The passion for writing is compulsory for writers

The passion for writing is compulsory for writers

Everybody can write, but for writing, a passion for writing is required, so many people think about writing but few of them remain with passion. Writing is just a thought of the writers on a particular topic, the fact is that so many people think of writing initially, but it’s too difficult to write and continue forever.

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Writers, who are passionate about writings, need thoughts, words, situations, and topics on which they can share their experiences. When they start writing, so many things appear in their mind, which interrupt the writer’s mind, they want to write something and describe another thing, which does not require that topic, to avoid this writing in a peaceful environment.

The passion for writing is compulsory, have ever shared your thought with many people and they have appreciated you need to write that thoughts in words to reach many people it's a passion, if you keep writing your ideas and that is helpful to the people that need to be every day you will have seen thoughts of the people,  motivational quotes. The writers are creating every day and serving people.  

Table of content

Ø Types of writers

Ø News writers

Ø Story and poetry writers

Ø Article writers

Ø Some writers use to write at night

Ø Planning of writing

Ø How a writer prepares to write

Ø Why writing passion compulsory

Ø Conclusions

Types of writers

Many writers are involved in different levels of writing careers, such as news writers, story writers, poetry writers, article writers, and content writers. Let’s describe their scope of writing.

News writers

News writers are very special in their writing skills, they write about whatever they watch, and like reporters, they describe the real sights and situations. The real fact-based story is published in newspapers and magazines as an article. Some of them work hard to get the news on the spot and some depend on the available resources. 

Story and poetry writers

Poetry writers write a poem that has an imagination that can create a situation, and the theme they use to write poems. Their imagination describes a lot about the small poem.  

And story writers are based on fictional and non-fictional thoughts, some write the real incidents of the people, like a biography, which they write with their interview-based and some write with their own experience, and some use to write on their imaginary thoughts.

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Article writers

Article writers are basically content writers, they can write on any topic, and they may create any situation as per the demand of publishers, but the article is not based on any image, it’s the real effect, and a lot of experience is required to write on such a topic.

They used to take an idea from similar articles and check if anyone has already written on the same topic. And many more things need to be learned. Article writing is experience-based writing.   Turn passion into a profession

Writers keep a lot of knowledge on the subject they select for their writing career. For learning more, writers keep on reading more and more articles by the best authors. And then write their own article with their own talent.

Some writers use to write at night

There is an example of a writer, who used to write at night, Mr. Dhir, a writer; I met him when I was just fresh on the job after college. I was working in a magazine publication office.  A new step to turning passion into a business

At that time I was not aware of the writing, publishing, etc. but my duty was to collect the articles from all the writers and bring them into the press for drafting, then again those articles are required to be represented to the writers for corrections.

Mr. Dhir used to write till 2 am at midnight, as his accuracy of writing is concerned, our publisher used to give him topics to write on, even if those are 4 to 5 articles for the night, but we usually found all those articles completed by the next morning.

When I asked him why he used to write at night mostly, he answered that the night is the best time to discover your thoughts without any disturbance, when the whole world sleeps, the night writer’s mind starts working and gets more and more ideas. So a peaceful environment is necessary for the writers.

Planning of writing

There are a lot of beginner writers, who are writing two-or-three articles in a day, I think it’s not possible because the writer is not bound to write more than one article in a day. The writer’s thoughts must be important and motivational to the people. It’s not necessary to write many articles in a day.

It should be as per the writer’s internal feelings, and thoughts that come to his mind to write on the particular topic then he starts writing. If some beginners are planning for writing, they must have a lot of knowledge of writing, they must be passionate about writing and the most important thing is they must learn a lot from reading others.

How a writer prepares to write

A writer prepares to write on a particular topic, through his contradiction toward the topic, his writing method, and his internal feeling to write. And then the writer starts to go through the all materials for the topics like subtitles, important points, etc. following are the points to be remembered:  How to live life with passion 

    ·       Put into learning more hours every day,

    ·       Be engaged with writing better with every movement

    ·       Keep writing continuously without any positive result

    ·       Keep learning new ideas to improve writing 

    ·       Check your natural talent for writing 

    ·       Anyone can be a writer but need to have all the above points

    When he starts describing his points along with proof and finally writes what attracts the readers, the reader pays attention while reading, which will be beneficial for them.  

    Why writing passion compulsory

    For a writer, writing passion is compulsory, if you are writing for earning money that is your business. If you are writing to express your views it’s your interest. If you are writing for the people who may benefit from your writing thoughts and you get maximum satisfaction then it’s your passion.

    For your maximum satisfaction, keep writing, expressing your thoughts, and delivering your best message to the people, this will give you great respect one day. You will be known as the best writer. This is the passion required for writing. Never get tired, keep writing forever.


    Many ideas need to be described here, but whatever has been described above, all are the real facts based, as per my point of view, it may differ from another point of view. There are millions of writers in this world but most of the writers are born with thoughts of writing.

    As per my experience, I have seen many young writers, who are very intelligent from their childhood. They used to write from school days. I don’t know how they manage and learn it, without any prior training, they used to write beautiful poems, and they can explain the story as they are involved with the story.

    They are god gifted and they are born with the talent of such knowledge and activities. Like singers, dancers, writers, etc. For new writers, don’t be discouraged, sometimes this activity comes to humans after a long time, if have such passion and you want to become a writer, keep writing, never give up, think positive, and one day your followers will regard you a lot. You will get the result of your writing passion in a positive way.

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