The miracle of meditation works for curing all diseases?

  The miracle of meditation works to cure all diseases?

Through meditational practices, there are lots of diseases that can be controlled. How does meditation improve the health of people, there are many diseases such as anxiety, stress, diabetes, obesity, etc., which have been cured by meditational practices. Some facts have been the miracle with people, even when doctors have declared it not curable but meditation has done that miracle, and incurable patients have been cured without operation.

We know medicine has been the only solution to cure any chronic disease, but we keep ourselves busy with a lot of work and do not take care of our health, when a problem occurs suddenly then we use to take medicine and get relief for some time. Problems remain the same, we think about peace for some time, but on the other hand, we have a lot of work to do. We never have time to think about taking care of our physical problems.  Miracle of meditational practices 

Everyone advises using physical exercise or fitness tricks to keep us fit and curable. What is the thing? Who inspires us toward meditation? Have you ever thought about meditation? Most meditational practices have the solution for all health care. We must know the power of doing everything possible through meditation.

Table of contents

1.    Meditational research

2.    How does meditation work

3.    How to do meditational practices

5.    Feel kindness towards humanity

6.    The peaceful environment connects to god

7.    Strength of our organs 

8.    Conclusion

Meditational research

As per the meditational research, we have seen many facts in our life, for example, In the olden time rishi muni has been treating to patients with the help of meditation, it was the fact that Buddha also learned meditation through the practices with rishi munis, but further Buddha meditation turned into the search of the real truth. The research on meditation is still going on, and whatever has been found is being used for stress control, anxiety, and anger control. How to manage stress by meditation

Most people get attracted to meditational practices, but they don’t keep practicing. An astrologer can read lines on the forehead and can see the past and future. As per the astrological study, this is a kind of concentration as meditation.

The meditational practices can connect to reading people's internal feelings. Through meditation, health can be cured, and many facts have been the miracle, with the help of meditational practices we can cure anxiety, stress, diabetes, obesity, addiction, and anger. Miracle of meditational practices 

How does meditation work  

We need to know what connects people with meditation, who inspired us, and what things in their minds attract us towards knowing the truth of the universe? What is the real truth in this world? Who is the almighty God, and how was this universe built? what happens to a human after death, the reality of all these can be known by meditational practices.

Nobody is like Lord Buddha, he may be the rebirth of god, but at least we can try to know about that truth and reach that level. We have the power to achieve everything, to make our connection with God through meditational practices. We can’t do as Buddhists, but we can do our best to reach near that level.

How to do meditational practices

For the practices to be positive, if any kind of problem occurs, we should not stop our practices, many people will advise you not to do it but never stop. If there is a clear determination, you will step forward to achieve the things that you want to do in life. For the search for the truth, through the meditational practices.

You have to take yourself to a higher level where nobody can defeat you. Meditation is the limit you have targeted, where no one can tell you to come back. Such spiritual growth needs to develop, try to be higher and nobler, where no one can touch you, only meditation is the medium that will help you to reach there.

The most powerful motivation for the young generation

God has made us so strong which helps us to achieve any such level, we are given the supreme energy that increases all these motivations to connect with the divine. This could be possible only with the help of meditation.

Feel kindness toward humanity  

A feeling of kindness towards people, through the relation, what is the thing which keeps connecting us with people? If someone of your beloved lives on the other corner of the country, if any incident happens with them, at the same time we come across a feeling of the vibration, that tells us the kindness for them, any kind of sadness, or kind panic, or incidents gives us that vibration from a long distance. We want to help them.

How to manage stress by meditation

The level of work of kindness, and feelings inspires us to do something different to help humanity. This is called a kind of feeling that helps mankind, that gives you relief and strength. And at the same time say thanks to god, he has given us the strength to help the people. At that level, you can feel like your life is successful.

The peaceful environment connects to god

You need a peaceful environment, such as a forest or between hills or a garden in the early morning which helps you to get relaxed. Internal peace is required to connect with God. You can feel the vibration to connect with God with peace, which makes you calm and cool in this world. There are a few things that connect us with god.

 Did you ever think about how mobile phones work to connect people over distances without any wire, such as this device, our mind has the power?  Our organs help us to know more about ourselves, when you close your eyes, your ears become more eager to listen to your surroundings. The same thing happened with blind people as their listening power became stronger. The most powerful motivation for the young generation

Strength of our organs

Our internal and external organs work according to the situation, God has given us special power if we are in any trouble, and our third sense organs work more powerfully to save us from sudden accidents. If someone is sinking in a river, he starts his hands and feet to save them from there and learn to swim.

If any accident occurs suddenly you try to save yourself first and used to say, thank god. Our organ has the special power to as we practice we can make our organs sharpen. Our meditational practices make our external organs stronger.


We need to know many things with the help of meditation. What things are in mind that attract us to the truth of the universe? How is this universe built? What happens to a human after death?

We generally use to say, we have tried many times, but it's not possible, but with the help of meditation, everything is possible in life. Our clear determination is required to get things done. We need to focus on meditational practices. There are so many diseases that can be cured, including stress, anxiety, diabetes, obesity, health care, and fitness, all of these are curable through meditational practices.  

The level of kindness inspires us to help humanity. A kind of feeling that helps mankind and gives us relief and strength. Our internal and external organs work according to the situation. God has given us a special power, the third sense, our organs work more powerfully to save us from sudden happenings. We must understand all these and need to learn meditation. 

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