How to Develop our English Communication Skills

 How to Develop English Communication Skills

There are many courses available for English communication, and people have been promoting learning English through videos, training institutions, short courses, etc. Learning English as a language is easy but communication is an art that needs to be learned by experience. And all learnings, from different sources, how you have learned,  and how much perfection you have, depends on your practice and learning efficiency.

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Communication is not so easy, but how you express and present yourself, and the way with people. If your communication is good and if you don’t feel hesitation while talking to anyone, it means you have overcome your confidence and improved your communications skill.

There are many sources of learning English communication, d   many online apps are available that people use to carry out if are still struggling and not able to communicate well. You can achieve that with your best efforts and hard work, for improving your communication skill, you have to follow some steps by which you will be able to communicate well.

The following are some points that need to be followed for learning English communication sincerely and perfectly.

Table of contents

·       The way of proactive communication

·       Improve your vocabulary

·       Communication is not easy it's an art

·       Communication skills and leadership skills  

·       How to communicate with high authorities

·       How the people influence

·       Fight with an inferiority complex

·       Belief in yourself

·       Create reading and writing

·       Concentrate on watching and listening

·       Speak and get experience 

·       Conclusion

The way of proactive communication

If you have learned English but communication is not so impressive then it’s not called good communication. We need to learn so many things like body language, posture, watching, listening, reading, writing, etc. You will have never noticed that these criteria are required for better communication with learning English.

There has always been confusion in learning English speaking and English communication. This needs to be known, communication works for those who work to get it, for proactive communication you need to pay a price, if you want something for your home you have to buy it, which means you are paying for that, but for learning, you have to pay your efforts, time and hard work.

Communication is not easy it's an art

Communication is not so easy, it's an art, there are lots of things to express yourself, how you present yourself, your communication shows your behavior with people, good communication gives you status in society and hierarchy position. time and hard work are required to achieve these things. So I would say it’s not so easy. 

How to learn English easily

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What stops you from conquering the world is your English speaking or communication skill, it's not easy or so simple. It is just to follow some steps, by which you will be able to speak English well, and also will be able to communicate well to interact with people.

Improve your vocabulary

As per the requirement of your speaking, you need to improve your vocabulary, it helps to communicate well, you can make your word power strong by searching sufficient words for the communication from google, and get the meaning of the words you require for writing, speaking, learning and understanding for practice.

Communication skills and leadership skills

There are many sources available for fluent English communication, online apps, and learning from institutes, people use them to carry out all activities of learning from all the places wherever every thinks it's the place to communicate well and learn through the English environment, that is English communication you have learned from various sources.

Your learning process enhances from a different environment and develops a leadership quality through learning from different institutions, and that skill makes you communicate better as per the requirement of society.

How to communicate with high authorities

How to improve communication while talking to high authorities, the way of talking to higher authorities comes through practice. You need not hesitate while talking to higher authorities because they are also human beings and they know the value of common people. You need to communicate with higher authorities with confidence, politely, and purposely and don’t do lengthy discussions, your points must be short while talking to them.

How the people influence

The art of communication needs to be learned from reporters, industrialists, VIPs, military officers, great leaders, and high authorities. Your efforts, hard work, and learning make you better, you have to learn so many things like body language, body postures, interaction, and connection with people which improves the importance of English communication.    How to speak English with confidence

You need to learn the art of communication, nobody is born with this art, everyone learns from each other, and marketing strategy is making such inventions to learn and develop the quality of communication. Your behavior, politeness, sincerity, and knowledge are known through communication.

Fight with an inferiority complex

While speaking with foreign colleagues or with seniors due to a lack of knowledge or less fluency your inferiority complex appears, did you notice, why you are efficient in your mother tongue, or your regional language, you give your best with your ability to express yourself in front of anybody? You need such perfection and efficiency in English communication.

To overcome your inferiority complex, you need to speak with people, write articles, and keep watching videos, and news. This learning process will help you to pick up everything within your capacity, but your consistency must be towards learning more and better every time.

Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself is very important when you speak, keep speaking with those who are in your touch, d   you will get solved your many problems while speaking and will face many problems, but you need to think it's not so easy but it is possible, by practicing every day you will improve your confidence and believe it you will be able to do it.

Create reading and writing

Reading newspapers, storybooks, and books of conversation, these readings will improve your word power, and you will also learn the question and reply as per the conversation topics. The topic of conversation needs to be practiced as a conversation on different topics and needs to be spoken.

You can start writing blogs, stories, and articles on different topics as per your choice to get better knowledge in that field. You need to be connected with social media as a writer, there are many writing apps where you can keep your views to enhance your writing talent.

Concentrate on watching and listening

Watching TV, news, videos, josh talks, inspiring English lectures, etc. are good habits, if you are interested in learning with more efficiency. Watching all of the above will improve your learning ability.   How to improve listening skills to learn English

Listening habit and concentration on listening is a must for the best practice of English communication. Listening is powerful concentration. As we listen we try to repeat the same, by practicing as many times it is possible.

Speak and get experience

Speaking is necessary after watching and listening, practice as you listen and watch videos and individuals talking to people. This is possible only if you will start speaking with those wherever you get the chance to speak. Experience will come by practicing every day, the door is open, which means the opportunities are open.

Read newspapers, speak where you get a chance to speak with the people, always select English as an option, and get a chance to speak for the experience. Don’t be fake in speaking, please don’t use English over style or speak in different styles. It will be just fun and not deep learning.  


Everybody needs to learn English because it's an international language and it has become a trend today. Learning has many ways where we need to practice as per the circumstance and keep practicing is necessary. Your circumstances are not going to change if you are not ready to change yourself.

Make yourself comfortable where you are uncomfortable. This is the only solution to overcome your weakness to communicate with higher authorities.

If you are struggling to learn English by attending many institutions and still are not able to communicate well as per the requirements of society. You need to improve your vocabulary and fight your inferiority complex while speaking with foreign colleagues and senior authorities. 

If you believe in yourself and keep speaking, you will get many problems while speaking, but you need to overcome your weaknesses. Read newspapers, and books to improve your word power. You can also start writing articles as per your knowledge, concentrating on listening. And practice every day, every movement wherever, whenever possible.


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