How do you solve the issues of the employees that create stress?

 How do you solve the issues of the employees that create stress?

This has been my practical experience to always discuss the different issues that create stress for employees in organizations. The stress in the organization was created due to many factors. Stress from the boss, stress from seniors, stress from home, etc. And fighting with all these activities, I have overcome that I would like to share my experience with you. If you don't share your problems with your colleagues in the organization. It may cause serious diseases. How to manage stress in the office

Table of content

  •            Introduction 
  •      The stress is given by the boss
  •       The stress is given by the senior 
  •      The stress occurred due to peers 
  •      The stress due to the home environment 
  •      The stress due to homework of children 
  •      The stress due to traffic in the way 
  •      Conclusion


Every problem has a solution but sometimes it becomes too late to share with anyone because some people don’t like to discuss their issues with their colleagues. They feel insulted, but doctors can give only a few pills to relieve their headaches and always advise them not to take extra stress. It may be dangerous for you. Before converting into anxiety or chronic diseases, the stress must be controlled.

How to create awareness to manage stress in youth

The solution to all the organizational stress can be controlled by meditation. That meditation is just thinking about the problem, observing it, and getting its solution, it is just a mindset. If you are waiting for more pain or headache, it may not give you proper sleep. You have to decide whether that stress is crossing the limit, you must talk to anyone who can give a solution. Even if your boss has the solution, never hesitate to call him, you have to get its solution anyhow to get relief yourself.  The following are the stresses you need to study thoroughly.

The stress is given by the boss

Everyone used to explain their problem, and the boss has assigned the duty to pick up the foreign delegates from the airport and has to deliver the message to the student regarding the recovery of the pandemics period. He got late due to a flight, but I was fired unnecessarily. Other people say Boss has been always asking the same question, how many pending works do you have? If you have counted in numbers, the next question will be, how can you do such negligence?

His next warning should be, “I want all the work to be done by today”. It gives me a headache. Others used to say, I am given so much work regarding the points of the lecture to be discussed, the others used to explain, that I am given the duty to scout the delegates on the campus and the details of the campus process. Everyone wants to get a solution to their shouting for work. How to manage stress by meditation 

The solution is that the task must be done in time, if not done, you will be shouted for the leaps. It means you must accept the mistakes, if you have done it in time, still there are some mistakes then who will be responsible for that, should be clear, otherwise, you will be stressed till the solution. It can be shortened in the office peacefully helping each other. Be cooperative in the organization otherwise, nobody will help you when you are into a problem.

The stress is given by the senior

The senor always used to give an extra burden to get the work done on time. If avoided, he/she used to report to the boss, but the boss will also give him tricks that are worse for you, the boss used to advise, your senior his baby to handle such employees who are showing negligence. You are working hard but your work is pending due to your senior work. Ultimately your performance will be counted in the category of negligence.  How to manage stress in the office

The solution is, don’t give preference to your senior’s work, give him time, and show him how much other work you have, attempt your routine work first, and in between senior’s work also needs to be done. Because he can't give you pressure to do his work, you know that he must do his work, but saving his time he gets all his work from you, and your routine work gets pending. That is called your performance below average.

The stress occurred due to peers

This is the most important reason stress occurs due to peers, peer means coworker, you know 40 percent of employees of any organization work for time pass, they don’t want to work hard, they use to get their work done with the help of their peers. They have the quality to make friends. If someone is not in their favor, they are experts to complain against them to the seniors or the management. They make a good image in the organization. How to manage stress in the office

But they are harmful to the hard workers, they used to call them idiots. They create problems for those employees who sincerely. Due to their attitude, hard-working employees suffer in the organization.

Suggestion to control such stress is, to be aware of them, don’t interfere in their work, be polite to them, and show a friendship relationship with them. Don’t go against them, because they are the people of management. They may create a harmful situation for your job security.  How to manage stress by meditation 

The stress due to the home environment

I am fed up some time from home for their unnecessary demands. Man is not a machine, for making money, extra, he uses to takes this topic always, how to manage that situation. Why has this topic always been discussed in the office? Which has no solution but everyone used to be advised not to take the stress. It's in the process of happening in every house. Such work must be given to other people in the family, to understand the stress that occurred due to home demands.

The stress due to homework of children

While you enter the house in the evening, returning from the office, your child's waiting for the homework given by the school. This stress is always with you, and that’s never going to end, it can be solved by hiring some tutors, but that also depends on the income. How to manage stress by meditation 

Try to solve it by other members of the house, who need to hand over some responsibility to other members. The other solution may be to make the children independent. That will be helpful for you forever.

The stress due to traffic in the way

In the morning it's always the issue of traffic jams, which affects our duty efficiency to attend duty, traffic gives us stress on reaching the office on time. Sometimes there may be an important task which needs to be attempted by reaching the office in time. Such exams are mandatory. Important meetings or conferences.  

How to create awareness to manage stress in youth

Prepare yourself for the office before the time, if you are advanced, you will be relaxed, and not going to be late for any meetings or appointments, or exams.


According to all the above discussions, every discussion has its importance, which we use to discuss in the organization to get the solution of that. Stress given by the boss is always a controversial point of discussion. As per the habit of the boss, we get the solutions during our discussion in the organization.

Sometimes your seniors give you the right way to work in the office environment but usually, they want to get the work done on time. Keep the situation under control for stress management. The stress of the family and homework of the child is common. We must have the solution at home.

You need to find the solution to traffic that may be to come to the office before time. Try to give your best in the office but sometimes strategy works better than hard work. You keep on working hard but it is not considered as hard work if it is said that it takes too much time to complete the task. Learn ideas on how to get the work done in time. Save your time and get to work faster and easier.   

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