Motivational thoughts for the humanity

 Motivational Thoughts for the humanity

All human beings are equal as per the god that has given them life. How did people categorize into different groups? It's possible as per their activities. What do these activities learn from? It is always said that the categories are as per their nourishing and bringing up patronage.

Many things depend on the nourishment of the human, some depend on parents' culture, some say it is the effect of society, and others say it's the environment they belong to. But the difference is, that some of them become very soft and caring nature for humanity, and others become so social but are born with the activities of destroying the life of humanity.  Motivation for student's better Learning

We should not think about the variety of people, because they tend to go forward to get money from an illegal source. Once they have built their status, they are known for their richness, and nobody notices how they have made their status. We should not bother more about such people. A most powerful motivation for the new generation

We must work with honesty, be polite, and motivate people to serve humanity. Lots of people have been working and keeping people motivated with their motivational quotes, it's their greatness and serving humanity.

Table of content

  • Social human service
  •  Sweetness in the human heart  
  • Work for the suffering people
  •  Crime and humanity
  • Education for all
  •  Maintain humanity as equality
  •  Serve humanity
  •  Conclusion                         

Social human service

The rich people who have earned with hard work serve humanity by providing employment and job opportunities, they also save a part of their income for the development of the poor so that their contribution will be counted as serving humanity. The purpose of human life must be to serve the people.

A most powerful motivation for the new generation

If a question is raised, how to end poverty? Most people will reply that it is a social hierarchy that can’t end, it will remain forever if we try to solve the problems of some of the people but again some others will create such circumstances of poverty. Therefore we need to serve the needy people as human beings.

Sweetness in the human heart

The sweetness in the human heart is making relations with humanity, connecting them with humanity, and feeling of serving the people, such as running an old age home with great respect to the parents or grandparents. Motivation for student's better Learning

To run an NGO for physically handicapped people or an NGO for educating people who are surviving on daily food and shelter. 

Work for the suffering people  

We have no humanity if we are not working for the suffering people. It's an internal desire or feeling for those who are helpless. You will have listened to the story of some beggars who have collected a lot of money but will not spend it because they tend to save money. A most powerful motivation for the new generation

It seems a nice story to listen to, but how many people of that category have maintained a living standard. Here I want to talk about the maximum number of people and we can change their mentality by educating them to keep their money in the bank, which is safer.

We need to work for them and educate them to work for their future, or by starting a short business, like a tea stall, or fruit and vegetable seller, or involve them in assisting in your business, or helping them provide jobs, etc. Sometimes this is worthless thinking, but if your dream is to make the world beautiful, it is possible by educating everyone.

Crime and humanity

Serve for humanity is just being a human, it's our belief, but for the crimes, humanity does not work, crime is beyond the thinking of humanity. Crime is everywhere, all over the world, corruption, snatching, and looting arise as a social crime, and increasing the rate of daily consuming things is a political crime.

We can’t imagine even in the intelligence world no country is like that where has no crime, some people say the crime is due to illiteracy, but the level of crime increasing day by day, nowadays cybercrime has taken place, which is not possible by the illiterates, terrorists are more qualified than the computer engineers. They are using their intelligence in crime.

We need to teach the people that money is not everything, if it is earned illegally, we need to teach them the lesson of humanity. If terrorists get lots of money for their dependents and lose their lives. How can they assure that their dependents are living a better life?   

Education for all

Education is the only solution for the development of poor people, but sometimes even educated, or well-qualified people have no jobs. Education has crossed the limit of gaining knowledge. Some are contributing their knowledge to the development of the people. And some people have crossed the limits they have made providing the best education is the biggest business in the field of education.

Their earnings from education are unlimited, but they are providing the future managers, engineers, and doctors for a new generation, but who can pay such a big fee for such higher education. Motivational speech for preparation for exams

If few of the medium-class people have taken the risk of paying the amount fee and if he is not able to get jobs, that may be a big loss to them, and that situation creates the problem of suicides by the students.

Education needs to be provided limited value, for all competitors who are always there, the talented will get better opportunities, but the poor will not be uneducated.  

Maintain humanity as equality

Equality means that low-class categories can be managed equally so that no one could be a beggar, snatcher, or pickpocket in society. Police need to be alert to educate those who are grown up in such a background.

Humanity is to maintain equality, everyone has the right to live peacefully on the earth. We need to teach them to help people, not fight with the people, be human, and be kind to all. They have a life to live peacefully.   

Serve humanity

The real meaning of life compels us to serve the people who need our help. The need may be financial education or physical education. To serve humanity is not just to show your status to save income tax. It must be by heart, by feeling kindness for all such people. Motivational speech for preparation for exams

For example, in a road accident, if someone is injured and his life is at risk, he may die on the road if not served, everyone must save his life. It has been said that many people gather to see the accidents but nobody takes action, they use to call the police or their relatives, some of the people see and find who he is or sees and if not related to them, nobody cares but his duty is their priority.

But we need to serve as humans, to save the life of such people where no one is their family member, everyone should help the victim, it's called humanity.


This article is just to show our humanity, it's a kind of human behind us who wants to do something for people, but as the people are behaving they also use their personality. People have different personalities, and which side needs to be used. We need to see our best human side. 

We as human beings have to give our best, if you are well with wealth, your responsibility is to help the people. Even if you are misbehaving with the low-class category. It's not human nature. If you are not helping them, at least you should not insult them.

We work hard to achieve a position in society and always motivate people to succeed in life. If we succeed we do all these for our life only. It's good that one has their own life to get things. There are lots of successful people who work for the people, they have been serving the help of the people. They have given their lives for social work only.   

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