Motivational speech on how to become rich in India?

 Motivational speech on how to become rich in India? 

Have you ever thought about your life? You have been working hard and earning a lot of money but still, your life is as it is, and your standard still needs to be improved or upgraded. You will have thought about the dream of success or becoming rich sometimes. You will have noticed your friends or colleagues became richer than you. This is a Motivational speech on how to become rich in India.

How did people become rich with the same salary or the same earning source? And your life has been as usual for many years. Did you ever try to ask them how people utilize their money to become rich? 

Yes, it's the real truth that happens with lots of people including me, who never thought about what is happening to them. They believe in God and worship every day, but nothing happens. It’s not a trick to become rich suddenly, but it's a long time to plan and process.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Investment 
  • Help the poor or donation  
  • Celebrations and enjoyment in life
  • Part-time work
  • Mediclaim  
  • Don’t take the loan
  • Don’t set EMI on credit card
  • How your plan works 
  • Conclusion  


You will have seen a lot of videos about how to make money, and how to become rich? that all inspire you, but you have to start a new business or invest money and earn money. But I am going to give you an idea of how to become rich with your own money whatever you have been earning. Motivation is our individual need

It’s not so easy, you have to pay attention to learning those tricks. It's motivational, not financial advice. People need such a type of motivation that gives them the motivation to utilize their own money with talent.

It's not the trick of some month or year, it is the practice and planning for a long time. Some points will be discussed here and every point is necessary to understand because the involvement of each point is equally important. 

Combining all the points will help you to be rich and upgrade your life. Do you need to follow a Motivational speech on how to become rich in India?


The first and most important fact of motivation is whatever you earn for your family, that is your income. The source of income may be salary, business, sales, or marketing whatever source you have, you must know your monthly income.

You have to invest 10% of your income, as PPF, mutual fund, FD, or LIC, and don’t use that money in any work even in an emergency. Once you have fixed it, you have to forget that amount, thinking that is not part of your expenses.  

Help the poor or donation

The second most important habit of life is, to help the poor, their blessing works for your career. It gives you the strength to make more money. Their blessing may give you a promotion or may increase your income. You have to donate a minimum of 5% of your earnings, which must be used for the humans who need your help.

Motivational thought for humanity

There are a lot of people who do not have even one-time food for their families. Your words may be why I should waste my money on them. Working for the service of humanity is a kind of work as a human being. 

Everyone in this world works for himself or their family. Only a few people think for humanity. And God always gives them the strength to make more money to keep serving humanity.

Celebrations and enjoyment in life

There are a lot of struggles in life. We have been working hard for many hours to earn money. If you are not taking rest or not enjoying life, you may get ill, and a simple disease may turn into a chronic disease. Without enjoyment your life will be boring, 5% of your income must be used for celebrations, like birthday parties, holiday enjoyment, tours, and travels in life.

You must keep 5% of your income for these celebrations, enjoying the marriage of friends' birthday parties or an anniversary party. You will not get a special time that you have to enjoy life. Some extra expenses are incurred suddenly, such as the marriage of family members, or attending the marriage of any member of the family or friends. You will be able to manage these expenses by saving 5% of your income while enjoying your life. That is possible by using a Motivational speech on how to become rich in India?

Part times work

You must do some part-time work to increase your income, you can teach tuition, you can do online work, or do any work that you like most, that will add to your extra source of income. It may help you with the backup of your extra expenses.

It will improve your hobbies or creativity after the job. You should not waste your leisure time, don’t waste your time watching unnecessary things. Use of your hobbies or creativity may add to your professional career.  What is the self-learning process?


Medium-class people mostly used to take loans from people or from the bank in emergencies for the treatment of individual and family members, which disturbs your budget and takes a long time to manage loans and other expenses. 

Mediclaim policy takes the responsibility of treatment of your family. You need not worry about any accident or any kind of emergency situation. This policy will make it free of tension for the treatment of any diseases.

Don’t take the loans

Medium-class people mostly used to take loans from the bank, such as personal or home loans. Which is specially used for improving a standard, or showing off to friends or people. For example, purchasing a car or flats which are beyond their expectations, and get into trouble for many years to maintain their life at 50% of their salary.

They enjoy their life comfortably with their own home and car but the expenses they have to manage are within 50% of their income. If you're not celebrating a birthday or any other enjoyment because you are cutting off all other expenses to fill the loan. You may get in trouble sometimes. Motivation is our individual need

If you think you must have a bike or a car for your work or business, you can purchase that by the end of every year because you are getting a bonus and arrears on increment. That amount could be used for such things. Otherwise, most of the talented people used to invest that amount also as FD for one year and after some years they used that amount to buy a car or bike as per income.

Don’t set EMI on credit card

Don’t set EMI on the credit card, the credit card is used if you don’t have cash, or you don’t want to take the risk of cash. People mostly use credit cards for shopping or traveling where the risk of cash appears. Bills of credit cards must be cleared every month.

I would suggest no loan should be taken for making a home or car for a luxurious life if it is not affordable. There is a high interest rate on personal loans and home loans. Your budget gets disturbed due to the loan. And your planning according to your income will be imbalanced. And many plans of your routine income will be canceled such as your celebration or donation may be effective. Your EMI with interest for a bank loan may disturb your luxury and comfortable life.

If you are using a credit card for purchasing things and setting EMI, this will also get you in trouble. Which will affect your monthly expenses. A credit card’s interest is very high and you will not be able to afford it in the future. So bank loans and credit card bills affect your budget. There may be a situation to manage your expenses in only 25% of your income. Your living standard gets four times back to your income.  

How does your plan work?

If you properly use income, after 20 years of your job, your 10% investment will be matured into 25 lakhs minimum as per your salary or maybe more. And as per the above plan, if you have maintained everything properly. You will enjoy your life, there will be no loan to pay, and no credit card bills will be pending. What is the self-learning process?

After 2o years you can buy your house with your own money. There will be no burden to manage your expenses with a 50% salary. These tricks or Motivational speech on how to become rich in India? will be helpful to make you rich and upgrade your life as per your right planning from the beginning.  


Most people don’t understand these plans, and their living standard remains the same forever. If you start your plans as above, you will save money, and there will be no tension in paying credit card bills, home loans, personal loans, etc. If you are not planning as above, you can’t control your expenses, whether your salary is 50 thousand or 1lakh.

If you are maintaining all your expenses as per the above plan, you will be able to manage your monthly expenses, you will not be worried about any celebrations and can plan for the higher study of your child, you will also enjoy your retirement life.   

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