The Career of Students After Senior Secondary Education

The Career of Students After Senior        Secondary Education

The career of a student starts after senior secondary education, and the result of senior secondary decides what field the students have to choose. It’s the first step toward choosing your future career as the right course or college. The students' problem is, that there are multiple options with challenges. Your career depends on the three streams Arts, Commerce, and Science.

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The career opportunities depend on the result of the 12th standard, the best and topper students from the different schools appear for IIT, JEE, CPMT, and NDA.  Those who have achieved 70% to 90% marks want to take regular admission to colleges. 50% to 60% of students decide to go for a graduation pass course from non-regular colleges.

The rest of the students search for jobs or go for diplomas in short technical courses, ITI, Polytechnic, computer certificate courses, laptop or phone repairing, etc., or to get jobs as security guards, assistants, or, office boys jobs in companies, offices, or shops. Most people start sales and marketing jobs, direct sales door-to-door services, etc. Read for detailed information.

Table of content

  • Student’s career according to parents
  •  Parent's expectations as a profession
  •  Parent’s expectations of living standard 
  • Parents should follow their child’s satisfaction
  • Career as per academic stream
  • Career in the Science stream
  • Career in Commerce Stream
  • Career in Arts Stream
  • Career for average students
  • Students’ career depends on their passion
  • Student’s hobby and Parent’s expectation
  • The child shouldn't be pressurized
  • Check the Hobby of your child
  • Conclusion

Student’s career according to parents

Parents’ expectations of their children are to see them as Doctors, engineers, and professors. If they are from the defense services, they expect to be their child police officers or military officers, but all these depend on the result of the students in 12th standard and concerning exams. 

Parent's expectations as a profession

Most of the parents' expectations are as per their profession, a military officer expects an Army, Navy, or Air Force officer, and a Polish officer’s expectations will be Polish officers, and the same thing applies to political leaders, businessmen, TV, and film stars, etc.

Parent’s expectations of living standard 

Business-class and Officer’s class parent’s expectations are as a profession, and most of the middle-class, or poor-class people’s expectations are as per their living standard, their children’s thinking also changes according to the standard. Only a few of them want to do things differently from their traditional life. There are facts that everybody knows as practical possibilities in society.

Parents should follow their child’s satisfaction

Why should we go for the passion, some of you will have seen that this has not been changing for many years if their child has a passion and they are not satisfied with their profession. They want to go for something different in life, but parents’ pressure does not allow them to do so, they must go for that or follow the passion of their child.

As per the parent's advice, children mostly make a decision and follow whatever their parents want to make them, after getting some experience a child may not be satisfied with the job and may feel uncomfortable in the job. In this case, children’s hobbies need to be recognized, and as per hobbies, their profile should be set up, and accordingly, training and coaching should be provided.

Career as per Academic stream

The career of a student starts after senior secondary education, and the result of senior secondary decides what field the students have to choose. The career of the student is different as per their stream. Science, Commerce, and Art.

Ø  A career in the Science stream

The career for the topper students depends on the result of the senior secondary exams, the first choice of students in engineering and medicine, Engineers prepare for IIT, and JEE exams, and doctors for CPMT exams, the course of medical science M.B.B.S., and for NDA exams prepare for military Army, Navy, and Air force.

The topper students from different schools depending on the percentage of marks get 70% to 90% marks. They appear for engineering or medical exams but most of the students take regular admission to colleges.

Science-based students who have achieved more than 80% to 90 % and more need to appear for NEET, and IIT exams and need to practice with the books and related sample papers for such Engineering entrance exams.

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A science degree is called B.Sc. in four subjects, and B.Sc. honors in Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, and Agriculture. After their B.Sc., Science students can appear for M.Sc. Degree in Zoology, Botany, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, M.CA., etc.   Best contributions of the Delhi model of education

Students can pursue Ph.D. degrees in the same subjects. Students also appear for B. Pharm and D. Pharma. , B.Sc. Nursing, Biotech, B.P.T. Bachelor in Physiotherapy. B.H.M.S., Bachelor in Homeopathy, Medical Science. B.A.M.S. Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medical Science, etc.

Ø  The career in Commerce Stream  

Commerce students can appear for CA exams and can appear for B. Com. degree, and after B. Com. they can pursue M. Com. a master's degree in commerce. The Commerce stream has the benefit of accountancy.

They can also appear for Chartered Accountancy (CA). Another popular choice for commerce students is an MBA in finance. They could be a finance manager. CFA, Chartered Financial Analyst and CS, company secretary, and students after senior secondary can appear for CS.

Ø  A career in Arts Stream

An Arts degree is called a B.A. in any four subjects, and a B.A. Hons in Sociology, Political Science, History, Economics, and after B.A. Arts students can appear for M.A. Degrees in Civic, History, Political Science, Sociology, Geography, etc. And can pursue Ph.D. degrees in the same subjects. Students also appear for L.L.B. Bachelor of Law and MBA, Master of Business Management.   

Ø  The career for an average student

Students who get 50% to 60% marks go for graduation and pass courses from non-regular colleges in some states. They also prepare for government jobs during their studies, such as police, army, and SSC, and prepare for many exams at state-level government services.   Best contributions of the Delhi model of education

Students with average marks also search for jobs in the private sector or go for diploma courses,  such as technical courses, ITI, Polytechnic, computer certificate courses, laptop or phone repairing courses, etc.

They also try for jobs as security guards, office assistants, and office boys in companies, offices, or shops. Most students start sales and marketing jobs after senior secondary exams. They start direct sales door-to-door services etc.

Students’ career depends on their passion

After the secondary exam, every student wants to make their career, there are different types of hobbies of students, it's not sure what they will be in the future but as per the study, what is the most desired, I experience that most of the students go for their plan as per their hobby.

Some of the students change their hobbies as per their age, plan for their hobbies, and become they want to make their passion successful. They must be given a chance to go to the same fields. The Indian Government is trying to change the education policy as per the new pattern, and students' interests.

 How New Education Policy Transforms India's Education 

Ø Student’s hobbies and Parent’s expectations

It has been experienced, what happens with most parents, what they want to make of their child as per their choice, they become very sure about their expectations, and they do that but in actuality, it’s not fear with those students who want to follow their passion as a career.

Ø  The child shouldn't be pressurized

My suggestion is not to pressure your child to do the same thing that you want from him. Sometimes if the child wants unnecessary things then you need to stop him from doing but after senior secondary education, it's very necessary to check your child’s activities and desire to become in life, which needs to be promoted.

How to turn passion into a profession

Ø  Check the Hobby of your child

You have to check the hobbies of your child, what kind of activities he used to do, check his behavior with his friends, and confirm what your child wants to become. Your duty is not only to educate children but to help them till they succeed.

Your child’s interest needs to be checked and justified, and go for what they want to become. Some of the students who are not financially sound need some earnings for their families, and then they need to focus on their passion. If your children are sensitive, they will understand the situation, otherwise, they will waste your money.


The career of a student starts after senior secondary education, and the result of the senior secondary will decide what the students have to do. Students' careers depend on the three streams, arts, commerce, and science. Some search for jobs and some go for the diploma, or short technical course and get jobs as security, assistants, office boys, etc. Most people start marketing jobs.

Based on the result of senior secondary exams the student appears for IIT, JEE, CPMT, NDA, etc. The topper students of the different schools achieved the best marks and got regular admission to the colleges, and other students got graduation pass courses from non-regular colleges.

According to the survey, some government schools are focusing on the senior secondary exams and preparing for the coaching classes of IIT, JEE, CPMT, or NDA. They need to be observed, the final decision towards the career of a child is required for their best future. A senior secondary standard is most important for the career of the child. It not only makes a career but achieves a way of living.

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