When should a child go to school?

  When should a child go to school? 

My ten years of experience with school children is my concern with parents who always worry about their children’s admission and educational career. During my work as a teacher in a school with the students of Nursery to 10th standard, I spent the most valuable 10 years of my life in the school and experienced what kind of difficulties being faced by the parents. They want to know when a child should go to school. 

I realized that sharing my experience with the parents through this article may be helpful for those who are worried about their children’s admission, at the age of three years. As per the parent's awareness, they know whether a three-year-old child should go to school or not. 

There are a lot of things to know about the child, actually, in schools, the child learns how to sit properly in class and learn to listen and concentrate on the teacher who guides them. It's too difficult for a three-year-old child to sit in a place for a long time.  

In schools, students are compelled to sit in one place at least for 5 hours. And at three years of age how reading and writing process takes place as the routine study burden to a three years child. That should be taught in kindergarten and play school with games and enjoyment without any stress. And parents or guardians can Teach the child at home.

Table of contents 

  •   Parents will get relief
  •   Nursery Admission and Education
  •   Steps to be taken for admission
  •   Syllabus of Nursery class 
  •   KG and UKG Admission and Education 
  •   Syllabus of KG & UKG Classes 
  •   Suggestions for the parents 
  •   Decisions of Parents 
  •   Conclusion    

Parents will get relief

I am suggesting to the parents about their children’s overall prosperity. I was very familiar during my ten years of experience with the crew's behavior and learning process. I was teaching higher classes but as per my overall responsibility I have to take care of every class, most of the complaints and pressure on the teacher were found in the nursery classes.

Most of the time parents used to ask me how their children were doing in their studies and I used to describe not only their learning process but also every activity and performance of their children for the nursery classes, it was difficult to handle the children of three years, it was difficult to make them sit in the class properly.  Parents will get relief and feel free to follow some guidelines which will provide them with lots of ideas to be used with their children during their study and other activities.

And they must understand that a child of three years needs a playing atmosphere and learning with fun, that usually a trend in the US and other countries three years of children are taught with playing and have fun in Kindergarten away from school activities. They will be glad to know through this article. And that depends on  How to create interest if a child doesn't like studying?

Nursery Admission and Education

This is the first and most important time for the children when their schooling and education start with lots of burdens, they have to go to school. This is the question that rises mostly in those houses where there are children of three years. 

Mostly, you start worrying about the admission of your child, when your child becomes 3 years old, it’s well known that your child is eligible for admission to Nursery Class. The basic study of your child required at this age is, to learn fundamentals education like A B C …To….X Y Z  alleviates and that is also to be recognized by figures.

For admission, you start asking people, neighbors, friends, or your relatives, that your child is crossing 3 years. Please let me know which school is better for your child and start searching on the internet, visiting school to school, and ultimately when the time ends, finally, admission is taken to the nearby school. You need to keep the confidence and learn How to teach your child at home?

Steps to be taken for admission

v  As per my point of view, I will not suggest sending your child to school still for knowledge following points are required for admission:

v Parents for nursery admissions are available from February onward. Different schools have different age criteria and different forms and submission dates. But the common thing is that the process is almost similar in every school.

v Parents should look into school fees, academic records, student-teacher ratio, safety, hygiene and cleanliness, and the infrastructure facilities before admission of their child to any school.  

v Parents should choose the right school for their child and then visit their official website for more information.  

v Parents may also go through easy schooling, which is a platform for helping parents in the whole admission process of their children. 

v Easy schooling provides the facility of filling up a single common form, and helps parents throughout the journey of their life, easy schooling clears all the admission-related doubts of parents and helps them throughout the admission process. 

Syllabus of Nursery class

I would like to say to all the parents that all the schools are the same in a nursery class or primary level of study. Because the syllabus of the Nursery level school is A to Z alphabet in English, 1 to 100 counting and a regional language as well, and recognition of words and figures only. 

Some of the public schools are expecting to do more, they try to get reading books by three years children, and it’s just a burden to the students of nursery class. It’s just competition in the schools and unnecessary they are putting the overburden on the students, this should not be done.

In the future, the child may be frustrated to study and may avoid going to school. I have discussed with many parents their children are studying in a famous school and they have given their syllabus of reading and writing at the nursery level and learning so many things like animal names, number names, professional names, etc. 

My suggestion to the school teachers is to please don’t give such a burden to the student at the age of 3 years to learn so many things, even online they will not be able to attend such things at a time. Students should not take such stress at the age of three years.

Upper Kindergarten

If your child is 4 to 5 years of age, you have to prepare your child’s education at home for admission to KG and UKG classes as per age and knowledge are concerned.

Admission will be taken in KG or UKG at the age of 4 to 5 years. In some schools, KG & UKG are the same, in other schools LKG is also counted as a class in private schools. The 4th and 5th years are important for the child, your child must have completed the course of Nursery as explained above.

Syllabus of Kindergarten child 

The syllabus of the KG class is reading the English alphabet with spellings, number names 1 to 100, adding and subtraction, regional language words two and three letters, and rhymes. In general knowledge, animals' name, professional names, etc.

Suggestions for the parents

Did you ever notice why it happens? Most of the parents came to me and I always suggested not to worry about the children at the age of 3 years. If possible you can teach your ward well at home or send them to the nearby school which may be just within walking distance.  How to teach your child at home

This is my suggestion and all good teacher will suggest to you, there is no need to get admission to famous schools, saying this may be bad marketing for the well-known Public schools, but no school can indeed make your child fluent in English or brilliant at the age of 3 years if your home environment is not in English.

·       If you want to teach your child at home it’s a great job for you and the child too. You know better than the teachers it’s said that ‘the mother is the first teacher of the child. You can make your child more perfect than the teachers. But only a few of us like to take this easy risk for our children.  How to create interest if you don't like studying?

It’s the best option for you and your child not to be sent to school, to avoid the burden of teaching, and to start to follow the instructions of the teachers.

Up to 5 years the child must be prepared at home, during the pandemic period, and during the lockdown, the circumstances and the current situation has taught us how to make schooling at home. It can be maintained without admission in any school, you are capable of preparing your child for admission in 1st class. And you will decide when your child should go to school.

Decisions of Parents 

This is the first and most important part of the student where the child’s potential is identified through work performance and activities. Sometimes it’s a very critical decision with the student’s career, it all depends on the financial position of the parents.

Sometimes, students want to study in public schools but parents’ budgets do not allow them to do so, and the decision becomes more difficult for the teachers. Most parents change the school of their child, it may be higher or to Govt. schools.


At the age of 5 years, your child has the best option to take admission to a reputed school where they could improve themselves as best as possible. At this age, it's the right time for the student to start learning the language whether the language is English or any other language. And Students also can be admitted into govt. school, where there is good accommodation for study.

1st standard is the only class where a child improves and tries to learn everything by heart, and parents must help them if they are capable of teaching their child or if tuition is required. 

The child catches up immediately and starts responding or questioning the topics, but the teacher or guide needs to reply well at that time, it’s the learning stage. Whatever you will describe to the child, they start understanding everything. The situation of false telling, confusion, and arguments are all things that happen at this age. It is said that most of the development of the human mind is possible at this age only.

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