Impact of Unemployment in India due to lockdown


Impact of Unemployment in India due to Lockdown 

Unemployment in India has been always a problem and the coronavirus has affected several economic sectors. Problems of unemployment need to be solved and we have to take the necessary steps to get back to normal life again.    

As per the data of the Center for Monitoring the Indian Economy's unemployment rate is 11.58%. About 18 million people have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus; most of them were depending on shops, restaurants, malls, and daily wage earnings.


They all depended on the jobs being provided by the small-scale industries. This unemployment has affected most of the people of 45 years, who have migrated to their native places. Some of them are still surviving on food and living hand to mouth.  Effect of corona-virus on the Education of India

Table of content

  • People migrated to villages
  • Survives due to shutdown
  • Job VS Internal loss
  • Some people who have not been shifted
  • Some people have started new businesses due to coronavirus
  • Some businesses have been stopped permanently
  • Some of them came back to the same track  
  • Impact on private jobs
  • Some people are still surviving from lockdown
  • The online process of working creates unemployment
  • Solutions
  • Conclusion

People migrated to villages

This was the fact that the people who earned or ran their families used to migrate from villages to cities for jobs. But during coronavirus, it’s just opposite to the fact, that people migrated to villages depending on their traditional works.

They felt safer in their villages than in cities, due to the coronavirus and unemployment as well. Most of the laborers and daily wage workers have been shifted to villages, they have started to work in the village till the situation is under control.

Survives due to shutdown

Most of the cases of survivors shut down because, most of the young people were badly affected by this pandemic and most of them were working in shops, hotels restaurants, and molls.

These areas are where the young people work, which were closed during the lockdown. All these people are surviving, even though these shops are not yet opened fully. They are not able to find a job anywhere else. 

Job VS Internal loss

People who are having jobs are also affected due to the coronavirus, their salary has been deducted by the organizations and paid as the minimum possible. They may be getting low pay or fewer working hours; this may be because of low sales of the shops and restaurants.   

Having jobs these people are facing internal losses, and surviving on many things, they are also living a normal life.

Some people who have not been shifted

Some people have settled in cities. They didn’t leave these cities, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Gujrat, Chandigarh, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad. These cities are mostly providing jobs to people in private companies. So they are settled permanently in these cities.

But they do not migrate to their villages, because they only depend on the jobs, they keep on working, even if they are not able to earn more, but still depend on the jobs, such as auto-rickshaw drivers, taxi drivers, employees of private schools and colleges.

Some of them are daily wages for employees of the private sector and government undertakings, fruit sellers and vegetable sellers, open install marketing people, target selling salesman, etc.  

Some people have started new businesses due to coronavirus

As per the unemployment time due to the coronavirus, some people have changed their profession, they have started to make masks and sold at low prices with minimum profit. It was just to start something to earn for the family.

This can’t go on for long, because the mask does not have so much cost that may require a daily consumption profitable business for low-class people. But some ladies of villages have manufactured on a large scale and sold in the cities also.  

Some businesses have been stopped permanently

Some of the businesses have been stopped permanently, they have lost even their investment if they have started their business initially. That businesses are film theaters, Gyms, malls, and open sales of clothes, and foods like dosa, samosa, momose, chain, chole bhatoore, etc. Now they have tried to do their efforts somewhere else or they may have left those businesses.

Some of them came back to the same track  

Some of the above businesses are there again, they have started their work such as gyms, and foods on the roadside, like samosa, Momose, chain, dosa, etc. But their sale is not as they expected. Still, they are not discouraged and again ready to stand their business.

Millions of job losses can’t be measured, but some of them are returning to their job again. They will be paid low and need to work more, but how to recover from the financial crisis.  

The ESI scheme is working basically for sickness and treatment of dependents, but it depends on the eligibility of the people who have contributed to the ESI scheme, which is required to contribute at least 12 months.

Impact on private jobs

How does unemployment impact private jobs? Most government jobs are back on the streamline, but there are no sufficient vacancies seen for the new generation. except for a few posts UPSC, SSC, and police posts. Even the Indian Army has been converted after only four years of recruitment. 

The private sector has changed the recruitment policy after the lockdown, they are appointing people in low-paid salaries. Old and high-paid salaried people are terminated, and low-paid employees. It is a fact in most educational institutions, schools, and colleges. Many people are still jobless after the lockdown, and they are still surviving for their jobs.  

Some people are still surviving from lockdown

Some people are still surviving from lockdown, they couldn't get jobs, and some people have succeeded in online jobs. They are trying to motivate people to do online jobs but it's very difficult for all. YouTube channels became most famous in social media, and now most people are busy making their career on YouTube vlogging. 

Maximum people are trying their luck on YouTube and working hard. Ultimately those people who are already famous are getting followers, and they are becoming richer, but viewers are only wasting their time, and still surviving. 

The online process of working creates unemployment

Due to the lockdown, every educational business has not been stopped. they have turned their work online and people who are trending and able to work online took the jobs in their favor Nontechnical people couldn't achieve that and they were struck out from the jobs and they are still servicing. 

Even after two years of lockdown everything is normal now and all the people get back to their previous track, but people are not getting that level of income which was before lockdown. AI tools or ChatGPT have taken the jobs of some people who are in the everything is being done by machines most of the engineers are changing their profile.  


The unemployment rate has been increasing up to 14.7% during lockdown. Through the ESI scheme, it’s compulsory to contribute for 5 years then all benefits are provided to the employees for 12 months for treatment. And the minimum salary will be paid during treatment.

Some insurance companies are providing health insurance for free treatment and life insurance as per the risk coverage. These companies should plan to such insurance-based for such pandemic situations.

Tata Consultancy has employed thousands of people after the lockdown. All the work came back on track even though salaries were not being paid much. 

Now I would suggest people not to worry, as per the time changing people have to understand the situation. The rate of all the necessary items has been increased but people have no money to buy things. Even the businessmen also surviving their items are not being sold due to not expected sales. 

The only solution to unemployment is to learn new technology, that is the demand for new organizations that have developed technology. 


After the lockdown, some people who have permanently changed their profiles will be not able to recover their losses. They have to invest again in their new business and have to fight the circumstances and want to overcome their financial weakness.

This time was really bad for the people and, it’s very difficult to recover their time. Many people have shifted to villages and changed their profiles, and most of them started their own YouTube channel, and earning money.

This is a big help from the people who are subscribing to them and viewing their channel. They are earning money from YouTube channels with the help of viewers.

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