How to create solutions of unemployment in 2023

How to Create Solutions for Unemployment in 2023

Unemployment is the word you get to hear in every home, every street, and everywhere, most young men and women are facing this problem. Young pass-out graduates, Engineers, MBA students, accountants, and even experienced people are in search of employment but jobs are nowhere. It's a problem, how to create a solution for unemployment in 2023.

This all happened because of corona and lockdown, for the last two years, every middle-class and low-class home has been in a situation where they are not able to fulfill even food requirements for their families. Unemployment is caused by many factors but the financial crisis is one of the biggest problems.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. The situation occurred due to lockdown

3. Successful and failures in self-employment

4. Successful in self-employment as a business

5. Start your smart business or create your own job

  5.1.  Children's Toys Shop

  5.2.  Plastic furniture

  5.3.  Waste material products

6. Solutions for Job-based people

  6.1.   Develop digital skill 

  6.2.   Internship as experience

  6.3.   Educate and update the resume 

7.   Conclusion


Those are even lucky who still have jobs, even if they are getting low-paid salaries, and at least able to run their families. They are unhappy because they are not able to fulfill the other requirements of their families except for food.  

Although many efforts have been made to reduce the problems over the years. But unemployment is not decreasing. How the jobless people's lives will be going on in this situation. If there are four to five members in a family, and they have only one man as the source of income, whatever he earns all spent on food only.

They believe in the future, if their son or daughter gets a job then family expenses may be well managed. All the newly qualified boys and girls are trying for jobs every day but no job is available anywhere. Even if they get any job that is based on target or conditional job, if the products are sold, they will be paid.

The situation occurred due to lock-down

This situation occurred due to the lockdown, people are aware of the three waves of the corona. God bless all, this should not be repeated. What should we do, if we go out, the coronavirus may attack, if we stay at home, what to feed the children. Corona’s waves have stopped employment opportunities.  Impact of Unemployment Lockdown

People are always trying to do such new things to start their new small businesses, but they always have the fair of, if not sold or if not run. Even after the lockdown, it happened with many salesmen, products were not sold, due to lack of money. 

Success or failure of Self–employment

I have discussed with many people regarding their self-employment trials, but they are not satisfied. I discussed this with many salesmen, who keep standing from morning to evening at a place where they are not able to sell their products.

Even if a car sales manager is not able to sell 3 cars in a month, his earning is not more than 25 thousand in a month. Many salesmen are not able to sell as per their expectations. Many shopkeepers are not able to sell their products. Now the situation is under control, the market is again in full swing but sale is less as per their expectation. 

There are many such examples, I also discussed with some fruit sellers, how much they earn from that work, and they replied, that there was a time when they earned 700 to 1000 per day but these days, people ask about the cost only but few of them get ready to purchase. As the earning is concerned they are earning only 400 to 500 per day only.

Successful self-employment as a business

Some people don’t believe in the jobs, they don’t want to work under anybody. And for better jobs, they don’t have better qualifications; they don’t like to do a servant of labor type of job. Who are those who are self-dependent or self-employed?

How to run a business without an MBA

They would like to work hard on sunny days, like to work even at night or early morning, used to go to wholesale markets of vegetables and fruits to buy things like vegetables, fruits, clothes for children, toys for children, and many more things and used to sell them on the open market.

There is no fixed place for them in India. Only on footpaths or near any market, they are also called street hawkers, but depending on their own work they call that their business. 

Start your smart business or create your own job

Due to the financial crisis, most of the companies were closed, and they let go of a large number of employees, and the result was lots of people lost their jobs, and reduced job opportunities.

Some of them become smart, they start their business with multiple items and procure such items explained above. For example vegetables, fruits, makeup items, children’s toys, and so on. 

Their second step is they announce to all their co-workers, telling them they have no need to go to the wholesale market and can get the things from their shop at a low price, which means they become retailers, with big stores, and provide all the items to the seller in chief rate. Their margin is very low but as per sale is concerned they are getting more benefits, and becoming a businessman.

There are many business ideas like that starting from the small scale. The people who don’t like to do the job, if they are qualified or and want to start their own business. There are lots of opportunities to do business, the ideas are:

Children Toys shop

Children's toy shops contain hundreds of items, and the manufacturers are looking for distributors, who procure those gifts and keep them in stock, anywhere, at home, or in any store which may be rented. Keep those items well-covered and systematically.

And then make contact with people through ‘WhatsApp’ groups or Facebook. If people contract you can sell these items in bulk to the direct seller or you can appoint the seller on a sale basis.

Plastic furniture’s

There are lots of people searching for modular plastic items such as chairs, sofas, children’s chairs, tables, toys, plastic flowers, etc. These items have good demand in every house.

These items can be sold through salesmen or online booking because the digital marketing system is increasing day by day. Take the benefit of these opportunities.

Waste material products

This is the most beautiful creature of many people who are making these things but there is no such market where to sell, so they make ‘YouTube videos on that. These people may be contacted, and give the craftwork to the creators, search for such creators, and you will get them from the internet or ‘YouTube’. They are making beautiful items that are made of waste material. Hire them and get the margin of profit.  

There may be many items that people can create as per their mindset of not doing jobs, but they want to become a businessman. Use such creative activities and become the owner of your business.

Solution for the job-based people

For job-based people, they need to develop soft skills, the skill will never be going to stop; even if it is working while people are at home. Most organizations have taken over their working process online.  Impact of Unemployment During Coronavirus

Even schools, colleges, and all institutions are running properly based online or working from home. Most IT-based organizations have developed an online process of working. The Following are the tips for solving unemployment.

Develop digital skill     

Nowadays people are dealing with every work sitting at home. Digital marketing has taken the position of all offline processes. And shortly definitely, most of the work will be done online.  So, young people need to develop their digital skills to get the best job opportunities in 2023.   Information technology created its importance

Even all financial working processes and transactions are digitally being organized by banking sectors from the bank to the bank and to the individual accounts of the company, employees, etc.

Digital transactions are not only in particular countries but it is being utilized globally. There are lots of job opportunities of jobs shortly. TCS, Wipro, and many other IT sectors are launching new opportunities. You have to be prepared with strong digital skills. Nowadays Artificial intelligence as chatGPT has created new job opportunities for the new generation. 

Use Internship as an experience

For the young generation, it is very important for all those jobs seeking to develop their digital skills that will be the top priority for employment. Some of the organizations are providing internship programs for freshers along with training for developing digital skills. As artificial intelligence or chatGPT. 

Internship skill is the way to add experience to your resume. And through the internship, people will get the opportunities to get a new type of business work, nowadays, most business owners hire experienced people, and Job expertise is also allowed most by the organizations. 

Educate and update resume 

Nowadays most businessmen are hiring experienced employees for their organizations. You need to build your network, share your experience and ideas with the people who may help you to avail better job opportunities, and keep educating yourself by facing different interviews.

And you need to add experience and update your resume. Every interview may allow you to learn new things and new ideas, those experiences can be added to your resume by learning skill development programs. 


This is very important for everyone to understand the financial situation and the need to face the problems of unemployment themselves for the year 2023. These suggestions are for job seekers and for the people who don’t want to do the job, both types of youngsters need to develop the qualities as per the new requirements.

All IT sectors such as TCS, Wipro, and other companies are launching new opportunities for the people; their expectations are that more than 90% of people will be back on the job. They will provide work from home and work from the office, about 5 lakh people will be appointed.  To achieve these opportunities people need to develop strong digital skills and artificial intelligence will be required to get these jobs.

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