How to make book reading a fun - Practical Experience

How to make book reading a fun - Practical Experience

Reading is easy but how to make it fun is not so easy. It’s not the story or biography of someone, it’s an experience in which I have lived with the students while teaching in a school. I want my experience to be shared in this article that how I realized and taught the students that reading a fun.

Let’s take it from the beginning of our learning, how a child comes to study in school, and how children start learning, studying, or reading in school. When a new boy enters a school at the early age of three years, how the teachers tackle that child on the very first day, really it's an emotional movement for a teacher just like the parents likely do with their child.   Passion for writing is compulsory for the writers

Table of content

  1. Reading is fun in a nursery class
  2.  First day of a child in school
  3. Mother’s Reaction to her child
  4. How to make the child sit at the desk for reading
  5. How to create interest in reading 
  6. Conclusion

Reading is fun in a nursery class

It’s always seen that ladies' teachers are appointed in nursery class so that the child will be welcomed and treated as a lovely baby. When the baby starts his journey of reading at the age of 3 years. It’s a challenging task for the child, it seems like a child is trapped by reading and writing, generally called study.

 How do the effects of our surroundings children's education

The child is prepared to go to school, it’s said that there will have lots of fun in school, playing with a lot of things like big dolls, big swings, big slides, etc. All the tricks of attraction are played for making them ready for school and even the baby also becomes interested to go to school with a new bag, new dress, and new shoes, and gets everything new, that interest makes them ready to go to school.

First day of a child in school

It’s very difficult for a mother, to go to school with her baby and leave the baby in the class, even if she looks at all children, some are naughty, some are just sitting idly, but she likes to talk to the nursery teacher and says, ‘Ma’am, it is the first day of my baby, please take care. And teacher replies politely, “Don’t worry, all the children are new, and we have to take care of all”.

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Mother says, “Ma’am if my baby cries, would you please let me know the teacher replies, “Yes, we have all records of your child with us, if required you will be informed accordingly”. This conversation is obvious in school with the teachers and mother. It looks occurred but it happens, as an emotional attachment toward the child.

Mother’s Reaction to her child

How difficult is the situation for the mother to leave her baby for the day on the other’s hand to take care of,  but anyhow she has to manage the situation, and she keeps worrying until the baby returns back home.

On the other side, what happens in school with the child. I think some others also would have described this movement before me if it happened most probably, she could be a lady teacher only because she can only feel how the baby is tackled on the very first day in school and how to start a child’s reading and writing on the first day of schooling.

It starts with English alpha vats A for Apple, B for Boy, C for Cat, D for Dog ... z for Zebra, and it’s said to all children to speak with the teacher and write on their copy, the whole day this lesson goes repeatedly.

How to make the child sit at the desk for reading

The main concern of the teacher is to make the children sit at the desk for a long time, most of the children even don’t understand the meaning of sit-down, they keep standing for a long and the teachers say, ‘Why don’t you sit? and then the teacher goes near the seat and makes them sit pushing their hand on their head. Sometimes when teachers get tired of doing this then she wants to check their copies.

She gets busy while checking copies, she founds the students gathering around her taking their copies in hand to be checked, and finally, she gets angry and starts crying, ‘What is this going on, go to your seats’ but few students understand what does her means, some go to their seats but others use to look her face, then again teacher starts saying, ‘Why are you looking at my face go to your seat’.

The fun starts with sitting on the seat children start complaining ‘Ma’am, he is fighting with me’ One says, ‘Ma’am he has taken my pencil’, other says, ‘Ma'am he is pulling my hair, ‘she has taken my copy’, etc. The teacher gets confused, about what is to be taught to them, and she has to make them sit properly in their seats.

How to create interest in reading 

How to create interest in reading is a difficult task, for a mother who wants to teach her baby at home. How a child learns so many things from the beginning, reading, and writing are also important things to learn. It starts from our childhood, there are many tricks for students to attract them to reading :

·        It is as difficult as to feed the baby, the child starts running in the house from corner to corner when the mother wants to feed, feeding every bite is equal to A in alpha vat and B is equal to the second bite, and the whole day mother can’t make the child sit in one place, in this funny way she teaches her baby all the A to Z alphabets.


·        Teachers used to apply some tricks in the schools, such as making the lesson so interesting by adding some stories as an example and paying attention to the lesson sometimes students are asked randomly to read the lines in the book while the lesson is being taught.


·        Interesting stories add to the habit of reading in students. Tasks given by the school homework also make students reading patterns, but if we talk about how to make reading fun, it is possible only through exciting stories.

·        And how our interest in reading and writing, all depends on the environment of our surroundings. Motivation for the student depends on the elder's reading habits at home. The new generation always learns from elders, advising students to study for their careers.    What to do if the child does not like to go to school


Now I will suggest making your books your friends first, and when you start learning from books for the development of your career then make your books a guru. If you follow your guru then you will realize the value of book reading. Reading as fun makes you a more desirable habit to read. 

Ladies' teachers are mostly appointed in nursery classes so that the child will be welcomed as mother teachers. It’s a challenging task for the three-year-old child to teach, The child is always prepared to go to school, and the tricks are played for making ready with a new bag, new uniform, and everything new.

The teacher used to apply some tricks in the school, to make the lesson interesting. the interest in reading and writing depends on the environment of your surroundings. Motivation is required for the new generation of students the always learn from elders, advising students to study for their bright future.

Here I would suggest you go through the books as much as possible and keep reading every day, you will get inspiration on how to live your life better. Books are your real guru, which helps you to learn everything which you don’t know, there is unlimited knowledge hidden in books, you can learn everything by reading books.   

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