Motivation is our individual need

 Motivation is our individual need 

There is nothing we are doing as human beings, every human being needs motivation as a boost to go forward to do something best, to achieve or grow in life. In the concept of motivational need, man naturally needs to be motivated. Our basic needs such as food, water, shelter and behaviour are counted, but motivational needs are something more which is beyond expectation. Motivational Thoughts for Humanity

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It is largely focused on the creation and motivation of individuals and groups, a large part of the responsibility of motivators and the people who have achieved a higher position and success with a lot of hard work despite many failures in life. They are used to motivate people by showing the path to success in their individual life histories.

This motivation is not about the motivation of management who motivate employees to work harder to get a higher position in life. The management of motivation of people in the organization is true, playing the best role to motivate their employees. Here I am talking about every individual who reads or watches motivational thoughts that keep them motivated towards their destination.

Table of content

  • The concept of motivation
  • The basic theory of motivation
  • The power of motivation 
  • Motivation cycle
  • Self-actualization needs
  • Find out what is inside you
  • Your life is not yours
  • Conclusion

The concept of motivation

The main concept of motivation is a large number of people's functions are to motivate people, putting them to perform. In the organization, managers are constantly focusing on the challenges of motivation, and their team releases their talent.

Motivation is an act of performance that depends on your skill towards your goals. Skill alone does not ensure the best effort to achieve, but the performance of an individual is required to understand the meaning of motivation and the relationship between needs and goals. Motivational Thoughts for Humanity

The basic theory of motivation

The theory of motivation is based on Maslow’s need hierarchy theory, which says that basic needs are drawn from human psychology. His theory indicates the following human behaviourTeachers should motivate students toward a new teaching process

Psychological needs are the basic life hunger, food, thrust, and shelter. These are dependent on each other and these needs are cyclic for a short period.

If physiological needs are satisfied, protection against danger and threats is needed. A person usually feels safe from climate change, and things for safety needs. If the physiological need and safety are satisfied, the need for love and affection and relationship with people and the desire to be respected in the group is the social need.

Motivation is the stream needed, everyone has self-respect, strength, confidence, prestige, recognition and appreciation. How are these things possible in life? These egoistic needs are rarely achieved by hard work, and motivation is the stair to achieving them, there are lots of opportunities for satisfaction.

The power of motivation   

There are several responsibilities as human beings, jobs, business, responsibilities of family and children, all these responsibilities are always with humans. Such as basic needs, social needs and stream needs. Despite all these responsibilities, there is an extreme power inside you, you have to see and find out for yourself. 

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The power of motivation develops a person's behaviour and performance, with the help of external factors such as work culture, peers and colleagues. An employee can attribute his success and failure. Teachers should motivate students toward a new teaching process

Poor quality job and situation factors such as improper training and lack of supervision or technology issues are the major factors of failures. These can be motivated by the support of people and excellent trainingPoor job performance and good job performance, putting in more effort towards achieving greater success.

Motivation cycle

The motivation cycle moves upon the needed things, drives and goals. The need is created whenever there is a physiological imbalance, such as the need for food, water and shelter for the person and friends.

Drives are action-oriented and energizing for achieving goals. The need for food and water is required in other terms hunger and thirst and the need for friends become a drive for affiliation. However, the challenges in managing motivation at the workplace, are different things that motivate different people. Just as need and drive are different.

Self-actualization needs

Self-actualization is the extreme strength that one wants to become in life. A person may achieve anything in life. And the people who are satisfied with these needs are happy. We can expect motivation from their creative suggestions. A sound motivational system to be successful must take care of this hierarchy of needs of the team members to work efficiently. Motivational Thoughts for Humanity

Find out what is inside you

Do you have to find out what is inside you? There are lots of possibilities which need to be encouraged by motivation. The whole world is where you must find out for yourself. Step ahead no one can stop you, if anyone interrupts, you need to fight against and keep your unique destination. Motivation for student's better Learning

Everyone lives in this universe but it's their life whatever they do, if you want to take a position you have to make it unique. But how to make it unique, it's difficult,  but it's possible. You have to find out what is inside you.

Your life is not yours

Your birth is an incident, it's just a gift from god. Like many people who are born on this earth, everyone lives their own life. As per the situation and circumstances, they use to make their standard unique, but it depends on the opportunities or the opportunities have not been used as per circumstances. Motivation for student's better Learning

If you have thought your life is not only for yourself, not for your own not for the family but your responsibilities are for humanity. Nothing is impossible on this earth to keep trying all will be yours, everything is possible on the earth, your destiny is to know the truth,


Motivation is the most researched subject in understanding human behaviour and human resources. It continues to attract a lot of research and attention in organizations. Motivators are individual-based or group-based. As individual motivation is based on the satisfaction of basic needs. There are various ways for people to be satisfied with food, shelter, clothes and money. These needs are served by working hard.

The power of motivation develops a person's behaviour and performance, with the help of external factors such as work culture. An employee can attribute his success and failure. But certain groups have different thoughts to motivate people to get success.

This can be your family, your area or your school's neighbours' associations. There are changes according to the situation, and different things motivate us at different times. Sometimes the goal of life becomes the goal of the business. This might require adjustment and decision-making to motivate them.

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