How to manage stress by Meditation

How to manage stress through meditation  

My experience about the stress that I have seen in our daily routine, everyone is living a stressful life. Our mental and physical well-being depends on how we control our stress with our busy schedules and critical situations. We can’t sustain stress for the long term, and managing stress is a difficult task, still, we use to take advice from our friends or consult a doctor.  You may know 'how to manage stress through meditation.

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Anxiety or depression is the effect of stress, nowadays, it is common in humans, due to many reasons it is everywhere, in hospitals, in business, and in jobs.  Stress occurs only when we have to solve lots of puzzles at a time, when it is not solved, it creates mental tension, and it becomes a physical problem.

Need Solution

We need a solution to our stress before it converts into a disease, like a physical or mental disorder. Some start smoking, taking drugs, or getting drunk or intoxicated, but if not cured in time, it may take a lot of time to recover. The solutions are, that we should take deep sleep, go to the gym or work out, and drink plenty of water, all these are the advice given by the doctors along with meditation. 


Meditation is the best for stress management, our attention towards meditation is required, and then we learn how to ignore the things which occur in our minds as stress, and the stress may slowly be reduced.

By practicing meditation daily, our energy will be retained and we will not waste energy on unnecessary things, and our anxiety will reduce from the chronic stage of stress. The mind starts functioning healthily, and we will start feeling stress-free from all worries, and sadness, in our minds and heart.   How to manage stress in youth

Within two-three months, the genuine change will be noticed by practicing meditation regularly. One day you will feel relaxed and happy with your practice. Using these practices of meditation you will appreciate and be free from worries and stay healthy forever. 

Importance of stress management

Everyone has stress of different kinds, some have stress due to the loss of love, and others have a loss of money, job, or property, some have the stress of overload work, and others have no work or unemployment, anything can be related to the stress. Your life may be happy and healthy by reducing stress.  How to manage stress in youth

Let’s know how this stress affects our body and mind, and most importantly how to manage it, try to solve it by yourself first or by the doctors or by the psychologist, as per the stage of the disease.

Stress and its Relation to Disease

Your stress changes your physical, mental, and overall function. During the high-stress period, our hormones release the adrenal glands, and the physiological effect includes heartbeat, high blood pressure, and weakness, which develops serious problems. Such as stroke, asthma, cancer, and heart attacks. So let us know how to manage all these situations during stress.  How to manage stress in youth

Technics of stress management 

There are lots of technics to manage stress, and everyone can use them if they are aware of the effect of stress. Most people don't care about it, we can't sustain stress for the long term, immediately we need to manage and control stress before it converts into a disease or mental disorder, or a chronic stage of stress.

  • The first step is, that can do this by shifting yourself into a healthier environment for reducing stress. 
  • The most important part of stress management is meditation, which relaxes your mind, and feels honest, and avoids criticism.
  • Regular exercise, walking, yoga, gym, and swimming, these exercises release positive energy and self-confidence. 
  • Eating healthy food, a proper diet, fruits, and vegetables helps us to control stress, calcium, and magnesium are important supplements for our body to reduce stress. 
  • Sound sleep also reduces stress, always be positive while stressing, and a healthy lifestyle always.
  • Listening to music also helps reduce stress, feel calm, and creates a positive effect.
  • Relaxation reduces muscle tension, helps reduce negative thoughts, and also reduced the symptoms of depression. How to manage stress in the office or at jobs


Based on all the above situations, stress occurs in every field of work, whether it is medical, or office work. Stress is the same everywhere but we need to take care of our health at every stage. How to manage stress in the hospital, and in the office are the same everywhere, but precaution and care for all areas are the same.

It can be managed by relaxation, reducing muscle tension, and problem-solving. Mindfulness helps to give relaxation to the brain, give up negative thoughts, and reduce symptoms of depression. If your stress is over, try to take a break from listening to music to feel relaxed and calm which creates a positive effect.

Share the problems with friends and they may give some tips to avoid the stress which creates a healthy lifestyle. Take healthy food, and a proper diet to control stress. Laughing is also a good exercise to reduce stress which makes you happy to forget for some time. Drink green tea instead of tea and coffee, as large caffeine causes blood pressure, Meditation, exercise, and walking reduce stress and give relief.

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