How we learned a new way of living from lockdown

How we learned a new way of Living from Lockdown

The ongoing crisis has changed our lives, all of us have learned a new way of living, being at home, and only stepping out for essential work to maintain distance. Let’s have a look at what we have learned from lockdown, and how it impacts other lives. 

During the lockdown, we have learned lots of things, like the patience of staying at home, paying attention to every little thing, knowing the value of money, and what steps we should take if a sudden lockdown starts. We have learned how to manage and how to face everything during the pandemic.

Table of contents

1.    Introduction

2.    Sense of patience

3.    Attention to every little thing

      3.1. Gratefulness of Medical Staff

      3.2. Police helping people

      3.3. I T Engineers helping people

      3.4. The organization came together to help 

      3.5. Creativity during lockdown

4.    What we have learned from family

5.    How we have learned the value of money

6.  How to recover from the loss or damages

7.  Role of the IT sector during the lockdown

8.    Hope for the best, the situation could be normal

9.    Conclusion


During lockdown, we have learned a new way of living, step out for only essential work. Lockdown has a great impact on our lives. we have learned a lot of things like paying attention to every small thing has its importance. The most important is we know the value of money, and how to manage everything in a pandemic situation.

We have also learned the value of money and how to face a financial crisis if all the resources closed suddenly. Shops, markets, offices, and industries everything stopped for a long period. What should we do in that critical situation, how to live with family, how to manage a low-paid salary, and what to do if we have no bank balance? We have not only learned financial management but also learned how to step forward if we don’t have a job. This period has changed the lives of people. 

We saw there are two categories of people job creators and job seekers. Jobseekers are only dependent on the jobs but job creators are the entrepreneurs. During the lockdown, job creators have tried their best and created many jobs for people that can be done from home. We have learned from the job creators who have not only created resources for their own businesses but they have also helped job seekers.         

Sense of Patience

We used to run out of homes on the roads for different types of work, sometimes even without important work before the pandemic. The lockdown has implemented a sense of patience in humans. There are several benefits of patience, this experience is lesser negative emotions, depression, and anxiety. Working from home teaches us to help each other’s work.

There are lots of works that could be managed from home but we didn't try before the pandemic. Lockdown taught us how we can do all these without running out. With a sense of patience, we have learned all the things that can be possible from home, studies, training, shopping, and payments can be managed from home. We have implemented a sense of patience during the lockdown.  

Attention to every little thing

We have not ever noticed in life,  that there are so many little things that have no importance to us, such as medical staff, police, information technology, and the creativity of people. The lockdown has taught us how we have to take care of everything.

·       Gratefulness of Medical staff and health care worker

It was not been identified and recognized by the people, that doctors nurses, scientists, hospital staff, and healthcare workers are important to us. During lockdown, these people have shown their importance. How their work has been appreciated by the whole world. However, these people have been working sincerely for many years.   How to manage stress in hospitals

·      Police helping people

Police have been seen working for us with full dedication, they became the real heroes of the nation, feeding food to poor families, advising them to be at home, and promising everyone that they are always out of home for our safety and security. Their dedication needs to be managed continuously as the value of the Army. They will get great respect if they follow their duty as they did during lockdown.

· IT Engineers help people 

The IT sector has created its importance in providing essential services to set every as normal through online processes. Their work will remain for many years. It has connected people throughout the world. The IT Engineers were always there to help and provide essential online services to manage everything from home.  Information Technology created its Importance

·      Organization came together to help everyone

Various organizations, governments, social workers, and all the countries came together help to the needy throughout the world, and the whole world became one to fight against the epidemic. They helped each other countries to save the lives of the people and we have seen unity during the lockdown.

·      Creativity during lockdown   

Everyone has tried to do creative works from home, and many of us have taught people how to be happy and be connected wishing for the best for everyone as a unity of the world was unique. Physical health practices, the art of writing, creative art, and so on. That creativity has been done during lockdown that is not for the period only that can be utilized as your hobby and may convert into business and passion.

What we have learned from family

The first experience we learned during lockdown was that we spent our maximum time with our family members, and not only spent time but also got connected with all our relatives, we kept advising them not to worry, and that everything would be all right.

Our phone was the only medium to get in touch with our relatives, friends, and loved ones, who were far away from us, but they were in touch with phones. Even though some members were out of the country, they also returned back to their native countries. During the pandemic, we learned how our family members were important to us, and all our relatives also got together through phone calls and video calls.  

How we have learned the value of money

We have learned the value of money, we would not have even thought that such situations may occur suddenly, we were jobless and we have no bank balance, how difficult was our life in that situation. Lockdown teaches us that we must save some amount of money for the crisis period to survive.

Thousands of people were on the road and started moving on foot to their native places without money without transport. Many social workers helped out by providing food and shelter so that they could get some strength to walk on foot. That was the time people learned the value of money, if they had saved some money, they could have stayed at rent till the situation was under control.    

How to recover from the loss or damages

During the lockdown, many people have lost their family members, this loss can’t be fulfilled or recovered but at least we can think positively if it is possible with the help of government and private organizations. 

A fixed amount of money must be provided to them as compensatory help to the family members who have lost their people and are still surviving, so that their family members may live peacefully. It was due to epidemic disease, and an accidental death occurred due to COVID-19.  

We have learned how to live our lives if such a situation occurs suddenly, and the people who have started a new business to run their family need to be promoted and helped by the maximum number of people to inspire their efforts for facing new situations.     

Role of the IT sector during lockdown

Information Technology has played an important role during pandemics, as per the situation most schools and colleges have been converted into online classes. Through Zoom or Google Meet, the IT got connected with all the teachers and students online for study. Android phones were used mostly during lockdown for the supplies of essential items. 

In this way, digital marketing took place for all these businesses, online meetings, online training, examinations, and so on, have been developed by the IT sector.

The work of Android phones has been done by computers, all the people sitting at home were connected through Google Meet and Zoom. Information technology

The IT sector has made it successful and important for the people and many opportunities have been increased for jobs from home.  Digital marketing became the most successful business during the lockdown. 

Hope for the best, the situation could be normal

To come back to a situation normal, many people worked so hard and changed their thought the mind, IT sector has become important in modern times and will remain for many years. They have proved that everything could be normal. Information Technology connected people globally through their set up maintaining distance everything became normal. 

Medical research and our scientist have shown their importance with genius works to invent vaccines to save the lives of people. The eyes of the whole world were on the doctors and scientists. With their hard work day and night, finally, they succeeded in inventing vaccines and saving the lives of all.  


 Lockdown has really taught us a lot of things that will be remembered by us in the future, we have learned how to face the situation in a pandemic, how to live without money, how to live with family members, and how to do office work from home.

The IT has connected people as per their setup, and everything has become normal. We have learned through all the above processes that we should not worry about the pandemic period and be prepared to face such situations. 

We should keep control and help the people who are in contact with the disease, we must think about those who have no money to survive, we should help them financially, and motivate them to face the situation.

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