Motivation for student’s better learning

 Motivation for student’s better learning

Motivation for students is always required to find the genius quality in students,  as per their growth we should notice what they are interested in. Their interest might be the neighbors' doings or their friends' activities. We have to find out their genuine interest, which needs to be encouraged by the teachers.

As educators, we must determine whether their interest is in education or another field. Let them pursue their passion for genuine interest, but the study is the most important. We must prioritize study first, then passion, and give them a chance to experience, teachers must encourage them with the word of appreciation and promote them for their particular interests.  Motivation for student's better Learning

Motivate them to work hard on their interest, let them pursue that passion along with study, and provide them the best way to express their experience in the class, their experience must be shared with all and must be promoted and appreciated for their genuine interests. 

Table of contents

·       Encourage students for their genuine interest

·       Learning experience personalized

·       Learning with fun

·       Learn from failure

·       Celebration of success

·       Project should be based on interest

·       Conclusion

Encourage students to their genuine interest

This is always asked of children: what do you want to be in life, in childhood it is not the time to say what they want to be in life, as they grow, we should notice what they are interested in. Their interest may be as per the neighbor or their friends. We have to find the genuine interest that is required to be encouraged as guardians by the teachers.    The best contribution of the Delhi model of education

Genuine interest can be found by the teachers only, as an educator, the interest of the students in study or other fields needs to be known, let them pursue if they are passionate and have a genuine interest, we must give them a chance. Teachers may encourage them with words of appreciation and promote them for their particular interests. Motivate them to work hard on their hobby.  

Learning experience personalized

For the student to learn better, teachers have to decide to give students a chance to identify their personal learning experiences. Every student has a different way of learning, some know faster, and some know slowly, especially every student’s way of learning needs to be shared with others and appreciated. How to improve our learning skill

This can be difficult for today's classroom facilities but sometimes it may be funny in the class. Each student needs to be personalized by understanding learning and experience needs to be expressed to all the students. The way of particular learning may be different for others.

Learning with fun

Maximum children learn with fun, this must be experienced by the teachers, as they will have realized many times in the class. Teachers should have applied some tricks of learning through games, such as competitive quizzes, or grading marks for enjoyment in the class such as the best practice of math, and science. How to improve our learning skill

All students must be involved in such an enjoyable learning session. The best students could be given a task of leadership to learn as part of all subjects, which will create all learnings, and prepare them for achieving the opportunities in the coming future.

 Learn from failure

We always learn something from failures, the teacher must encourage students to learn from failure, the student may allow failure which creates motivation to learn with more concentration and consistency. Students are not allowed to fail, they have to work hard till the end, the way to help them to get better in the next attempt.

Motivation for student's better learning

The motivation to learn from failures will help them to improve from making mistakes. Making mistakes is human nature, and everyone makes mistakes but from every mistake, we learn a new thing, by nature, we prepare in our mind that mistakes should not be repeated. That learning makes us stronger and capable of facing challenges in the future.

Celebration of success

Every success must be celebrated, in the class when we talk about any challenge, and that is achieved by some of the students only, that success needs to be celebrated, and that memory will give us the strength to prepare for the next challenge. Teachers always celebrate the students' success by giving prizes and praising them in class by clapping, encouraging students to boost their energy, and motivating their potential to do better.    Motivational speech for schoolchildren 

Students need to learn from their failure, the winner is awarded, and that inspiration must reach all the students in the class so that for the next competition or game they must be targeted for the award and celebration.

We must give importance to each student to be personalized for the achievement in the class, encourage each student’s contribution for continued success and accept the challenges by implementing in their strategy for the next game and competition or exams.

The project should be based on the interest

The student's business model or project submission should be based on their interests. It should not be an alternative or random priority, there are a lot of things that depend on that project, and it shows the talent, hobby, or interest of the students. Every student must be given a choice to select their interested project or business model so that they can show their best talent.


Finally, we come to understand to motivate students for their career motives. Students' personal experiences must be shared and all, use the fun session in the class to enjoy the concept of the chapter.

Every chapter has a different concept of understanding, and what strategy will work in that lesson that needs to be implemented. Every student must be recognized for his specialties, the above-all tricks will help the teachers to promote them positively.

The business model or project submission by the students must be on priority. There are a lot of things that depend on that project, it shows the talent or hobby, or interest of the students.

Every student will feel proud of himself as his recognition is in the class for his special activities. Every student has particular activities in his field that are needed to find. The genuine interest which was found in childhood needs to be upgraded by the teachers to provide them a chance to show their talent in class through their performance. 

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