How to improve speaking English with confidence?

 How to Speak English with Confidence?

How to speak English confidently? This is the question often asked by people. Here I am sharing my experience, which may be helpful. An interest and hard work with the consistency required for learning English.

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Listening to English-speaking people is an art, learn how they speak, concentrate on spoken words, and practice the same, and after some days you will be able to speak the same. Practicing the ways with consistency will improve your confidence one day, and you are going to become a great English speaker. 

 Table of Contents                   

1.      Introduction

2.      My appointment as a teacher

3.      My introduction class

4.      6 Tips for Speaking English Confidently 

         4.1.    Throw your hesitation                               

         4.2.     Search people for conversation

         4.3.     Learn difficult words

         4.4.     Carry on practicing consistently 

         4.5.     Watch the videos of English-speaking

         4.6.      Read the books of conversation

5.      Conclusion


I was very much interested in speaking in English since my childhood, and I always liked to speak with those who were interested to learn more. As I completed my education I attended English learning classes, my teacher was impressed with me because I was the most questions riser and replying student in the class.

Knowing about my learning interest, the teacher started targeting me the most, I used to find new words power, phrases, active and passive voice, narration, and so on. Whatever the basic fundamental process possible, I did all, but there was a lack of confidence. How I improved my confidence needs to be explained.

My appointment as a teacher

During two monthly courses, I learned all the tips, on how to change into passive voice and narration. The teacher gave me some tasks to teach a new batch of students and after two months I was appointed as a teacher in the same institute.

Actually, that was my interest in learning English that put me into practice. During my teaching experience with the institute, I was challenged one day when I had to teach 70 students at a time.  How to learn English easily

Those students were soldiers and junior officers of the army, they were being trained for international security which was a battalion of 70 soldiers and some junior officers at a time. I could not take even a photograph, which was not allowed by the military because I was an outsider teacher, and was there for training only.

What were my teaching methods over there, I am describing here, and I started with an introduction to everybody.

My Introductory class

I introduced myself as a friend and informed everyone not to treat me as a teacher, I told them to throw their hesitation and tell me about themselves but in English. Everybody got excited about telling their secrets. Their style of speaking was funny, and I corrected their mistakes during the introduction wherever required, everyone had given their best speech as an introduction.  

That introduction was just for fun, everybody had taken part, and all were fully involved in the conversation. They all were good enough in English, but their grammar was not proper way but needed to be polished with some guidelines.

 6 Tips for Speaking English Confidently 

  • Throw your hesitation 
  • Search people for to speaking
  •  Learn difficult words
  • Carry on practicing consistently  
  •  Watch the videos of English conversation
  • Read the books of conversation

   Throw your hesitation

This is the first and most important part of English speaking, to throw your hesitation. Never mind that people laugh at you, have you ever noticed that when an Englishman comes to your society and confirms the address or any inquiry. Many people used to advise him, for example: “Yes, what you want, Address, okay, go straight and left turn, and ask any who is there’’ 

You know the above sentence is incorrect, but initially, people start to speak like that and use it to advise those who cannot speak ‘Hindi’ or your regional language. At least they initially start with confidence.  

They must say, ‘Are you looking for someone’s address, okay, please go straight and turn left, if there is any doubt you can ask someone there. This is the way of giving up your hesitation. 

   Search people for to speaking

Search the people with whom you can speak with confidence, every day this type of conversion must be done with those who want to speak but need a partner for speaking in English. Learn more and more words power use them in practice. 

How to improve your listening skills?

Listening is an art, please listen to the people, and how they speak, start to mimic them, and practice the same as they speak, doing this practice after some days you will be able to do the same. You need to improve your confidence, one day you are going to become a great speaker. But this depends on your hard work and practice.

     Learn difficult words

Speak how much you can every day, every time, every moment, but in the beginning, you do not find the meaning of some words, find the meaning of English words, and use them in speaking.  

While reading you will get some words whose meanings may be difficult for you, note the words find the meaning of the words immediately from the dictionary or Google, and use those words in your speaking. Because these words' power will improve your confidence and knowledge as well. you are going to learn so many things which will be beneficial for you.

    Carry on practicing consistently 

As we use to speak in Hindi or our reasonable language, we don’t think words come automatically to mind, but for speaking in English, we use to think and we try to translate into English, don’t do it, and use the vocabulary just start speaking as much as possible.  How to learn English easily

Whether you are at home, in school, at business, at work, in the office, or wherever you are, you have to speak anyhow in English. This practice will lead you to do more, and your interest will create more material to speak. Whenever you feel any word missing, or not coming in rhythm, search for those words in the dictionary and use them in your speaking. 

  Watch the videos of the English conversation 

You have to see more and more videos and speak like that. For those who want to speak with style, like the United Kingdom style or American style see the videos of the people and mimic the same style, try many times, and one day you will feel proud of yourself that you have learned the American style.   

Practicing this way you have to learn those styles anyhow. Nothing is difficult in this world but need to start and learn whatever you can from Google, you will get the solution, but your interest, consistency, and confidence will come automatically.

   Read the books of conversation

For practice, you need to read storybooks with lots of dialogue and try to speak all the dialogue in English. If you will learn more, and speak more. Every day there may be new things, new challenges with new words to know. Read the conversation books and use the dialogue in speaking with friends.


All of the above are the facts that I have improved my confidence by practicing every day and confidently speaking with people without any hesitation. English is easy for those who want to learn it anyhow. If you have once made it your passion, no one can stop you from becoming a good English speaker.

My working experience with the army soldiers was the best for me, from there, I have improved more learning and made it a power to teach more students. Some of my students are running coaching institutions, and most of them have qualified for competitive exams, and working as executives to achieve higher posts in their careers. 

You need to keep practicing regularly anywhere, any time, whenever you feel like speaking with those who like English conversations in their office, business, or profession. If you think it's a valuable suggestion for you and for the students please write your comments and share this with your friends.  

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