Importance of Mobile Phone in Our Daily Life and in Education

Importance of Mobile Phones in Our Daily Life and in Education

Mobile phone is not only beneficial for our daily life but it has an important role in education. The mobile phone is known as one of the best devices of communication, which connects people anytime anywhere in the world. It has multifunctional tools which help us in many ways in our everyday life. And it became one of the most important gadgets for people.

 Mobile is becoming necessary for everyone nowadays throughout the world. It keeps us connected with people for our homework, office work, and our businesses. We can handle our business without attending the office from anywhere in the world with the help of a mobile phone.

Mobile phone is not only being used for calling and receiving but it is being used for meetings, conferences, online education, training, and so many works. It's also being used for recording, video calling, and making videos.

Table of contents 

     1.  Benefits of mobile phones

1.1.        Life became easier

1.2.        Mobile used for online works

          1.3.    Mobile helps in an emergency

          1.4.    Share your activities with the friends

          1.5.    Mobile has a storage capacity

          1.6.    Mobile used for entertainment

          1.7.    Mobile has created competition

2.  Use of mobile in education

3.  The disadvantage of mobile phones

4.  Conclusion 

Benefits of mobile phones

Life became easier

There is no doubt that the mobile has made our life easier and more comfortable, through mobile calls we feel like we are with them while talking from a long distance. We can talk to every one of our family members who are far away from home, mobile helps us to enjoy conversation for many hours with our parents, grandparents, and relatives, without meeting them physically.

Mobile is the most efficient device of communication which has made our life easier. There are lots of works being resolved with the help of a phone sitting at home or from anywhere. It keeps us connected with the people at every movement.

Mobile used for online works

Mobile is being used for filling out online forms, applying for jobs, and online payments of all types of bills. It is also used to fill out your tax, book your traveling tickets, order your food, do online shopping, etc. All the online classes are being conducted with the help of mobiles.  Impact of online teaching on Education

Mobile helps in an emergency

Mobile is very helpful in an emergency, in case any incident occurred suddenly, we can contact our people immediately for help. In an emergency, a mobile phone is being used as saving the lives of people, it has the capacity of recording many pieces of evidence for proof, and taking photos of the incident can be shared with concerned people to save a life.

A phone call can help you to reach the location immediately. You can share the location of crime and fraud activities being done nearby you. If you get stuck in the middle of the road, or in a lonely area in the forest, where no one is for your help or your vehicle stopped suddenly. you can call a mechanic or you can also share your location for help.

The mobile phone has the facility of GPS which shows your location and the place where you are, in case you are in any problem, you can share your location with the concerned people, and it helps us to resolve the problem. Mobile helps if you are not getting any transportation services, you can book a taxi anytime anywhere.

Share your activities with the friends

There are many facilities on mobile, you can share your photos, your tour, or any activities. Wishes can be shared by mobile to any one of your near and dear, by sharing a status on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. We get together leaving far away at every movement with the mobile messages.

Mobile has a storage capacity

Mobile has a lot of storage capacity, we can store so many things which may be required in future. It can record files, images, and videos, which can be taken as memories, and that record will be always with you. You can record your important documents, which may require in the future. From mobile, a large number of documents can be mailed to your mail ID, which will be saved, and maybe checked or get printed that any time anywhere. As per mobile’s capacity, many new mobiles are being launched to meet the need of the consumers.

Mobile used for entertainment

Basically, the mobile phone has been used for entertainment by students or children, there are many entertainment apps like games, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, where you can entertain yourself, these apps are not only entertaining you but many people are earning money with mobile phones.  

Mobile has created competition

The mobile phone has created competition all over the world which gives you a lot of benefits like YouTube vlogging channels, there are millions of viewers watching these entertaining channels, and multinational companies provide their ads and pay for that, there is a big business being managed by the mobile phones. 

The ways for mobile is beneficial, in these days mobile is a special asset for everyone. Most of the work is being done sitting in one place, through messages or calls you can convey your message all over the world. Mobile is the instrument that helps you in many ways, it is assisting you in many ways. The major benefits of the mobile phone are entertainment and education.

Use of mobile in education

There are large numbers of people who are using mobile phones for education nowadays. In the learning process of institutions, likely almost all students are watching their lectures on their phones. Teachers are uploading their lectures on YouTube or share videos with the students. Impact of online teaching on Education

Following are the major uses of mobile in education.

·       During lockdown mobile were mostly used for educational issues, all the colleges and schools were closed all over the world, for continuing education, online classes started, and the mobile phone was the only instrument which is used by college and school students for attending the online education system.

·       Online classes or online mode of education was mostly liked by the students, as per the situation of lockdown, students are preferring online mode of education better than offline.


·       It’s a growing trend that mobile phones are being used for education. Most of the time students were using phones for playing games only but nowadays they have understood the value of the phone and they are using it for solving their problems, clearing doubts, listening to lectures, and reaching their needs.


·       For attending classes, there is no need to be at home or in class, through mobile, you can attend classes from anywhere, but need to be at a place to listen to the lecture comfortably.


·       Sharing information is a trend in education, through mobile nowadays everybody is sharing the best educational and motivational messages and information which needs to be reached, everyone.


·       In offices, all the important information are being circulated to every employee through mobiles, which helps us to give immediate information, so that they could prepare themselves to attend the event going to be held, or the information of the guest reaching the destination, with the right time, and accordingly, the arrangements can be managed.


·       Sharing information of teachers to students about the course material, classroom instructions, and educational content, for higher learning. Mobile is used for information related to essential courses and free programs, information is beneficial for students, with the help of mobile phones.

·       Information about the jobs, business ideas, and training for the development of students. There are lots of things available on the internet, we can download and prepare ourselves for educational development programs, with the help of a mobile phone.

The disadvantage of mobile phones

As the mobile phone has one of the most important gadgets for people, there are some disadvantages also which need to be described.

·       Mobile phone sometimes becomes useless if you are out of network coverage. Your phone can’t pass your messages or calls, and you become hopeless or helpless if your phone has no internet connection.


·       Mobile facilities are not available in certain locations, where you have no chance to convey your message anywhere, so you need to be alert, to go to nearby areas where network connections are available.


·       Chatting has a very bad habit for young students and teenagers, sometimes, they get distracted and do not concentrate on important lectures in class. Chatting distracts from the study while an important lecture going on.


·       Vulgar recording or messages passes to each other, which ruined their life, they are not actually using the beneficiary factors of the mobile but using unnecessary factors of mobile.


· Playing games or watching videos is also a very bad habit, it is not only played by children but many people are seen playing games on mobile, they don't care about anybody passing nearby them or ignore respecting their elders, or parents at home.


·       People became addicted to using phones every time, don’t use phones while walking on the road. Don’t use your phone while doing some important work, there are many chances of making mistakes or accidents.

·       Be alert to fraud calls, and messages, many people are being trapped, and calls or messages from unknown numbers are to be taken carefully.    


Students are taking a lot of help from the internet, the world of science has computers, and the internet which has a large variety of people uses modern technology for their personality development. The mobile phone has taken all these facilities it is used as a computer in hand.

The Internet has many facilities for those who are not able to attend classes regularly. All the related courses, projects, and educational trainings and related material, videos, and tutorial lectures are available on the internet, mobile helps us to get all the information free of cost. 

There are large numbers of people who are busy with mobile, it is being used for education nowadays. Students are watching their lectures on their phones. The teacher is uploading their lectures and shares them with students. During the lockdown, mobile was mostly used for online education. 

Most of the time students were using phones for playing games only but now they have understood the value of phones. Many students are improving their knowledge level with the help of phones.

For attending classes there is no need to be at home or in class, through mobile, you can attend classes from anywhere. Mobile has the facility by which you can get anything in life to achieve whatever you want to get or to be in life, with the help of the internet and Android phones.

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