Teachers should motivate students toward the modern teaching

Teachers should motivate students toward the modern teaching

The teacher should use a new method to motivate the learners toward the modern teaching process. Teachers’ best effort should be to motivate students for better learning. The teaching method should be easy, and students should not be bored while teaching. How to make teaching interesting and challenging? Teachers should motivate students toward modern teaching.

Teachers are the most important medium of motivation for students. Most students believe in their teachers, usually, every teacher is used to motivate their students during the teaching process. Through the modern method of teaching, using new innovative ideas to complete the syllabus for the point of qualifying exams, and gaining knowledge are required to encourage students.

Through this method, learners actively participate in the whole process. The process should be healthy, enjoyable, and easy to understand. The teaching process should be motivational through innovative ways of learning. The new teaching method focuses on practical knowledge, explaining, and questioning with demonstration.

The teachers have different opinions about teaching and learning science and technology. The study is not so easy, the concept of study is going to be changed, nowadays students don’t want to work hard. Students want everything with easy resources. Such as Google has been providing, so our teaching process must be the best. With new technology, the following points are necessary to understand and learn.

Table of content

  • Use modern technology in teaching
  • Make learning collaboration
  • Provide intervals for repetition 
  • Make lessons interactive by self-learning 
  • Maintain equality and enjoy the class
  • Difference between traditional and modern teaching
  • Conclusion

Use modern technology in teaching

Theoretical classes need to be changed as practical learning, and classroom interaction are more important while teaching practically in laboratories, these are used in modern techniques of teaching. Modern technology is the understanding of the use of laptops, PCs, Android phones,  and new electronic gadgets displaying video clips on the screen for a better understanding of the concept.

This advanced technology has been used in management colleges and international schools. The information is collected with lots of hard work and effort using different resources. The benefit of modern technology helps us to understand the concept better. Every chapter is prepared for the student with examples and video clips. Students’ attraction is required to concentrate on the topic.  

Make learning collaboration         

The modern teaching method provides resources to the students to encourage them and study their research, and through the instruction and cooperating with appreciating the competitor. Every student is a part of the success of the process. 

This helps the students to develop their skills, the student needs to learn in groups to present their ideas, and the students respond in group learning. Every student's participation is a collaborative response method of teaching. The classroom room layout needs to be changed.

Provide interval for repetition   

Teachers are providing repetition of the chapters, teachers should revise lessons many times, the interval is given to the student for the same, a gap means to refresh the mind, in between this method gives an interval between the learning process. 

Students must be provided maximum time to reply and to speak on the related topics. The session must be enjoyed by the students. Every student has a different choice, and the teachers need to clarify with examples. Students should be given the choice of selecting subjects and professions as per their passion. 

Make lessons interactive by self-learning 

Self–learning is a process, and the modern method drives more learning opportunities, self-learning has been an old process but the performance of the students is checked, and they are given maximum time to give their ideas. The teacher should use it to make them interactive.

The interaction covers students' attention. If students are insulted that should not be taken seriously or too insulting to anyone. The teacher asks students to make small groups or work as individuals to perform, learning to gather knowledge from each other. If your student gets involved in your teaching, tries to cooperate, and works together to complete the task, the student has to work in a group making them involved with learning.

Maintain equality and enjoy the class

The teacher's responsibility is to understand the students and classify them as per their talents. All are equal in the class, the parent wants their child to be treated as the best, but for teachers, it is not possible, they have to maintain equality in the class.

It is seen that teachers used to appreciate the brilliant student to encourage the weaker student, but weaker students should be given a chance to enjoy themselves, and naughty students should be given a target of responsibility for the class to perform better.    Motivation for student's better Learning

Difference between traditional and modern teaching

Teachers have been using the traditional method of teaching for many years, they use to explain the chapters using different theoretical examples related to the topic. Some of the students understand the concept, some of them need help from tutors or expert students, few of them are not able to understand.

In the traditional method, decision-making students lack decision-making and problem-solving issues, they use helping guides to solve the sum or to understand the concept of the related chapters. As per the group of students, one group is accepting the traditional method and the second group is in favor of the modern teaching method. But the combination of both teachings is accepted by the students.

Motivation for student's better Learning

The modern method of teaching has lots of facilities teaching they use to give the reference of example to students' daily life. Modern teaching is the practical experience of learning that can be connected to the student's real life.

Modern teaching provides groups of students, and each student has the flexibility of speaking and giving their ideas and putting their views. During modern teaching, the chapter should be based on setting examples of students' real life. Students are given projects and task-oriented assignments. Modern teaching should be based on the interest of the students. New technology keeps students attracted.


The teacher should motivate students toward the modern process of teaching. Modern teaching methods need to be adopted by making them more attractive and interesting. The first and most important thing is our teaching must be interesting, and modern technologies must be utilized.  

The teacher must provide a specific time to the students in an interactive way. Every student is important. They should be motivated by the teacher by using modern technology of teaching, to learn more in an easy way of learning. Teachers are the best motivator for students. Modern teaching will encourage innovative ideas in the students, and learners must actively participate in the various processes of learning.

Theoretical classes need to be changed into interaction classrooms with more practical ones. This technology has been used in management colleges and international schools. This information is collected with lots of hard work and effort. The modern teaching method provides resources to encourage students through instructions and cooperation. Every student participates in speaking on related topics. 

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