How to score the best marks in Mathematics CBSE 10th Board

How to score the best marks in

Mathematics CBSE 10th Board

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Mathematics is one of the most important subjects for all students, every student works hard and takes the help of the teachers and tutors so that they can understand the solutions to difficult questions. How to score maximum marks in Mathematics is a challenging question. every student wants some tips to achieve the best marks.  

 I would suggest some special tips to secure the highest marks in Mathematics. These are some points to remember, how to attempt exams, how to complete the syllabus, a complete study of NCERT books, understand the format of the paper, and revise to score high marks. To know all these points, you must read the following tips and practices accordingly.

How to prepare for Mathematics of 10th Board

Points to remember before attempting exams:

  • Read the question paper thoroughly
  • Attempt the easy section first
  • Manage time by keeping an eye on the watch
  • Maintain speed and accuracy  

Complete your syllabus thoroughly

Syllabus of  CBSE 10th Mathematics for 2nd term exams

Algebra -  Quadratic equations, and Arithmetic Progression, A.P.

Geometry -  Circles, tangent to a circle, length of a tangent, diagram from an external point to a circle.

Construction - Division of line segment, Tangent to circle from the points outside

Trigonometry- Application of trigonometry- height and distance, angles of elevation/depression.

Mensuration- Surface area and volume, Cuboids, spheres, hemispheres, right circular, and cylinder.

Statistics - Mean, median, mode.

Probability- problem finding and event

(Internal assessment- Based on the Periodic test, multiple assessments, and Portfolio)

A complete study of the NCERT book

·       Mathematics is a high-scoring subject, solve every question of all the chapters of the NCERT book, with diagrams and figures, with the help of teachers or tutors.

·       Make a separate notebook for the solutions to the questions, if you forget the method somewhere, can remember or check your memory. And also note formulas, theorems, and figures to revise at any time. 

·       Solve all exercises on your own, including all the examples in the NCERT book, one-third of the questions are expected from examples.

·       Revise all the chapters, and solve problems with the help of teachers or tutors.

·       Solve sample papers, and last year's papers. Set time to solve one sample paper every day, and check answers, if all are correct, then solve another question paper for best practice and confidence.   How to score maximum marks in English  

Understanding the format of the question paper  

·       Mathematics Question paper carrying 40 questions, divided into four sections - Section A, B, C, and D. There is no overall choice given, internal choice will be given as optional questions. attempt only one question from the options.

Section A:

·       In this section, 20 Questions of 1 mark will be asked, chapters are mostly from AP series, probability, finding the value of ‘k’, question-based on Geometry figures - side, angle, trigonometry questions, and definitions.   

Section B:

·       In this section, 6 questions of 2 marks will be asked based on formulas, theorems, mode or median,

Section C:

·       In this section, 8 questions of  3 marks, related to Geometry or Algebra - solve the equations, Trigonometry - height and distance type questions, and prove the theorems.

Section D:

·       In this section, 6 questions of 4 marks, from AP series, mensuration, long questions of trigonometry height and distance, the surface area of cuboid, hemisphere, graph, statistics, and find the median, draw its ogive.

Revisions for scoring high marks  

Students are suggested to prepare all lessons of all the chapters which are assigned as per the syllabus of second term exams.

·       The students must check the pattern and syllabus thoroughly, such as the type of questions, marking schedule, and chapters.

·       Set time for regular study, and solve all the questions, and examples with the help of teachers, tutors, or any helping guides.

·       Solve previous year’s question papers, and sample papers which help to understand the patterns of the question paper,

·       Solve the question papers within the stipulated time that helps to keep eyes on the clock.

·       Take your own test within an appropriate time before appearing for exams.

·       Write an appropriate answer in neat and clean writing that gives the best impression to the teachers for maximum marks. 

·       You need to check your efficiency to attempt all the questions and solve them well in time, and check if your answers are correct, then confidently go for the next chapters.

·       Don’t leave any chapter pending for the end because during exams you will not be able to attempt any pending lesson as deeply as you want to study.

·       Stay fit and take a break during preparation, and take a proper diet, and sound sleep, that keeps you fit during the exams.


As per the above-detailed information for the preparation of mathematics, I would say that I have tried to give my best, and if you want to score the best in mathematics, you need to complete all the exercises in the NCERT book as per the syllabus and solve all the examples of book, make notes of formulas, diagrams, and theorems.

Revise again all the chapters with examples with the help of notes, concise questions, short questions, and long-type questions, diagrams, figures, theorems, etc. Solve the sample papers and last year's papers, also need to solve the additional books and guides. 

At last, I would suggest that before exams, at the end of February, check your efficiency in solving sample papers. Set time as exams, solve one paper every day and check answers if all are correct, then solve expected questions advised by teachers, and tutors. Try your best efforts to make yourself excellent in all aspects to achieve the best marks in mathematics.

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