Motivational Speech for school on current issues

Motivational speech for school on current issues

Motivation in schools should be compulsory for the student’s overall development. Moral stories had been a part of teachings in the school books, such as about Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Gautama Buddha, Raja Harishchand, and many more great leaders. But the question is 'how to develop motivational speeches for schools on current issues'.

The motivation we have been learning from books, and the students get motivated by historical, social, and political stories, these are all about learning and increasing our knowledge. 

Nowadays students must be aware of the current issues, they need to visit different places during their educational trips to know more about everything practically for a better understanding of subjective matters. 

Following motivations as current issues are necessary for the students to develop their overall activities along with the knowledge from books.

          Table of Contents

1.    Importance of education

2.    Study in the multicultural environment

3.    Children should be close to the nature

4.    Basic meditation tips for fitness

5.    Digital knowledge for all

6.    Understanding of family relations and responsibility

8.    Time is more precious than money

9.    Games and sports for a healthy environment

10.  Self-improvement in changing world 

11.  Conclusion.


Importance of education

The importance of education is necessary to understand every student. It has been taught traditionally to the student by the parents, the senior people of the family, and our great teachers as well. However, it is described well by the teachers because they are the best guide, and must be followed by the students.

Every student must be aware of the importance of education, and the teachers should help them out to show the direction toward success. The value of education, students better understand when they desire a better position in society, and education is the only option that leads them to the best position.

Studying in a multicultural environment

Students must have the capability to study anywhere, in any environment, or in any situation. It is said that the student who has to study discovers the way of studying himself. It doesn't require any particular place or peaceful environment to study, you will have seen many examples in history of how great people studied in their lives.

Every student needs to make a habit of studying in a multicultural environment, this is the experience and learning to adjust in any situation. For example, if you are selected in the army, or police, a senior post, and you are posted in Jammu Kashmir or Laddakh or any part of the county such as Assam or Nagaland or Andaman Nicobar Island, etc. you must have the capability to survive to face the situation or adjust as per the climate of that area. 

Children should be close to nature

Children need to live closer to nature because we read a lot of stories and poems about nature, and teachers have explained all about nature, its beauty, and balance in nature, so we must be aware of all these. If we are not taking care of our environment, in the future the oxygen level may decrease, which may affect our breathing. Students must know about environmental balancing.

Students must have knowledge of nature and our environment, and that should not be polluted. What should we do, to cure or purify our environment, this is very necessary to understand the students for their upcoming future. Students must have the knowledge of how to protect, or what precautions we should take to save our earth.

Basic meditation tips for fitness

Nowadays meditation exercises are being done in old age. They used to do it as advised by the doctors, and they knew their bodies must survive. So they start meditation to escape from disease. But it’s not for them only it’s for all who want to be fit every time.  How to manage stress - by meditation

Fitness exercises are compulsory in all the forces, Army, Navy, and Air Force, and this is also applied in all sports. These practices for finesses are all like meditation. Meditational practices also needed to be given to students from childhood to know all the meditation tips. Use them, and they will never get ill and win overall problems shortly. 

Digital knowledge for all

Information technology is for all, and student needs to get maximum knowledge from school. Computer education must be compulsory in all schools so that students must be well trained along with other knowledge.

Every student should have a clear goal for the future and need to work towards their hobbies and change that into a passion. So I would say always be passionate about achieving things in life.   

Every student needs to take advantage of technology. And get the maximum knowledge and step forward to achieve the opportunities, as per the technology. It's for everyone but achieves only those who can get the maximum.

Understanding of family relations and responsibility

Your family is a small world for you, your parents arrange everything for your development, whatever is required, whether it is food, shelter, or education, but as per your education, your responsibilities increase here.

This is your priority to understand the relationship between the family, and your responsibilities, and then you have to develop yourself with social values and social responsibilities. Every student is the future of the nation and they have to think to develop their family, society, and the country.  

Time is more precious than money

Time is just for information and indication, but there are lots of opportunities that need to be recognized, if you think money is more important than time, it will not wait for you, the use of time is more precious than money. 

Therefore utilize your time, and concentrate on study. If at the time take taking education, you are trying to earn money, then you will be away from your education. So education is the most important at the time.

Games, and sports for a healthy environment

Games and sports are very important for maintaining a healthy environment. Whether we talk about cricket, hockey, or athletes every game is important, in The Commonwealth Games, what you have seen, how the people have performed, and how every country performed well.   How to motivate children for sports and awards

Students who are good at sports, need to get into deep planning, the environment for the practices could be created, there are lots of videos on the internet to develop yourself and get reliable help from there, to motivated with all those practices and step forward and achieve your goal.

Self-improvement in the changing world

The theme of this motivation is the current issues, the world is changing, and even a small child is busy with the phone, Technology is going to be advanced, but we have to take advantage of these things. The future may be easier or more difficult if those who are on the same track are taking benefits, and those who have not done things may be left behind.  Motivation speech when I became a chief guest

Self-improvement is necessary for every student; you must think to change yourself and compete with the changing world. Don't depend on the facilities given by the family or by the government, everything is available on the Internet. You can get the things; you need to fulfill and go forward.


As per motivation is concerned the students are required to get the proper guidance to do their best, whoever is getting training from reliable sources, will achieve their level best. Nowadays small children are better singers, and dancers and have the talent and passion to get the opportunities.

It is said for opportunities that we must be alert, aggressive, and talented to get that at the right time. Opportunities are always there but as per the preparations, only talented people get them and step forward. Those who are not aware of all, they left behind, are generally called not updated about the information.

Information technology is very important but needs to be alert to get them in time. Opportunities are just to find out the best from the group, if you need to catch that you have to be alert with your talent, practice, and passion.  

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