How to Pursue Passion with job

How to Pursue Passion with Job 

We are always advised to follow a passion, but it’s not so easy that people who are dependent on their jobs can’t take the risk of switching to a passion. During a job, how to pursue a passion is difficult for them. They used to think of the following passion if they are being used more the working hours.

In developed countries, most people follow passion from the beginning. I think it has been advised from school days and then after completing education, they start their business, or work they like, and turn passion into a profession.

As per recent studies, a new generation is trying to follow their passion. The young generation is achieving their target and making careers with the following passion. But Pursuing passion with a job is a different type of achievement, some people want to increase their income. To increase their income they start working partly.

It’s very difficult to find work as per your hobby. If that hobby is followed along with the job, your dream can come true.  All dreams will be fulfilled, but how to follow the passion with a job can be specified as follows:

Table of contents

  • Pursuing a passion is not allowed in a job
  • Passion after retirement
  • Lesson for Leaders and Managers
  • Meet more people to show talent
  • Opportunities need to be picked up
  • Importance of being passionate about work 
  • Conclusion

Pursuing a passion is not allowed in a job

Pursuing a passion is not allowed in the jobs, for example, a traffic policeman can’t dance in the middle of the road, nobody can dance in the office, and no one can sing during office hours. No one can gossip for a long time. And many more things which are not possible during the job. Pursuing a passion for the job has the following restrictions.

How to turn passion into a profession

  • During the job, there are many restrictions on using our smartphones all over the world for personal use for more time.
  • As per the survey, the maximum number of smartphone users is in India. 
  • Some physical and hard work can’t be possible after 50 plus age, 
  • Therefore in the Army, most people retire after 45 or 50 years of age. 

Follow passion after retirement

It’s important to realize that to desire to pursue a passion at work is not possible, but partly people are doing so, as to remember their passion after retirement people share their experiences, and what they want to be in their life. 

After retirement, most of the people who join such activities, such as sportsmen join a sports club, most of the people want to be fit in life they health club, some used to join other clubs as per their hobbies, and many of us like gardening, training to youngsters, coaching to upcoming students, after retirement.

Most people could not follow their passion during the job they used to follow after retirement. As per their hobbies, they used to enjoy real life and start following their passion. And turning their passion into a profession.

I am talking about retirement because most people cannot follow their hobby during their job, but after retirement, they used to enjoy life and start following a passion.

Lesson for Leaders and Managers

As per job requirements, we can call employees to show their talent and passion, but they need to work related to job requirements, like marketing teamwork, music company, or multi-tasks. In multinational organizations, the manager has to find the talent of the employees, and accordingly, they must be promoted as per the passion they have. 

They must be advised on how to turn passion into a profession. So the team leaders must step in to encourage supporting workers by scheduling more extracurricular programs or simply encouraging people to think about what gets them excited.

Meet more people to show talent

Your extracurricular activities can be developed by meeting new people to express your creative thoughts and capability. Your target must be to reach the right people, who could approach you for your betterment.  

If you don't have time to show your performance during the job. It must be followed after work.  If your passion is to achieve a senior-level position, it is required to show your best talent, whenever you have pushed ahead, which is called your passion.

Opportunities need to be picked up

In your childhood or school days, you were asked to choose your hobby, if you have any extracurricular activities such as games, music, art, writing, or any kind of hobby, you need to participate in such activities.

That is the opportunity that needs to be picked up. Children are not forced to do so, but parents must know the hobbies of their children. Your children need to relate themselves to their hobby that would help them to live life with passion

Importance of being passionate about work

Do you want to be happy and successful by following your passion? Yes, a large number of people say, employees who are passionate about what they do, will be both happier and more proactive at work. Their passion must be appreciated by the organization.  

Those who are showing their talent must be promoted and given better remuneration to follow their hobby. It will be helpful for the organization as well. It is important to be passionate about performance at work.


The good news is that you are in that category of professionals who seem otherwise satisfied with your career path but would not go so far as to say you’re living out your life’s passion.

As you know, thousands of people want to become IAS officers but few of them are selected. How they are selected, they have a real passion for becoming IAS officers. It comes true for them, who work hard to achieve.

You must like to be passionate about the work that you like most and work hard to achieve the same. Pursuing passion during the job is not possible but it must be followed, even after the job. Your dream could be true if it is followed with passion.  

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