Motivation for learner to participate in learning-teaching process

Motivation for learners to participate in the learning-teaching process

As a teacher how can you motivate learners to participate in the activities of the teaching and learning process? Teaching is an interaction between teachers and students, the teacher or an educator assesses the learning needs, establishes the learning objectives, develops learning strategies, implements the plan of work, and evaluates and shares the knowledge.  

The teacher gets students engaged in the learning of the specific activities, and students’ motivation is compulsory for their development. Some necessary instructions are considered for the teacher to participate in the teaching-learning process. In the class where students are instructed, motivated, and excited to learn more. We need to know what factors influence, and how the teacher instructs, promotes, and motivates students.

Table of contents

·       Introduction

·       Specific learning and outcome

·       Strategic learning of students

·       Ensure student development

·       Students' interaction with content

·       Help students set a goal

·       Students need to be responsive

·       Provide assignments and evaluate

·       Encourage competition and reward

·       Role of teachers in motivating students

·       Importance of motivation for the learners

·       Conclusion


Participation in the activities of the teaching-learning process is possible through a self-learning capacity. Some self-studying and hard-working students qualified for the exams without any specific coaching. Some students have better efficiency to achieve opportunities because their self-learning efficiency creates new ways of getting things done, if we provide opportunities to such learners or teachers specific activities of learning will be a challenging role for the teachers. 

Classrooms and teaching methods are important factors that influence students' motivation. What are the requirements of the modern teaching process, the easy way of teaching with help of technology, and the best infrastructure required to motivate learners for the overall development of the students, by participating in the learning process? What is the self-learning process?

Some important things required are expectancy, value, and cost. The student expects to get success in learning the objects of the course. The value of students' abilities, to engage in a particular task, and the cost points are the ability to be successful in each assignment.

Specific learning and outcome

When the student's percentage and abilities are high in their skill activities, they are more likely and have high expectations for their career. How do motivate such students to become active learners? Most of us agree that the new generation of students is having difficulty to motivate to learn and gain motivation to use knowledge.

The student does not have sufficient knowledge to motivate the real goal of education. A successful teacher is someone who tries to develop himself and decide the level of class for whatever is required, the ideas are required to be learned for the development of the students.

Strategic learning of students  

An educator assesses the learning needs, established the learning objectives, and develops learning strategies. The educator implements the plan of work and evaluates and shares the knowledge.  

Motivation plays a significant role in learning and is key to success, at all stages of their education. Strategy is the key to success we need to apply. If required for more learning we must do it at any age which will be a motivational way towards success and great implementation for new-generation teachers.

Ensure student’s development

As teachers, we always used to advise students to be creative, and we tell them to be self-learners and creators which moves them towards facing a better career and being self-dependent from an early age.

The hard-working students qualify for the exams without any coaching and training. It's possible to improve their self-learning capacity. Some students have better efficiency to achieve opportunities because their situations create new ways of getting things done, but as a teacher, we need to provide learning opportunities, learning for their achievement.  What is the self-learning process?

We must have our creativity towards learning, the teacher needs to find the creativity of every learner, but it is not possible by studying the old pattern, for the development of the learner’s creativity.

Students' interaction with content

All the teachers know how their students are in class, study, and other activities, you know the student's behavior or other things, and you need to improve students' self-confidence. To motivate the possibilities in them, for more learning. If you are helping your students with their hobbies and motivating them.

Student attitudes can be different toward learning, and doing a task lets them learn how to motivate their learning capacity. It's also good for the student to learn better. Students' interaction should be with the creative content. What is the self-learning process?

Help students set a goal

The setting goal for the student is developing their skill, if some students are weaker in their studies, we need to find out if they may not be mentally weak, due to their gap in the learning process makes them weaker, somewhere is a lack of good books or good teachers or financial issue, some teachers don't take the responsibility of such weaker students they may leave behind due to their weakness and they remain week because there is nobody who can overcome their weakness. Indian education policy is changing India

Goal setting improves the productivity of students who focus on the target. If the students have a specific plan to achieve the goal, the teacher has to show them the way of learning a new skill, your working efficiency will help them learn how to use the skill that may be possible by learning a new technique of teaching.

The assessment of every student must be clear as to the basic requirements that need to be completed. This is expected to remain motivated the task in the best way.

Students need to be responsive

To encourage the efficiency of the students, they are not done individually, they may get success in groups and everyone will improve their communication skills and social skills development. The modern teaching method motivates our teachers and provides many resources to the students to encourage them.

Teachers are required to learn all these techniques for better guidance to the students. Teachers should help the students to develop their skills. Some students need to work in groups that respond to the participation method of teaching. In modern education, the classroom layout needs to be changed per the requirement of new technology.  

Provide assessments and evaluate

Teachers need to adopt modern technology or the education system of teaching, if they feel the new technology is not as per their expectations, teachers must learn all these techniques more comfortably and easily. Which focuses more on the topic. And as a teacher, you need to sit in your seat and you can view every activity of the students to make the perfect new technology that needs to be adopted.

Encourage competition and reward

Classroom healthy discussion is very important in the classroom, which attracts each student towards the discussion. Which includes discipline in the classroom. For creating communication competition in the classroom is required, for every topic and task. You need to develop and get involved in the classroom to learn more and more. Teachers should motivate the student toward modern teaching

Reward systems in the classroom motivate students because all the students are very much followed and know the value of awards in life. In the beginning, all the students need to be aware of the best work. 

Role of teachers in motivating learners

The teacher has the most important role in motivating students, they have a lot of concepts to give students the best with new learning for more improvement in learning, for more development we need to learn more for the development of teachers. Assign assignments for presentation, writing articles, and text with multiple questions, which help or guide, questions should be provided for better tasks.

Teachers should motivate students toward modern teaching

This is the teacher's responsibility to understand the students and their talents in the classroom. The teachers have to maintain equality in the class. Most teachers used to appreciate the brilliant students; only the weaker students should be given a chance to enjoy and perform better.     

Importance of motivation for learners

Motivation is important for every student, How to work for the development of the student teacher is required to give their best for some time. If there is no perfection in their teaching method we need to take a step to learn more to achieve the new technology or the latest method of teaching to the students.

Motivation is required for every student but teachers need to be trained to better motivation for the students. Keep learning and motivating learners forever.


There are a lot of things in students' careers. All things depend on the teachers. But self-learning motivated students themselves. The first and most important is that learning must be promoted. This is possible to the creativity of students, all the teachers are learning and growing more with new technology. It also promotes the creative environment as the demand of the new teaching.

The concept of motivation is being a teacher. We can say that the new teacher is growing with the new techniques and the old experience teacher has lots of ideas but they must come up with a new technique of teaching which helps the student for better learning.  

 All teachers must learn all techniques for better guidance to the students. Teachers always keep helping students to develop their skills. Some weeks students need to work in groups that respond better to a new method of teaching. In modern education, the classroom room layout needs to be changed as per the requirement of new technology.

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