How to make our teaching interesting and funny

How to make our teaching interesting and funny

Our teaching can be made easy and funny, it has been researched that every student's concentration towards study gets changed after a particular time, why do students get bored with the topic and the teaching method. How to make teaching interesting and funny is a challenging task for teachers.

Here as a teacher, I have some points to be discussed, the teachers and professors may have different opinions about teaching as per their experience. But we have seen that the maximum hard work and pain given to the study gets success. Studying is not as easy as we have seen for many years.  How to make our teaching method unique

But nowadays the concept of study is going to be changed, and students don’t want to work hard, they want to get everything with the easiest resources, as Google has been providing everything to them. So let’s discuss how to make our teaching interesting and funny, along with the new technology the following points are necessary to read for more information.

Table of Contents

·       Use modern technology for teaching

·       Give your students time and choice

·       Make your lesson interactive

·       Don’t take the class seriously but have fun

·       Related topic to students' life 

·       Conclusion

Use modern technology for teaching

What is Modern technology? Using a laptop and displaying the writing points on the white screen, and video clips as examples with the help of a projector is a new and modern technology. A laptop or mobile is connected to the projector, and all the files can be linked and displayed on the white screen.

This technology is used in management colleges and private schools, wherein with this advanced technology, there is a lot of hard work and effort used to collect information from different sources. How to make our teaching method unique

The benefit of the new technology is that it helps to better understand our teaching concept. Every chapter is specially prepared with an example of figures and video clips, which relate students to the topic. Students’ attraction with concentration must be on the topic.  Impact of online teaching on education

Give your students time and choice

As teachers, we must give maximum time to the students to reply and speak on the related topic, such as using funny examples. The session must be enjoyed by the teacher and students. Every student's choice has a different sense and meaning. The teacher needs to clarify the given examples and justify which is correct and wrong.  

Students must be given the choice of selecting the course material as per their hobbies, It generally happens in the second class level, and the same concept should be given to the students so that they can achieve the target to select the profession in the future.   The more you make class interesting, the more you will be able to settle the career of the students.  Impact of online teaching on Education

Make your lesson interactive

The teacher always uses to make the lesson interactive, while the topic goes on in the class, student’s concentration should be attractive, interesting interaction covering every student, and attention should be every student, if a student is insulted that should be taken as fun, it should not be serious as too insulting to anyone.   

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If you want your student to get involved in your teaching, try to make them cooperative, and work together to complete the task or project should be assigned as a team, each student has to work in a group making them involved in learning.

Don’t take the class seriously but have fun

If we talk about the student’s mentality, there are varieties of students, serious, talented, brilliant, funny, and lazy, how can you teach all these in class, isn't it a serious question, did you ever think about the student's students, what they want. The teacher's responsibility is to understand them and classify them as per their talent.

How to improve your learning skills

In the class all are equal, but every parent wants their child to be treated as the best and must be taught to become a doctor or engineer. How to take the class as funny, teacher eyes on every student and he/ she is sure about the student how much he can do.

It is seen that most of the teachers used to appreciate the brilliant student and insult the weaker student, but I would like to suggest here weaker students should not be insulted, we don’t know what is the reason behind it, there may be some physical weakness or family problem.  How to improve your learning skills

Every student must be given a chance to enjoy themselves, but naughty students must be given some targets as representative of the class so that the responsibilities they teach them how naughtiness makes a fool.     

Related topic with students' life

The examples of the topics must be referred to students' daily life so that the practical experience of learning and awareness can be connected to the student's life, where it is fit to give the best to the concerned topic. While the class is going on the concerns of the chapter should be based on the setting examples of students.

How to make our teaching method unique

Students must be given the project, task, or assignment, but the assignment should be based on the choice and student interest, and that will be done with more interest and likely by the students, instruction should not be given as a deadline.  


Technologies are changing and the way of teaching is still the same as usual, new technologies need to be adopted, and teaching methods need to be made easy and attractive. Students’ concentration is distracted due to the teaching method. It became a challenging task for the teachers and students as well.

As per the research, it has been found that the maximum hard-working students get the achievements. But this concept of the study is going to be changed and students don’t want to work hard, they want to get everything in the easiest form with the help of Google.   

The first and most important thing is that our teaching must be interesting, and new technologies must be utilized positively. Chapters are prepared with examples, and videos relate to the topic displayed on the projection screen by the latest technologies.

Students are seen as more attentive and concentrating on the new technology concept. The teacher must give maximum time to the students to speak on the related topic. The examples should also be set as per the students' real life. The teacher always makes the lesson interactive, and attention should be on every student. Every student is important to us, he must be treated as per his hobby and interest so that he can settle for a better career.    


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