How to Score maximum marks in 10th English CBSE Board

How to score maximum marks in 10th English 

CBSE Board

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Students are well aware of how to prepare for the examinations, as they have recently attempted first term exams objective type of questions, but now in the second term, they have to face descriptive type of questions. As you know English is considered the most important subject, if you want to command English, you have to study to understand every aspect of English, here are some tips to secure maximum marks in CBSE examinations.

Some students get nervous about facing English and take the help of teachers or tutors, some students realize their mistakes after the exams, such as they have knowingly left some questions. The reason is they could not attempt on time, therefore time management, priority, selecting options wisely, speed, and accuracy are some guidelines required to achieve good marks. How to score best marks in Math's CBSE 10th

How to prepare for the English 10th Board  

Points to remember before attempting exams

 The following points to be remembered while attempting paper:

·       Read the question paper thoroughly for 15 minutes

·       Set the sequence as per the priority of attempting questions

·       Set options wisely where options are given

·       Maintain speed and accuracy, keep eyes on the wall clock

·       Set time as per marks of the questions

·       Attempt easy questions first, mentioning the question number. 

·       Check all answers at the end of the exams

How to attempt the question paper

English is the most important subject to focus on for the best marks. How to prepare for English, here are some tips. English question paper is divided into three sections,    Section A - Reading, Section B - Writing and Grammar, and Section C - Literature

Section A - Reading                                                20 marks

This section is comprehension-based on conceptual understanding and vocabulary.

·       In this section, you have to read the unseen passage thoroughly, and understand the theme of the passage then answer any 8 questions (answers to be selected from para or given options)

·       The second question is also based on the reading passage, you have to answer any four questions in 30-40 words, (answer with the help of the given para).

·       One more question, based on the reading, fill in the blanks and two, (Select an answer from given words) 

·       One more question, based on reading, find the word which means the same as the given words. (Synonyms based on the practice from sample papers or last year's papers only)

Section B – Writing                                               15 Marks

·       In Section B, you will be given a letter to write based on given cues, letter writing skill is required here, and you will be given some points. 

(Need to practice such examples from the sample papers or last year’s papers)


·       You will be given to write an article, based on the given words, some words will be given for hints, and you have to insert some words to complete the article, your writing skill is required here too, (read sample papers and last year's question papers for practice)  

·       You will be given to develop a short story in 150 to 200 words, beginning with the following hint : (Last Sunday I went along with my friends to picnic, we planned to visit.....). You have to complete the story and give a suitable title to the story.


·       With the help of the following cues, you have to develop a short story for Example: ( a fruit seller moving..... the roadside..... his hawker, he is selling..... fruits..... some time..... run away) as an example, you have to complete the story filling some words in between, and also suggest a suitable title for the same.

Grammar Section                                                        15 marks 

 In the Grammar Section, you will be asked, about determiners, modals, tenses, voices, reported speech, creative writing, essay writing, etc. as per the following examples.         

·       Fill in the blanks choosing an appropriate option (for example The birds and animals..... living.... fly, fish.... but during.... be sure.... that) select appropriate words from the given list, prepositions, articles, or modals, ( see the examples in sample papers) 

·  The following para has not been edited, there are some errors in each line filling in suitable words completing the sentences finding an error, and writing the correct words.   Example:  

                                                                                   Error            correct        

The place used in being outdoor of happiness             ------               ------- fundamental human happiness to learn the      ---------            --------  consent of the life.                                                            -------           --------

·       Rearrange the following words to make a meaningful sentence.

a) ignore/insist/ my first/ the snake / was to

b) I didn't /want //the/ discussion/to be // apart  

c) only /dangerous /back / and / returned / well  

d) fill /word /complete/ the /sentence/ suitable/ to

Section C – Literature and supplementary        30 marks

 Based on understanding the questions and answers, phrases, theme, and central idea, the NCERT literature book, and a supplementary book containing the best stories.

·       Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow, based on the prose or poetry from the book,  (you have to attempt four questions, one of them is obviously the author’s name)


·       Read the extract based on the poem question from the given property,

(one of the questions must be the author of the name or the chapter name,        (you need to learn all the authors of the poems and prose)  

·       Answer any five of the following questions in 30- 40 words from the textbook for  2 marks each)

·        Answer the following questions in 100 to 150 words, (from the book long answer type questions need to be practiced) 

·        Answer the question in 150 to 200 words on the special role of any character.  (Need to be practiced from the helping books or guides or solved sample papers)  

Revisions for scoring high marks  

Students are suggested that all lessons in all subjects must be prepared well per the syllabus. Questions of the lessons along with examples need to be revised many times. During preparation following points are to be noted. How to prepare for CBSE board 10th

·       The students must check the pattern and syllabus thoroughly, such as the type of questions, marking schedule, and chapters that have already been done in first-term exams.

·       Set time for study and need to study regularly all the literature chapters to be studied.

·       In supplementary readers, read all the stories daily make notes of the topic, and practice writing short and long answers.

·       Focus on the scoring sections, like the grammar section, fill in the blanks, objective type of questions, etc.

·       Solve samples and previous year’s question papers, and sample papers which helps to understand the patterns of the question paper.

·       Solve the question papers within the stipulated time that helps to keep your eyes on the clock, and take your own test within an appropriate time before appearing for exams.

·       Group study for clearing confusion Studying in a group of friends helps you to free discussion on the topics, every student needs to share their knowledge and preparation techniques to clear doubts. 

· Writing an appropriate answer is the most important part of understanding that to write neat and cleanly in easy language to get the best marks, neat and clean writing gives the best impression to the teachers for maximum marks. 

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