How do surroundings affects children’s education?

How do the surroundings affect children’s education?

Our environmental factors influence children’s educational development, there are many factors, and some of them are most important to be explained. As per the environment, children always learn from there. In the beginning, children learn from their families and school. 

Children’s educational development depends on their surroundings; these developments are physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and moral. I would say, at every stage, children learn everything from every one of their surroundings. The effect of the surroundings, or the environment they lived in, is always remembered, as an experience of childhood.

Their career depends on learning from their surroundings, and what they have achieved by learning from their surroundings. If they are living in good surroundings they will achieve well. If they are in a bad society the same they will learn from there, and they may not have such a good response in their life.

Table of contents

  1. The effects of the Surrounding

       1.1.  Emotional Effect 

       1.2.  Intellectual effect

       1.3.  Physical Effect     

       1.4.  Social effect

       1.5.  Moral Effect

  2.  Family as the first lesson

  3.  Schooling and Education

  4.  Social status

  5.  Economic Status 

  6.  Conclusion

The effects of the surrounding

Children’s educational development is affected by their surroundings; these are emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and moral. Children learn everything from the stages of their surroundings. The effect of the surroundings is always remembered by people as a childhood experience.

Emotional effect 

The emotional effect on the children is to recognize parents, relatives, family members, friends, neighbors, etc. Initially, they are affected by the family, they are emotionally attached to people of the family, and they learn how to show closeness, love, and respect to their relatives or elders. Motivational speech as a chief guest

Intellectual effect

Thinking and learning of children depend on the home environment, most children learn from their family. Few children become different, which depends on the school, where they study and change themselves according to the school environment. 

Some get affected by intellect by connecting a person with the ability to think logically. And learn a lot from that person.

Physical effect

Children’s physical structure depends on the family, as per their living standards. The size and growth of every child look different from each other in the surrounding children. But as far as their activities and games are concerned, all the children look similar as a group or team.

Sometimes physical structure changes as per the training of teachers in school, coaching, and the friend circle.  

Social effect

Children learn behavior from their surroundings as per the social interaction with others or neighbors. Respective behavior they learn from the family and most of the time if they spend time with neighbors, their learning also depends on the society to which they belong.  Motivation speech for school on current issues

Moral effect

Children learn from their families and neighbors what is right and wrong. Understanding people, moral education, and the importance of education, all are basic leanings they learn from their surroundings. This moral behavior with the elders also depends on society's trends.

Family is the first lesson

Nutritious food, timely sleeping, reading, learning language and speaking, everything they learn in the family environment. Children develop their language, and understand relations, interaction, respect, emotion, and moral values, all they learn from their family first, and then from neighbors, whether they are poor, rich, or middle class.

All learning depends on the educational background of the family. What their family members' education, what they have learned from their past experiences, and the same, they share with their children. And it is said that ‘children do the same what they have learned from their family. But in some cases, the children do better than the traditional background of the family. That is the inspiration of the surrounding environment.

Schooling and Education

The second stage of learning is the school environment, where the children learn a lot, but that depends on their school, they not only get an education from school but they learn all the activities that go on in their schools, such as debate competitions, sports activities, and moral development.  Motivational speech as a chief guest

Children spend a long part of the day in school, so the effect of school remains in their minds. Even after school, homework is essential. We need to spend time with the children, to help them to complete schoolwork at home, which is the best movement for the child’s development.

Social status

Social and economic status is the most important part of the development of children, whatever the status they achieved, that is the effect of the surroundings or the friend circle. 

You can say as an example, that whether they are from poor families, middle-class families, or rich families, their friend circle is the most affecting factor. Every family takes special care of the children as per their status. 

Economic status

The poor families send their children to government schools, the middle class sends them to public schools, and rich families send their children to foreign for higher studies. All have different cultures and environments of study.

Accordingly, they develop their leanings and develop their social and economic status. But one thing we must remember is that we must keep watch on our children’s activities, whether what they are doing is fair or not, or whether we need to control them. Financial status sometimes turns them toward the wrong society or groups. Before they step forward, we must be careful of children’s every movement. 


Many environmental factors affect children’s development. We need to create such an environment where the children may grow better. The areas are physical, intellectual, emotional, and social. Every area is important to them.

Family is the first step in the child's development; healthy eating, proper sleeping, reading, and leanings are the basic things they learn from there. And the second step is to play with the neighbor’s children, and the third step is schooling. But the career of the child depends on schooling.

Finally, what they have learned from all above, their career depends on the learning of the surrounding. Whatever status they achieve is the result of their learning from their surroundings.

If they are in a good society they will do their best in the future. If they are in a bad society the same they will learn from there, and they may not give such a good response in their life in the future.

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