How to Improve our Job Satisfaction and Morale

How to Improve Our Job Satisfaction and Morale

Employees may not be satisfied all the time working with any organization. We always want to keep ourselves happy and satisfied. As humans we want to be satisfied with our needs, Job satisfaction is our most important desire while on the job.

Employees may be satisfied most of the time working with any organization but not always. We do things so that we can keep ourselves happy and satisfied. As human beings, we want to be satisfied with our needs always. 

Job satisfaction is our most important desire while on the job in any organization. This article is especially for business management students entrepreneurs, and businessmen who always believe in hard work and best performance.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Meaning of morale

3. Importance of morale

 3.1. Off-the-job satisfaction

 3.2. On Job satisfaction

 3.3. Personal satisfaction

 3.4. Employees' morale can be classified  

4. Morale and productivity

  5. Measurement of employees 'satisfaction

    5.1. The general impression of mangers

    5.2. The Guided interview

    5.3. Unguided interview

    5.4. Combination of both

  6. The survey questionnaire method

7. Improving morale

8. Conclusion


If we are working with an organization, the satisfaction level of every individual is different, we work for different reasons, and our morale should be high or satisfactory. High morale results in high efficiency in the organization, we will discuss the understanding of the employee's satisfaction and organization morale.

Meaning of the Morale

Meaning of morale can be defined as Good organizational morals in good conditions, in which individuals and groups make reasonable subordination for the organization. It is a state of mind, emotions, affections, attitude, and willingness to work.

Poor morale may be disliked for the job, the company, and any association or organization. Good confidence is evidenced by the employees’ enthusiasm, regulations, and willingness.

Importance of the Moral

Morale has directly impacted the working of the individual in a team. Moral can be divided into three major categories. Off the job, in the job, and personal satisfaction.

Off-the-job satisfaction

It's expected from work such as income, security, and status in the community, where you live. It may be individual satisfaction also. 

On the job satisfaction

If you are working, your job satisfaction is your interest in a job, the opportunity for advancement, and your status within the organization. 

How to pursue passion with the job.

Personal satisfaction

From the job, such as growth, achievement, power, and job expertise, each category has its impact, and that can damage the employees’ morale. As a result, employees may engage in simple gossip, other ill effects of low morale might be engaging in the outside workplace with friends and it might have a negative effect.

Morale can also be understood as the confidence and interest in which employees perform their jobs. It is a psychological quality that forces someone difficult to measure and easily destroyed. The level of morality is the degree to which the individual's overall needs are fulfilled.    Importance of training

Employee morale can be classified into the following:

  •  The employee’s background which includes his level of intelligence and education, and his personality determines the way he seeks, esteem, and self-actualization. Moral depends on the satisfaction of these needs.
  • Employees' personal environment, relations with family, friends, and neighbors. His thought and social life, influence his thinking and attitude while on the job.
  •  Management practices influence moral satisfaction, manager's behavior, company policy, salary, promotion, employee services, benefits, working conditions, and employee handling issues. Employees' morals depend on the employee's expectations and reality.

Morale and Productivity

It has been assumed that high morale is high productivity and high creativity in work. It's important to know the result of low morale is low productivity.
Formerly it is that high morale resulted in high productivity.

But it is not fact, sometimes it doesn't work, if high morale is created without benefits, without incentive, it may be failed. Productivity depends on the morale of people who don't like such high morale. As a result, getting things is what one wants most.

The companies have rules for extra duties or overtime work facilities; they used to pay extra for high productivity. For morale development certain companies are successful, their trend is to utilize employees through skill development programs, training, and providing lots of benefits to the employees.

Measurement of Employee Satisfaction

Employees’ morale can be measured by the assessment of employee job satisfaction. It cannot be evaluated directly With the help of a senior reporter, employees must be given a chance to express their feelings, and working capabilities>

Organizations need to identify their real performance and desire to work in other areas of work, or an employee satisfaction survey. Employee surveys are the most important and commonly used method for measuring morale in most organizations. 

Importance of training for skill development

The general impression of Managers

Some managers don't know the morale and employees satisfaction, they only know, how to get things done with the taught behavior. Only a few of them know through training, they are capable of developing high morals. Executives should encourage using accurate tools available for the sense of the moral situation.   

The guided interview

The guided interview is a helpful method of investigating the morale of the manager or other executives by the comparison, of their behavior with the employees as a whole. The guided interview is based on the questions selected for the true pictures of how the employees feel about job satisfaction.

Unguided interview

This Technic is based on the assumption, that if the employees are asked to talk freely; they will talk about the situation that happens to them. Sometimes reality is not been explained by the manager to the organization. They used to handle the situation with their own behavior.

Employees need to speak at conferences as lectures, and some of the employees are left behind due to they are not been identified with the abilities they have. They are not to be presented in front of the organizer. They are always been ignored by the managers and the seniors.

A combination of both interviews

The guided method can be focused on the general conversation. During the guided interview the valuable information needed benefits the other employees also. This is an effective way to ensure to impact on employees' morale. An unguided interview identifies the real view of the employees.

The survey questionnaire method

  •      This survey method is used to collect opinions about employee satisfaction,
  •      Conducted to find what employees really think.
  •       Feedback on managerial effectiveness.
  •        To determine the clarity of the company vision.
  •       Find out what employees are most unhappy about.
  •      The survey is conducted once a year. 

     Through the above survey, important is, what action is taken. The low score is analyzed by the head of the department with the team manager; this exercise will improve employees’ morale.

     The action to be taken to improve morale with the rewards and recognition method, more and more reward systems will encourage employees. And most nominated is to be awarded.  Importance of training for skill development

Improving Morale

Several measures of morale can be improved by the positive measures that can bring satisfaction to the employees.

  • Creation of the whole job - by this method job is assigned to the employees; the complexity of the job should be increased.
  • Job enrichment - In this method employees may be given the responsibility of setting their own work pace to concern their own errors.
  • Building responsibility into the job- Employees will be encouraged to participate in which responsible for making decisions.
  • Managerial Effectiveness- This can be achieved by developing a workgroup. Improve social contract managerial coaching and employee stress management.
  • Flexing working hours - Flexibility of work from home to be given to the employees to arrange working hours as per their personal needs and lifestyles. They can show more responsibility for the job.
  • Incentive and profit-sharing plan - Morale can be improved by effective incentives to be provided to employees. Morale can be improved by employee contests, annual programs, recognition awards, long services awards, etc.


This article is especially for business management students and entrepreneurs. Employees may be satisfied working with an organization but not always. The morale of the employees must be satisfactory. Organizations work for the satisfaction of their employees, as per the facilities employees’ morale will be high for the work.

Overall job satisfaction depends on the benefits being provided to the employees such as flexibility of the job, encouragement by participation, training and development programs, work from home to maintain personal needs and lifestyle, recognition awards, long services awards, etc.

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