How to teach our child at home

How to teach our child at home

This thought suddenly came to my mind to write about how to teach our children at home. Some of us will have definitely thought about not sending our child to school at the age of 3 years, this thought may have come to mind if someone who is a teacher, or a qualified mother as a housewife wants to teach her baby at home till the child’s matured age.

Some people even don’t wait for 3 years, they send their child to kindergarten or kids academy at the age of 2 years. We need special care for the child, and many child academies are organizing special care for children, and people are sending their children due to the busy schedule of their jobs.

Your children's first and most important time is when their schooling starts. This is the question that rises mostly in those houses where the children are 3 years old. Teaching the child at home is a big task for the parents, but it’s possible, with the following steps which can be managed well.

Table of Contents

1.     How to teach a child at the primary level

2.     When should a child go to school?           

3.     Set a place and fix a time schedule for study

4.     Provide sufficient study material  

5.     Learn with the child to be a teacher

6.     The way of teaching at home 

7.   Why don't students like to go to school?

8.   Conclusion 

How to teach the child at the primary level

This is our basic way of thinking about our children to make the best and provide a lot of facilities for children's fun, games, playing things, etc. But mostly we get worried about children’s education.

The syllabus of nursery classes is the same all over the world, all the schools have the same syllabus for nursery class or primary level of study, that is A to Z alphabets in English, 1 to 100 counting, and the regional language letters of the particular country, recognition of alphabets, and numbers or figures only, which can be taught easily at home.

When should a child go to school?

We use to teach our children, during summer or winter vacations, and it has been experienced during the lockdown. Sometimes we think that our children give us stress, when they are in school for some time we get relief but this is for the child above 5 years, they are well prepared, and they must go to school.    When should a child go to school?

In today's environment, a child's mind is developed, and their mind could be used in extracurricular activities. But a 3 years child should not be pressured to study and read books. In the future at this age, a child may get frustrated with their study and may avoid going to school or may not be interested in studying.

Set a place and fix a time schedule for study 

Set a place of teaching at home, so that your children must know the value of education,  their study place will indicate and remind them of the importance of the study. A study table is required to be there as a proper study like in a school. Along with the study place, we should have fixed a time for study so that your child will follow instructions for study.

Provide sufficient study material

Study materials, like books, and all stationery should be kept in a place to help the child with homework, help him read lessons, and suggest to him to understand and explain how to learn, as usually make him perfect. Playing items must be near them so that children can learn with playing items.

Learn with the child to be a teacher

You have to know your children’s syllabus and subjects, lessons, and classwork, you need to go through all things to revise with them, If your child is good in study, still you need to help to prepare well, help them with other activities. like playing, moral education, respect for teachers and elders, etc.

The way of teaching at home

Using nursery rhymes, and singing with the children are ways of teaching children at home. You can take the hints given in the books, to make sounds or words, letters, join letters, and make words understand meanings. The pronunciation of the words, etc.

Reading habits need to be revised, such as learning new word power, reading comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, etc. You need to be strict as a teacher, if a child is refusing to study, regular study is required to keep the child engaged in study.    

Why don't students like to go to school?

 Many parents have been facing these situations and searching for solutions. Sometimes your child cries in the morning like somebody is beating him or her when people come out of the house to see, and you feel ashamed.

What to do if the child doesn't like to go to school

Following are the major signs of the students, who generally refuse to go to school. As teachers, we have to find out the solutions:

·       Sign of stress: Sign of stress seen in the students, who are always afraid of something. Some of the students are stressed about their studies. You need to avoid stress.

·       Headaches due to stress: Headache occurs due to stress if you continuously think about the stress. Need a solution to stress.

·       Sleeping habit during the day: Some parents are making their children a habit of sleeping during the daytime, so students cannot concentrate on the topic, and use to sleep in class. So avoid sleeping in the daytime.

·       Extra workload: Some teachers used to give maximum homework so that students will get busy, extra burden should be avoided.


The most critical time for children is when their schooling starts, in those houses where the children of 3 years start worrying for the children. You know your child better than the teachers,  You can teach well at home. Some of us like to take this risk for our children, and guide their children at home till 5 years and send school in 1st standard.  

So my suggestion is that for up to 5 years the child must be prepared at home, during the pandemic period, and during the lockdown, the circumstances and the current situation has taught us how to manage schooling at home.  It can be maintained without school admission, you can prepare your child for admission. 

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