Miracle of Meditational Practices

Miracle of Meditational Practices

Everyone nowadays is busy with stranger situations, whatever our parents did with us is the same as we are doing with our children. If you get relaxed for a movement that is also because of worship or prayer, and on the other movement you get busy with the daily routine works of your life. In this situation, we can say people are born suffering for destiny.

If you try to be aware of the real truth, your life becomes impressive, otherwise, you will remain suffering your whole life. We have to make relations with people to tell them about the reality of life. Our connection with people tells us about their internal thinking, their habits, and many things which can be read out by facial reaction or their activities.  

 Gautam Buddha and his teaching

What is the thing which connects people with the truth, who inspires us towards the universal truth, and what happens after death, all these realities are identified by meditational practices, then we came to know about the reality of this universe and about the almighty God? Living in this world, we can get the power of doing everything possible through meditation.

Table of contents

1.    Research the meditation

2.    What is meditation

3.    How it works

4.    How to practice meditation

5.    Feeling of kindness and help

6.    Peaceful environment connects us to god

7.    Power of our organs  

8.    Conclusion

Research on the meditation

In the research of meditational practices, we were taught undergraduate and graduate meditational classes. The research on meditation is still going on, and whatever has been found is being used for stress control, anxiety management, etc. How can we read people’s mental status, it is also a known kind of study of face-reading activities through research on meditation.

People get attracted to the meditational practices but they don’t remain practicing. An astrologer can read the lines on the forehead of the people and can imagine their past and future. It happens as per the astrological study, but it is also a kind of concentration as meditation.

Through the meditational practices, there is a connection created to read easily the internal feelings of the people. How meditation has improved the health of people, many true facts have been the miracle with people with the help of meditational practices, such as curing anxiety, stress, diabetes, obesity, edition, and many other diseases.

What is meditation

What is the thing which connects people with these thought processes or movements, who inspired them, and what things are in their mind, that attracts us towards knowing the truth of the universe? What is the universal truth? What is god, how this universe works what happens to man after death, the reality of this is known by meditation.

How it works

Nobody can be like Lord Buddha, but at least we can try for that to become like that, to achieve that level. We have to work hard towards our goal, set the target of what we have to achieve, step forward and go on without interruptions, and make our connection with God with meditation like Lord Buddha.  We can’t be Buddha, and we can’t do as Buddhists do, but we can do our best possible to reach at least near them.

How to practice meditation

We need to be positive, if any interruption comes in the way, will try to stop us, or someone will advise us not to do that, you never have to stop, if you have clear determination definitely, you will step forward and will achieve the things what you want to do in the search of the reality of the truth. This is the way of meditational practices.

Take yourself to so higher level where nobody can defeat you, the limit you have targeted to that level of frequency, where no one can tell you to come down from there, that is meditation, spiritual growth needs to develop, it has been written in Bhagwat Geeta that try to be higher, nobler, or diviner to make yourself at that level where no one can touch you, only meditation is the medium by which we have to do a practical demonstration.   How to manage stress in the office or on the job

God has made us strong which helps us to achieve the high level, that is the supreme energy that increases all these motivations to connect with the divine, the supreme power. This is could be only possible with the medium of meditation.

Feeling kindness and help

How can we reach the people with the feeling which connects us with them, if somewhere in the world an incident occurs suddenly, we come across the vibration of feeling which tells the kindness for them, oh it’s so sad, any kind of pandemic, diseases, or collapse or incidents which give us pain living far away from them that vibration comes to us, and our heart wants to help them out?

That level of work of kindness inspires us to do something great to help humanity. This is the kind of feeling that helps mankind and gives you relief and strength. You would like to thank god, he has given us the strength to help the people. Then you can feel like your life is successful in real meaning.

A peaceful environment connects us to god

If you are living in a place where you need a peaceful environment that helps you to get relaxed, it makes you cool,  for example, newton’s law says ‘every action has its opposite reaction, if an external force moves you which makes a vibration in you, the connection with God with peace is the only word that makes you calm and cool in this world. There are so many things like that that connect us with god.

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 How does a mobile work to talk from millions of distances and connect us without any wire, such as this device our mind has the power.  Our organs help us to know more about ourselves, suppose if you close your eyes, your ears become more eager to listen to your surroundings, the reason is that blind people’s listening power becomes more powerful for him.    How to create awareness to manage stress in youth

Power of our organs

External mind and internal mind work according to the situation, God has given us a special power that we use when we are in trouble, such as a sudden accident, sinking in the river, or a bus or any vehicle passes through that situation your special power starts working and saves you. A kind of attention occurs in our organs, as we practice we can make organs sharpen. Our meditational practices make our external organs as stronger as we can.


We use to say, we have tried that many times, it's not possible, we can’t do that, but with the help of meditational practices, everything is possible in life. We can do anything in life. Our clear determination is required to get things done. We need to focus on particular things without any disturbance, that kind of concentration is called meditational practice.

With the help of meditation, there are so many diseases that can be cured, such as control of stress, anxiety, diabetes, obesity, health care, fitness, and judo character, all these activities are possible through meditational practices, which can enhance your thought process ahead to win and overcome your weakness. 

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