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How to manage stress by creating awareness in youths

Our youth generation is diverting their mind from the facts, and taking lots of stress. The question is how to create awareness to manage stress in youth. Most youths are living a stressful life, and need to know about the reality. They must know about what is happening around them and need to be prepared all the time, to face situations.

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Today's youth are talented and qualified, but employment is not available as per the qualifications. Everywhere, they have to face competition, and only a few of them get selected. Educational institutions, management schools, and colleges are running their businesses and earning a lot of money by charging a big amount of fees. Even industries are involved in making people trained and qualified, but opportunities for jobs are limited.   How to manage stress in the office or at jobs

Nowadays, most people are busy with social media, they are motivating people to work hard, to get success, they have always been advising people on how to make money, how to run a business, and how to work for a better life, but ultimately they are not motivating, they are increasing their followers, subscribers, and viewer, and earning money. And youth are following them but not getting success, which increases their stress. 

Importance of stress management

Most of the youth generation is busy with social media, some get successful, others are just trying their luck, and if not succeed they get frustrated, a large number of candidates are seeking jobs, but jobs are limited, what to do, this is the question always arise in the mind of youth.    How to manage stress by meditation 

As per my experience, every youth who is seeking a job has a stressful life. Some youth become alcoholics or start smoking or taking drugs, and then it may take a lot of time to recover. This stress can’t be sustained for a long time, and it's difficult to manage, but we must avoid it before it converts into disease. We need a solution to manage well before time.

Everyone has stress but some have stress due to loss of money and some have a loss of love, some have the stress of overloading work, and others have the stress of being unemployed, but by reducing the stress your life may be happy and healthy.

How to manage stress in the office or at jobs

Your stress changes your physical and mental function. During high stress, our hormones release the adrenal glands, and phycological effects change into a heart beating faster, blood pressure, and weakness that convert into diseases such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, etc.  

Create awareness of stress in youth

This is the question for all the youth how to create awareness of stress management, they must be aware of all the situations they have to go through and must know about things happening around them. They need to be prepared for facing such situations all the time.    How to manage stress by meditation 

Now it is time to know how this stress affects our body and mind, and the most important is how to manage it, you need to solve it by yourself, or with the help of doctors or a psychologist, but it depends on the stage of the disease. Nowadays youth are qualified and talented, and they need to control their stress and step forward with their hobbies in modern society.   

How to manage the stress of youth

·        Some of the youth get busy with regular exercises, attending a gym for fitness, exercises release positive energy and self-confidence. But most of the youth are not interested in fitness, but they do other exercises along with a gym, like yoga, and morning walk also keeps us healthy and happy for facing any type of stress.


·        Eating healthy food and proper diet help to avoid stress, calcium, and magnesium supplements are essential for a stress-free life. Sound sleep, positive thinking, and a healthy lifestyle also help to avoid anxiety.


·        Feeling relaxed, and giving up negative thoughts, will help to reduce symptoms of depression,  listening to music and calm creates a positive effect. Talking and sharing about stress with friends may be helpful they may give some tips to avoid stress which creates healthy lifestyles.

·       Laughing is also a good exercise to reduce stress which makes you happy to forget for some time. Meditation and exercise are most important for all to reduce stress and immediate relief.

Meditation is the best stress management

·       Meditation is the best for stress management, through meditation we learn how to ignore unwanted things in our minds, and stress will be slowly reduced.

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·       By practicing meditation, our energy will retain and we will not waste energy on unnecessary things, and our anxiety will be recovered from the chronic stage of stress. The mind will start functioning, and feeling stress-free from worries, and sadness.     How to manage stress by meditation   

·       Within two to three months, genuine changes will be noticed by practicing meditation regularly.

·        You will feel relaxed and happy with the practice, by these practices you will appreciate and be free from worries and stay a healthy life.  


Stress in youth is common, based on all the above situations, stress occurs in every field of work. Stress in youth is increasing day by day, need to take care of youth at every stage. How to manage stress, youth have to know about things happening around them. They need to be prepared for facing such situations.  

Most of the youth nowadays are qualified and talented but according to the increasing degree and qualification, jobs are not available, everywhere they have to face competition, this frustration can be stopped by starting any work initially as per your hobby. Stress can be managed by your initiative and consistency.  

Share your problems with friends, and they may give ideas to avoid stress which creates a healthy lifestyle. Take a proper step forward to develop your work with help of your friends, whether that is a job, business, or any kind of earning source. In the beginning, you may get problems and by that time your experience will lead you to be the best in life.  

Keeping yourself happy is a good habit, which is possible only if you are satisfied with your work which reduces and help to forget stress. You can start such kind of work which could be earning sources for the others too. Your qualification and your talent can be turned into a business, that may give employment to many others.

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