What to do if your child doesn’t like going to school?


What to do if your child does not like going to school?

I don't want to go to school, and I don’t like going to school, this happens often in childhood. Even lots of children use to pretend not to go to school. Many parents have been facing these situations and searching for a solution. I have also seen such pretending by the students when they come to school early in the morning. What to do if your child does not like going to school?  

What to do if your child doesn't like going to school?

Education is the only solution, which helps us for making our future. Sometimes your child cries in the morning like somebody is beating him or her. People come out of their houses to see and ask what happened? why the baby is crying for? You feel ashamed saying that, your child doesn’t like to go to school. This article may help you in this way, how to solve this problem.   When should a child go to school?

Table of contents

  • My experience with the children
  • Take your child seriously 
  • Headaches due to stress
  • Sleeping habits during the day
  • Extra workload
  • Homework not done
  • Teacher moves around
  • Count likes and dislikes
  • Most of the cases in the first standard
  • Turning to understanding language
  • Conclusion

My experience with the children

In my experience with children as a teacher, I learned how to deal with small children, and how to concern with their activities. All their activities were related to their future. I used to discuss with their parents, and they also concentrate on listening to the learning process of their child. 

Following are the major signs of the students, who generally refuse to go to school, and many parents complained to me about the same, but, I always suggested to them not to take any tension. Being a teacher we have to find out the solution for you. 

Following are the major signs, and symptoms that, your children avoid going to school.

Take your child seriously 

A sign of stress is seen in the students, who are always keeping afraid of something. Some of the students are taking extra stress about their studies and avoid going to school. In the beginning, it looks irritating, but it affects students’ minds, and nobody cares about this. Some special care is required for this kind of stress for the children.  

It can be cured by positively asking the child, why is he afraid? What he doesn’t like in school? Is anyone beat him? This matter is to be known seriously and accordingly, we need to find a solution. Take your child seriously, it may turn into permanent stress sometimes and need to be solved in the early stage. 

Headaches due to stress

Headache occurs due to stress, if you continue thinking about the stress, a headache is normally happened by thinking a lot. It can be cured by avoiding the topic of school-going in front of students for some time. 

We normally think our child is pretending not to go to school. It happens due to thinking more on the same topic, and if the child is not able to sleep well and headache occurs.   

Sleeping habits during the day

Some parents are making their children a habit of sleeping during the day time, due to that habit, students are not able to concentrate on the topic and use to sleeping in class. Other students don’t let him sleep, the child needs proper sleep, and due to this reason, the child's headache occurs.  How to create interest if you don't like to study?

Extra workload

Some teachers are teaching in the senior classes, and they are taking the course of 1st standard as well. Their habit is to give maximum homework so that students will get busy and, be prepared for the next chapter, to be taught on the next day. That extra burden is being taken by some of the students only.

My suggestion to the teachers, such a burden should not be given to students, which is creating the stress of overload work. Some of the students are not able to understand the chapter properly in class, if not able to complete their homework, they are punished in the classroom.  

Homework not done

Some students are not good at work, they refuse to do homework and they are punished in school by the teacher, therefore to avoid the punishment they refuse to go to school.

The solution to this problem is, that you need to help the student with their homework, but don’t do it in your own writing, to be done by your child, only help to complete the homework. Children need to understand the concept of the chapter in the class. If not able to understand, you must teach the child at home. This is the way of solving the real problem of the child.  


Teacher moves around

Some students are afraid of their teacher, if the teacher is always moving around, this type of fear occurs in students’ minds, and they avoid going to school. In that case, school work may be easy but if your child gets bored, and is not able to understand, you need to talk to the teacher and tell him to show love to the child, to avoid his fear.

Taking help from relatives and neighbors and sometimes consulting the doctor, but the teachers have the right solution for that, just need to follow these steps.

Count likes and dislikes

You need to make a list of things that contains good things your child likes at school. And also make a list of dislikes. Compare all those, and change all dislikes into likes with the help of the teachers. It’s a psychological fact. One day you will be able to choose good things that will be available in the school.

My working experience with the children realized me that teachers work with their full dedication, not for the organization but for their own satisfaction. They work for the entire development of the student. But some government teachers are not following their profession. 

Teachers are also a guardian of the students in school. I think parents must discuss with the teacher the problems of the children if they have any issues with school so that they will be able to help the children.

Most of the cases in the first standard

Most of the cases of not going to school are found in the first standard, in which a child’s potential is identified throw work performance and activities. Sometimes it’s a very critical decision for the student’s career. It all depends on the financial position of the parents.

In some cases, students want to study in public schools but parents' budgets do not allow them to do so, and the decision becomes more difficult for the teachers. Most parents change the school of their child; at the age of 5 or at the time of admission in 1st standard. Shifting private schools to Government schools is also one of the reasons to avoid going to school.

Turning to understanding language

The age of 5th year is the right time for the student to start catching the language, whether the language is Hindi, English, or any other language. This age is very sharp to learn in any environment, the child catches all the activities immediately and starts responding or questioning the topics, but the teacher or guide needs to reply well at that time, it's learning their stage. 

Whatever will you describe they start understanding? The situation of false telling, confusion, and arguments are all things that happen at this age. They must be guided well about going to school.


My Suggestion for parents is that at the age of 5 years, your child has the best option to take admission to a reputed school, where they could improve themselves as best as possible.1st standard is the only class where a child starts improving and trying to learn everything by heart, and the parent must help if they are capable to teach their child themselves.

With all the above guidelines, your child will take an interest in the study, and your proper guidance is required to make him ready for creating interest in going to school. If you like this article please share it with those who need this advice. 


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