How to take care of your child at Senior Secondary Education

How to take care of your child at Senior Secondary Education

Most parents want that their children to go out of home for senior secondary education. I don’t think this is good for the student, it’s not 100% sure that they will grow up studying away from home. You don’t know what will happen there. Parents must know how to take care of their child at the Senior Secondary level.

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This all depends on your child’s friend circle, how they are on study, and what are their hobbies? Is it your child’s nature not to get in touch with a dirty group of students? Every parent expects that their child will do well if they are away from home, but it’s not sure that your child will not get affected by the wrong category of students.

It depends on your child what type of category your child belongs to, you have to study all activities. Senior secondary examination decides their career and future. If your children have much more focused on their careers then it’s okay, they will do better, but most students get distracted by the environment. The career of the student after senior secondary

The career of students according to parents

What does the child become in the future it's a very common question for the child, we used to ask every child, what is the reply of a child, the child used to see his or her surroundings and used to say the same as a doctor, engineer, lawyer, teacher, pilot, soldier, or polish, etc.  

Most children used say Polish, a doctor, or a teacher, but what happens in the end, it’s not according to your expectation. Because senior secondary examination may change the hobby of the student.  How to create interest if you don't like study

Parent’s expectations

Parents have also expected their children that, do what they want to make their child, depending on them, and always parents pressurized their children to become doctors, engineers, or professors.

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    Parents' pressure as a profession

Some parents pressurize others to become their profession like an Army officer expects their child to become an Army officer and Polish Commissioner will expect to Polish office, and the same thing happens with political leaders, businessmen, and film stars.

 Living standard 

They are sure of this as per their living standard, and their children’s hobbies also change accordingly. These are the facts that everybody knows well as per the practical possibilities in society.   

Parents should follow the passion

Why should we go for that, some of you will have seen, and realized that few people are not satisfied with their profession, they want to become something different, but parents pressure them not to do it, and it may not be good for their life?

How to turn passion into a profession

Child’s satisfaction

As per the parent’s advice, the child takes the place and does whatever you want to make him, but after getting the job, he may not be satisfied with the job and become very uncomfortable with his job, and he lives his life as an unexpected life.

My experience

As per my experience, working with children, and also, I have seen what they are now it’s a very long time since that student, what they wanted to be in their life, they are not satisfied with their career. 

Lesson from films

You will have seen many films based on what he wants to be like ‘Vicky the Soldier ‘three idiots’ and so many films made on that basis. People enjoy films but they do not use that in their life, the filmmaker also wants that most people will like them and we should take them as a lesson in life.  

Students’ hobbies and passion

There are different types of hobbies of students, that is not sure what they will do in the future but as per the study, what is the most desired, that can be designed. During my experience period, I have noticed that most of the students are standing on their permanent future plan.    How to turn passion into a profession

Some of the students change their hobbies as per growing of their age, but at the age of 17 to 20 they plan for their hobbies, and that is your child’s hobby, and if it becomes a passion, that’s what we want to plan his love according to his desire. He must be given the chance to grow in the same field.

We should check student’s hobby

As per your expectation

I have experienced in my life, what happens with maximum parents, what they want to make their child, they are very much sure about their expectations, but in actuality, it’s not happened to those children. 

Don’t pressurize your child

I would suggest not pressurize your child to do the same, what you want to make your child, his primary and secondary and college education is very necessary but for professional education, you have to check your child’s activities and his desire to become.   

Check the activities of your child

You need to check the activities of your child, what kind of videos he used to see, check his mobile and check his activities with his friends and confirmed what your son wants to become actual. You must educate your child and help him till the end of his success.

My experience with the following

Case study 1

I have seen many incidents, in which one of the police officers pressurized his son to become a polish inspector, his son worked hard and achieved the position but his internal emotions do not match that profession.  

Because he wanted to become a bodybuilder, he achieves his profession and as per his interest, he is not been promoted in his career as a Polish inspector.  

Case study 2

And another story of an Engineer, he worked hard as per his parents' interest in engineering but at the end of the year, he could not get good marks in his final year and had not been selected for engineering.

Ultimately as per his interest in modeling, he entered modeling selected and now he is a TV star many stars you will have seen leaving their study, they have changed their profession as per their hobby.    How to turn passion into a profession

My suggestions for the parents

Check your child’s Interest

I would say to all those parents, please check your child’s interest, and go for the same what he wants to become. But those who were not financially sound need to see your child’s first interest so that he could earn some fixed amount of his earnings so that your family can run smoothly, then do focus on the second priority of the interest of your child.  How to create interest if you don't like study

You and your child will be safe from the tension and worry. If your child is very sensitive, he will understand the situation, and if he is not sensitive toward the goal then he will spoil his life and your money too.

Navodaya Schools

I would like to remind you of something that is needed to repeat again the senior secondary standard is the decision level of schooling for your child, if your child has a qualified government exam of Navodaya then their career is the best. Navodaya schools are finding what is standard for the child. They provide students the same steam as their capability of study and achievements.  

Private Schools

Otherwise, there are many private schools, where you can send your child as per your best selection, through the survey you have done. Some government schools are also good as per their name is famous but make sure that the school environment must be  good for your child. Friend circle may go in the wrong way, this is the age of the child they learn bed habits also along with the good habits. They are not as matured as college students.


My above guidance needs to be observed, and I know you are going to take a final decision on the career of your child. I hope you are not going to worry about them, and you will be relaxed forever.

I will suggest the nearest government school needs to be selected for the safety of the child and you can see his performance by personally visiting your child's school from time to time.

At senior secondary standard, this is a very important time to be involved with the child because this class will give the way where your child has to go for a future career. The life settlements for your child are good or best for the way where they want to go and will achieve as per the senior secondary school’s study.

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