How to Run Business without MBA Degree

    How to Run a Business without MBA Degree

Many businessmen are not MBA best at running their businesses smoothly, an MBA degree makes us better businessmen. Did you ever notice? This question is hurting the people who are MBAs, and not running any business. Some of them are working as managers or running the business of other organizations. They don’t even think about setting up their own businesses. Actually, they have all the qualities of running a business but financially they don’t want to take such a risk of running their own business. 


Table of contents 

  1. What is Business Administration?
  2. How do we learn to start a business?
  3. let's learn from a fruit seller, 
  4. (i) How he manages loss, (ii) His business strategy,
  5. Learn the Techniques from the salesman
  6. How to start a business without MBA 
  7. Step forward to Self-Employment  
  8. Production of fruits & vegetables
  9. Difficulties of small-scale business
  10. What to learn before starting a business?
  11. Reason for business failures  
  12. What to do before starting a business
  13. How to start your own business
  14. Qualities to be maintained
  15. Conclusion
What is Business Administration?

Business administration is basically the management of an organization, such as planning, finance, investment, establishment, recruitment, manufacturing, and marketing. Planning and investment are the primary stages of business; accordingly, recruitment is done as per the requirement. Manufacturing units work based on marketing research and demand. Managing all the departments is called business administration. Most MBAs are recruited to manage the different departments of the organization.

How do we learn to start a business?

There are lots of examples of leanings to start a business. You will have seen many people who are not even financially strong but they don’t search for jobs, don't like to work for others, but are interested to start their own work. And most of them are depending on their daily routines work. For example:

Let's learn from a fruit seller

It seems a silly matter to speak about because the business initially starts with a small investment and makes more money. A fruit seller knows it well, he procures fruits and vegetables from a nearby wholesale market, and according to his purchasing cost, he plans to sell those fruits and vegetables at the rate of double his investment, and every day he makes money.  How to turn passion into a profession

How he manages his loss

Sometimes as per the circumstances, his fruits and vegetables are not sold as per his target, he adjusts and sells at a low price or uses them on his own, and he manages the wastage of his investment, profit, and loss. And he also saves money for his future plans, like children’s education, marriage, etc.

     His business strategy

He manages his mall business every day and plans his investment for the next day. He may have stored the fruits and vegetables in his type of cold storage. And maybe, he will have to invest less on the next day; anyhow, he recovers his loss of the previous day. These all are his business strategy, and we must learn from him.

 Learn the Technique from the salesman 

The same technique applies to the salesman and marketing people; this type of marketing is called ‘trade marketing. They buy some items from wholesalers and sell them to retailers or try to sell them directly.

Basically, all these people are running small-scale businesses on their level. Some take the risk of more investment and earn more income, in this way they become a successful businessman.   How to turn passion into a profession

How to start businesses without MBA 

Street hawkers, fruit sellers, salesmen, marketing people, shopkeepers, and retailers are running their businesses without an MBA degree. They are not only running a good business but many of them have developed their business and their earnings are more than the managers of a reputed organization.  How to live life with passion

Some of them are not only selling but they are also supplying different types of products. Every day they use to book a truck for about ten shopkeepers' materials loaded from the wholesale market and delivered to the nearby local markets. And many people are getting employment in this trading business. They are providing daily work to the laborers for loading and unloading.

Step forward to Self-Employment  

A large number of people are involved with these businesses and provide daily consuming items including fruits and vegetables at the doorsteps. Do you know how these fresh vegetables and fruits reached you every day? It happens just like the fresh newspaper reaches the doorstep every day. For such businesses, about 20% of the population is involved in self-employment. 

This business is never going to stop because fruits and vegetables are daily consuming items. It was not stopped even on lockdown.      

Production of fruits & vegetables

The production of fruits and vegetables is basically depending on the geographical area and agricultural land for cultivation as per the season. According to the season, the production of fruits and vegetables is produced unlimited but the major sale depends on the marking risks.

Every year losses and profits are shown in the news, as per the situation of the climate. But most of the losses and damages occur due to sudden floods and drought.    

Difficulties of small-scale business

Fruits and vegetable supplier has major difficulties, they are not getting the product at a lower cost, and they are not able to reach agricultural land or the farmers who cultivate these fruits and vegetables. They depend on wholesale markets.

And their merging is only 20% to 30% because they have to pay cartage which is about 10% to 15 %, therefore they are not able to grow their business with more earnings, as per their daily sale is concerned.

What to learn before starting a business?

This article may help many people who want to start their business. Some guidelines are here to understand the situation and demand of the market and then step forward.

Many people use to ask, how to start a business. I want to clarify the example of three different people’s statements, about how they used to talk about starting their business. 

The first one says, “Business is very easy, just take a loan from the bank and start, suppose you want to start a business Gym, procure all items of Gym and take a place on rent and start”. But how people will come to know about your Gym? If you don’t have proper marketing for that, it will take a long time to earn profit from this type of business. 

The Second says, “business is very risky, I can’t take a loan from the bank, if it doesn’t work how will I return the loan and interest? It’s very difficult to run a business.” 

The third one says, “Before starting any business like Gym, you need to have proper knowledge of Gym, learn everything about Gym, Gym training, and place where maximum people may come. Learn everything from experts, get yourself trained, and enter the business.   

    The result of the above statements is, that only the third one has the best solution. Who really keeps the knowledge of how to start a business?

Reason for business failures  

There are three major decisions of the people by which most businesses failed:

1.     One who does not plan properly invests lots of money, but most businesses fail due to this action.


2.     Second who always does their business at a slow speed and doesn’t take any risk in life, their business doesn’t grow well and only depends on the beginning investment and limited profit.

3.     Third who plans for his business and gets training for the same, and starts with an initial investment as a beginner and achieves the target. But he increases his production without the market survey and demand, wastage of production may be the failure of the business.

What to do before starting a business

You must start your business in which you are an expert, before starting your business you must work in some of the organizations, where you have to show your highly profiled potential in that business, and with dedication, you must show ownership of the work.

You have to learn all the following the strategy of business during your job.

·        Production: you must have knowledge of production, how machinery is procured, and how to install all the assets related to the business.


·        Marketing: marketing is the most important part of the organization; manufacturing is easy but selling is tough. You must study how it works.


·        Advertisement: How to show your brand in the market,e whether the business is small scale but you need to complete a survey of the marketing. Need to know what kind of advertisement is required to make your product's brand name.

·        Quality control: Your product quality must be as per the demand of the market, and how your survey will work on it. How does the sales executive work?


·        Employee’s behaviors: How the manager’s behavior with staff, and how the employer deal with employees.


·        Accounting process: all sales and purchases, profit and loss, and trial balance, you must have the knowledge of everything in the accounting process.  


·        Sales promotion: How the sales activities are there, how to create demand in the market.



How to start your own business

If you have studied all the above facts then you need to start your own business. Suppose you’re working as a senior manager, and you are planning to start the same business on your own. It's good but you will be a competitor of your previous business. It may be dangerous. Don’t do such things.   

Example 1

You have to study about the competition in the market, most of the businesses failed due to the competition, suppose you have opened a shop of daily consuming items and there is another shop nearby you, then your sale will be 50% only. And many more such examples are there; the shopkeeper will suffer due to competition.  

Example 2

Suppose you want to open a school, before starting your own school must check the possibilities of admissions. How many admissions you can get from your nearest area? Otherwise, you have to get the students from distant areas, so the brand name is required. At the beginning of your business, you can’t say you are the brand one.

Qualities to be maintained

  • During the training of all learning of the business, you must search for the best location from where you can start your business.
  • Prepare yourself for financially strong, if you fail somewhere, you can start again, rotation money is required other than the capital amount.
  • The place must be nearby a city so that your employees and your business should not suffer.
  •  Start the business with full confidence, and be dedicated to the growth of the business. Passion is required for the business. 
  • Don’t change your behavior after starting a business, because customer dealing is the most important criterion of a successful businessman.
  • Always be punctual with your time and timely delivery of your products. All the staff is also required to be trained as per the requirement of the business.


All the above-mentioned qualities are required to be maintained, every businessman is not perfect, he always expects to learn more from others. There are lots of business Techniques available on the internet; you can learn more from them, and there are many videos available for search-related businesses.

Always be motivated and aggressive towards more learning for the development of your business. This habit will give you a lot of success in life. Always be kind to all your customers. Most kind behaviors are counted in the business. Show your passion for your business. 

You will have seen most businessmen are always very sincere with their clients. They have to attend many meetings every day; you will have to realize all these during your job with the company. There are a lot of things to learn every day, and businessmen's learning never ends.        


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