How to Prepare for CBSE Board Class 10th Exams?

How to Prepare for CBSE Board Class 10th  Exams?

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Most of the students are well aware of how to prepare for the examinations, but they want to know how to face the first board exams of 10th standards.  Here are some tips to secure maximum marks in the CBSE board final examinations. Students get nervous about facing board examinations, they have recently attempted first-term exams in November/December 2023, and second-term exams will be held in March/April 2023.

Every student wants to pass with good marks but the result depends on their hard work and practice only. Why do the students get nervous while facing the board examinations? Whereas they are always been advised by teachers in schools, and tutorial institutions, still. they want to know more about board examinations.

Every student’s aim is to score better marks, but how they prepare, depends on the resources they are applying. I would like to suggest students not need to worry, and there are some special tips to follow that will secure good marks in the CBSE board final examinations.

CBSE Class 10th Preparation Tips for 2023

Every subject is important in the 10th board examination, there are five main subjects Hindi, English, Science, Mathematics, and Social Science, 6th additional subject is physical education or other creative activities. As per the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), all the subjects are equally important as per the marks of the subjects are concerned.  How to score best marks in Science 10th CBSE

Admissions to  ‘Senior secondary classes’ also depend on the marks of the 10th standard, top marks above 90% go for the science stream, above 80% marks go for the commerce stream, above 70% marks get confused to selecting the stream, and above 60%  mostly select art stream.

Some of the students above 60% or below 70% go for commerce or science as per the pressure of parents, but in the future, they will not be able to maintain the standard of education as per the courses are concerned, because science and commerce with mathematics required too much hard work.

Revisions of the Course and syllabus 

Students are suggested that all lessons of all the subjects need to be prepared well as per the syllabus. Questions of the lessons along with examples need to be revised many times. During preparation following points are to be noted.

·       Make brief notes for every subject, such as main quotations, definitions, names of authors, inventors, formulas, main headings, subheadings, etc. so that you can remember notes while revision the lessons again.

·       You need to check your efficiency to attempt all the questions and to solve them well in time and check the answer as well if your answer is correct, then confidently go for the next chapters.

·        Don’t leave any chapter pending for the end because during exams you will not be able to attempt any new lesson as deeply as you want to study.

·        The students must know the pattern and syllabus thoroughly, such as the type of questions, the number of questions, the marking schedule, chapter covered, now you are suggested to go through all the syllabi and prepare accordingly. Last year’s question papers will help you to understand the pattern of the questions asked.

How to prepare a study time schedule

Study time schedule to be made to reach the target to have more time to be assigned for difficult subjects. Time schedule is important for all the subjects now we have to set the timetable as the final exam going to be held in March 2022. Now we have at least 3 months to prepare.  How to score best marks in Science 10th CBSE

Divide three months into three as follows:

·        1st month - Go through all the chapters with a clear understanding with the help of teachers, tutors, or helping guides or the internet.  

·        2nd  month Revise all the subjects and each and every chapter, clearing doubts with the help of teachers, tutors, and the internet.

·        3rd month for final preparation go through all chapters, and check all the chapters are remembered well by heart. You must clear all the doubts, and check if you can solve each and every question without any help.

·       Exams days - During exam days you have to be calm, cool, and confident that all the preparations are done, you have to focus only on the revision of the paper that appears.

Stay fit and take a break during preparation  

This is the first suggestion to the students that they need to keep themselves fit during the exams, take a proper diet, sound sleep, and get a refresher to prepare for the exams. Students need to take short breaks for 15 minutes in between studying for the next chapter to get refreshed and fit.  How to score maximum marks in English CBSE 10th

Solve samples and previous year’s question papers

Students are suggested to solve all the question papers of the last 3 years and sample papers of all the subjects, which helps to prepare as per old patterns of the question paper, and solving the question papers within the stipulated time helps to keep eyes on the clock, to track their problem-solving speed. Samples may be available on the internet, or from guides, take your own paper test within an appropriate time before appearing for exams. How to score maximum marks in English CBSE 10th

Group study for clearing confusion 

Studying with a group of friends helps you to free discussion on the topics, every student needs to share their knowledge and always have fun to clear their droughts. Listening and speaking are very important for preparation for exams in the group.

If you study with a clear mindset you can learn a lot, if you are disturbed and not concentrated you can not learn even for a long time of continuous study. So study with a better understanding in limited time, and save time for the practice of difficult subjects such as mathematics and science.

Write appropriate answer

This is the most important part of understanding that you need to write in good handwriting with clear readability to get the best marks because question paper checkers target the best answers. If you have described best in bad handwriting they will mark average, and if the best answer is written in good handwriting that affects the best impression to the teachers for maximum marks. 


Students are well aware of how to prepare for the board examinations, but some of them get nervous, I have described above some tips to follow and secure good marks in the CBSE 10th Class board final examinations. During the exam keep yourself fit with a proper diet, and sound sleep.

Every student wants to score better marks but the result depends on how much hard work and practice they have to do to prepare for exams. I would like to suggest that students go through all the lessons of each subject and all the questions with examples and make brief notes of all the subjects, such as main quotes, definitions, formulas, etc. which will help you while revision all chapters of each lesson once again. 

Students are suggested to solve all the question papers of all the subjects of last year which will help them to see the patterns of the question paper. And study with a group of friends, always have fun, clearing all the droughts before attempting the exams. Don’t leave any lesson for the end, during exams you will not get time to go through the study.

In the next content, I will explain how to prepare all the subjects separately and how to prepare math, English, Hindi, Science, and Social Studies. All subjects are equally important their preparation is very necessary to know for achieving the best marks.

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