Elements of Secondary Education for personality development

  Elements of Secondary Education for personality development?

Secondary education depends on the elements which are based on primary education and higher education. Primary education provides us with the minimum elementary requirements which may be beneficial for survival at the secondary level to prepare the student for facing a higher level of education.

Table of contents

·       Introduction

·       Personality development

·       Leadership development

·       Vocational efficiency

·       The objectives of the secondary education

·       The aims of the secondary education

·       The problems in the secondary education

Ø  School violence

Ø  Discipline

Ø  Lack of motivation

·       Conclusion


Most of the time I have seen the students' interest in studying at the secondary level depending on the parent's and teachers' advice, the study environment or culture of the society, and family background also means for the student. Our secondary level of education turns out as so many things happening around that mean a lot for the student, such as social problems, physical violence, economic circumstances, etc.

There are so many things that relate us to study at the secondary level, such as vocational efficiency how much you have prepared during secondary education, what remains in life, what practices you have done, and how much time you have spent in personality development, there are many career development opportunities appear in life has not been accepted by us due to pressure of study or the circumstances.

Personality development

The main concept of secondary education is to create the resources of energy in the student's personality so that they will be able to appreciate our study concept which relates us to our cultural heritage. Their interest should be towards the cultural heritage, and their development in life should be as their contribution to the country as cultural heritage. It should be possible through their constructive and artistic way of talent, and what they have developed as their personality.

Leadership development

In a democratic country at the secondary level of education, it’s not possible to succeed if the students as a citizen are not performing or following the discipline and responsibilities. Students need to be involved in the process of training for the development of leadership at the secondary level of education. 

How to improve your learning skill

Students’ responsibilities as a leader are involved in educational, social, and industrial relationships and the culture of the society. If we are not able to develop leadership at the university level, it depends on the community and society. This leadership quality does not mean political leadership. The development of leadership means the development in the educational, social, industrial, and business fields.

Vocational efficiency

Our vocational efficiency at the national level is concerned, our students need to concentrate on increasing vocational efficiency and technical skill. The creativity of all these must be functional by the teachers of our country. Teachers are the guides for the improvement of students’ overall capability. So that the students may appreciate the development that they have been provided.

It will happen only if all the schools of the country run with a similar syllabus and conduct combined examination procedures that have been followed by the government at the secondary level, such as the board exams. However vocational efficiency is not part of the syllabus.  The career of students after senior secondary

It has been practiced by particular schools, especially private schools, central schools, and international schools, the best students have been shortlisted and they are only developing the vocational productivity and technical achievement of the real opportunities of the jobs and developing their businesses.

The objectives of the secondary education

The main objectives of secondary education are to make the standard in society, resources are available world-class but have not been provided respectively, we need to modernize our democratic society, and promote the student as national productivity.

How to make our teaching interesting and funny

That is possible by providing world-class infrastructure, which has not been provided due to political issues in democratic countries. Students need to participate in different productive works, which are required to be implemented.

The aims of the secondary education

The aims of secondary education are to the overall development of the student's strength, to train the student as a good citizen, to help the student in taking part in all economic development, and to promote practical skill and intellectual development.

To train the student to be a citizen and a good social worker, to build the scientific attitude to think with objective thinking, and to develop democratic citizenship. These aims need to be known by the students as a citizen. is there to get every facility as a citizen of a democratic citizens country.  

The  main problems of secondary education  

The following are the main problems that interrupt students to step forward during the secondary level of education.  

School violence

Every day news headlines show the concerning issues regarding incidents, death, kidnapping, scandals in the schools, misbehavior, and unwanted activities occurring in the schools. This needs to be stopped first. This is happening due to political issues and corruption. This needs to be stopped by strict disciplinary action.


Discipline has been a major issue in schools. Due to the violence, strict disciplinary policies have been applied to save from kidnapping and physical violence, and unauthorized entry into schools is strictly prohibited.

But it is followed by international schools and high-profiled schools only. Not been improved in government schools, not the following disciplines, it's due to negligence by the government officials,

Lack of motivation

There is a lack of motivation at the secondary level, the poor students, and poor economic backgrounds may not consider the importance of education, and they prefer to do a job or earn at this level. The teacher is the main motivator for the students who have the responsibility to be aware of the incidents with the students.

How to improve your learning skill

At the secondary level of education, most of the student's minds get diverted in the other direction, and even their parents are not able to guide them toward a better education.


Secondary education in India depends on primary and higher education, primary education provides basic requirements and secondary education helps us prepare for higher education to study the environment and culture of the society.    

There are so many things at the secondary level, such as how much vocational efficiency remains in life, and how much time you have to spend on personality development. As per our vocational efficiency, we need to increase our vocational productivity and technical skill efficiency and conduct combined examination procedures that have been followed by the government at the secondary level or combined exams as the board exams.

It should be their interest and pursue that culture and their contribution in life to develop our cultural heritage. Social issues in secondary education such as bullying physical violence, crimes at the secondary level, school violence, and physical violence at the secondary level are common. The level has been the major issue due to violence, and discipline and strict policies need to be followed on the schools' campus.

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