How to motivate children for sports and awards

How to motivate children for sports and awards

Nowadays most students keep busy with their mobiles, even if they want to play games that are also played on mobiles. It is not only the habit of the students but the whole world is busy with their mobile phones. Nobody has the time to play real sports and games.

What is the importance of the games, we need to know. But this is only possible if students will divert their minds in the other direction. The importance of education has been described in my previous article. Motivational speech for the school on current issues, where I also described the importance of sports along with education.

We need to think about sports along with study, physical fitness is compulsory for students. Most of the students don't have any interest in games and sports but a few of them want to make their career in sports. We need to help them to select the best game in which they are interested. Let's describe, why students are not interested in games and sports. 

Table of Contents

   1. Why are students not interested in games 

   1.1. Environmental factor 

   1.2.  Long-term career

   1.3. Self-consciousness

   1.4.  Incidents happen in games

   1.5. Sport in Schools and Colleges

2.  Survey of sports activities

3.  How to encourage children to sports

         3.1.  Parents need to find, 

         3.2.  Clear your understanding with the child

         3.3.  Be a helping hand to a child        

         3.4.   Understand the stress of the child

         3.5.   Encourage your child to different sports

         3.6.   Self-esteem social skills and value of the award

 4. Conclusion  

Why are students not interested in sports?

It is seen that all the students are interested in watching games, like cricket, but not everyone wants to play the game. Different factors turn the student in the other direction. Why they are not interested in sports, let's discuss.

Environment factor

In this factor students may not be interested in participating in sports, there may be a lack of experienced teachers or couches, or students may be living too far from the sports ground or sports facilities, therefore the attraction towards sports is not possible. Students may be viewing sports as an opportunity to learn new skills, be socially connected, and healthier lifestyles, etc.

Long term career

Students may have thought that sports are a long-term career, because sports give success in the long term and continue practicing for many hours, and may not have any connection with sports. and maybe their families’ concentration on academic priority than physical education or they may be thinking of sports as a healthier lifestyle.   


They may feel self-conscious during the game, maybe their parents are enthusiastic about sports, and students who have dropped out of sports, they may think sports are too competitive. These are the things that change the students and turn them towards another field.   Motivational speech as a chief guest

Incidents happen in games

Most of the players dropped out of sports, because of fear of hitting the ball in cricket, football, hockey, etc. It happens in the ground. Most of the time players fall down during the game and may hit on any part of the body, that parents are not allowed their children to play with.  Motivation speech for school on current issues

Sports in schools and colleges

Some people use sports as stress relief or for the best fitness level. But in most of the schools, sports activities are not preferred of such importance. Sports competitions are always being organized but for practices, they are not given regular time the study. Sports activities need to be organized from time to time in schools or colleges, so that interested students may attract to the games.

Students must be awarded even for participation in any sports competition. The educator also needs to find the activities of the students who are better at sports than studying. Most of the best payer history says they were not good in study.

But I am not going to recommend it. Being an educational motivator, I would say education is the most important part for everyone to develop the family, society, and the country. Primary education is very necessary for every player along with an interest in sports.  Motivation speech for school on current issues

Survey of sports activities

Planning for every game has been organized by the government and sports authorities. There are lots of facilities available all over the country, but it depends on how many students are there to avail of the facilities.

If the students are selected from the schools and are given a full day to play their interesting games, what will happen, most of the students will get ready to play but after playing for one hour 50 % of students will leave the ground. And after two hours 25% will leave the ground. That means only 25 % are interested in games and only 10% will continue as a player.  Motivational speech for preparation for exams

How to encourage children to sports

This depends on the interest of the students, and what game they like most. Every game has its criteria according to the fitness of the body. Stamina is required in every game but what kind of practices, and essential training are necessary for the games that information can be searched out from lots of resources, like the internet, friends, and the players.

Parents need to find

Parents have to find the activities of the children if they are good at studying and along with studying taking interest in any sports, we need to find, out how they are enjoying the game, we have to notice the strengths or weaknesses of the child, and what they need to be provided to focus on the sports. Motivation for keeping healthy forever

There should not be too much pressure on them, let them work hard on sports. Winning or losing does not matter, need to see what the child's reaction is. If they lose the game, frustration and stress may decrease engagement with the sport. Always be helpful to the child whenever he needs the things for playing, you need to arrange all and provide the best as much as possible, his interest should not be let down.

Clear your understanding with the child

You need time to see them, listen, and understand, them at every step. They may be discouraged due to an incident that happens during the game, that is the time, you need to be there with the child if they fail. Don’t let them down but always say, it's a game, sometimes up and down. It happens in life, not everyone is fixed to win, everyone wants to win, so play for winning and give your best. If your child wants to go further, make your reaction positive.  

Be a helping hand to a child

Always help the child, whenever and wherever they need to go forward for the sports, you need to arrange for that and provide him or the best possible things, don’t let down his or her morale, and always be supportive during the game.

Understand the stress of the child

Sometimes you need to discuss his/her personal matters, how the teamwork is, what the stress facing, etc. understand the specific feature, his or her role in physical activities, or any weakness of more fitness supplements such as diet proteins, etc?

You also need to play sometimes with them, not for your practice but to make your child’s interest focused on the sports. You can try to check your child's performance in many games and check thoroughly how he or she is playing and discuss with the trainer, which game he or she can do better than selecting the game. How to create awareness to manage stress in youth

Encourage your child to different sports

If your child is practicing in many games, let him/her practice and you need to watch what game he/she is doing best. Keep practicing on your favorite game, and do not be pressured to do that. Sometimes he or she may turn towards the other game.

Teach your child what is good competition by giving many examples of sportsmen and putting him or her forward doing the best. If your child is challenged in competition, don’t discourage, but encourage them or them to do better in the next competition, and give respect for his or her performance.  

Self-esteem and social skills and value of the award

Always remember that sports having self-respect in society encourages them to work hard and motivates them to improve their abilities. Tell them about the self-esteem and social values of the sportsmen, and the respected awards, and medals, that all are the pride of the country. If achieved once and will be remembered forever in history.


You know sports practice is more challenging than studying, and for stamina, we should have a special diet and protein supplements for upgrading. Stamina increases confidence to play better with the competitors. Internally you need to keep the spirit to step forward.

If the child plays somewhere as a competitor then you will come to know, what are further practices and training required? Self-training and trainer’s training both are necessary but as per the financial situation, you have to step forward. 

The government is also providing such training, but students need to achieve those facilities, they have to pass throw many primary tests and then they can avail themselves of these facilities. if selected, then there is the government's responsibility to prepare the candidate for international sports.

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