The inspiration was from there only. I would suggest to all to accept the reality of your weakness and get yourself trained wherever it’s possible. If you can accept this by heart, then no one can stop you, to step forward to success in your life? 

Importance of training and development

5.  Consistency to improve

Believe in yourself and start working towards the goal and identify the way you have selected. That motivation will lead to success in life, to become a successful professor, businessman, and a higher level officer, and makes you capable to qualify for any exams or interview. 

Here you have to examine how much potential you need to show with hard work and continue working for a successful life. Never quit in life, and keep working hard, everything can be possible.  

6.  Take a decision to accept the challenges

If you are working with consistency, definitely, the success is yours. And only your action toward success is required. If your target is fixed, then your action is required in a particular manner. There may be many interruptions or interference but the decision is yours.

You have to accept the challenges because those challenges are the way to success. If you are not accepting that at all, again may be going back to the same life routine. I would request you all, believe me, one day you will be able to face all the problems in life and overcome your weakness.      


Life is very short if anything which you have not done in life, you need guidance for that, you need to apply 6 major tips and definitely, and you will overcome your weakness. It’s my experience and I have proved it. 

With a positive mindset, go forward and achieved whatever you want to get in your life. Nothing is impossible. Need your hard work and consistency. Follow step by step the above tips, and overcome your weakness. If you liked these guidelines please share with your friends. 

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