Impact of Mobile Phones on Students' Life

  Impact of Mobile Phones on Students' Life

The mobile phone had been used for just dialing and receiving calls and listening to music and clicking pictures for the last few decades. Now mobile is playing an important role. It is now known as one of the most important devices which connect people all together at any time anywhere in the world. Its uses have been more functional in educational institutions, schools, and colleges.

Mobile has been developed for the students to the new generation use for education and entertainment. Mobile phones play an important role throughout the world in students' life, a small electronic device of technology has the capacity for a big change in human life. The impact of mobile phones in the life of students helps the student with social influence and new ideas. What is the self-learning process?

The mobile phone has developed the mind of the young generation. Learning ideas from mobile about employment, business, digital marketing, and social networking has made it easier. Mobile helps students in many ways to clear doubts, including online education and training, recording and downloading, jobs, self-employment, and business.

Table of contents

  •  The positive impact of mobile  
  • Students' life became easier
  • Mobile is easy to assess anywhere 
  •  Used for online works 
  • Social connectivity and entertainment 
  • Mobile storage for memory  
  •  Learning creating to the modern world  
  • Use of mobile in education
  • The negative impact of mobile  
  • Internet connection  
  •  Snapchat distracting
  • Health hazard
  • Cybercrime  
  • Conclusion 

The positive impact of mobile  

Nowadays mobile phones have become the most important device for people, but there are many positive impacts of mobile phones. The following major points are described here for students.  Motivation for students to better learning

Students' life became easier

The mobile has made students' life more easier and comfortable, and the multi-function of mobile impacts the life of a student in research and learning. It helps students to complete their work more easily.

Mobile is the most efficient device of communication which has made our life easier. It helps students to learn the lesson even after the class to understand the concept. The difficult chapter can be understood by using mobile. Students can share important tasks, and related videos, and understand better ways.

Mobile is easy to assess anywhere

In the place of the computer now mobile phones are easier to access, anywhere after the classroom, it is more comfortable than a computer or laptop with no space required for a mobile sit with a table or chair.  Motivation for students to better learning

After the classroom engages students in the study for searching anything about the topic. Today's mobile can be carried around. Almost everything consists of modern technology in the mobile phone being used as complete study material.

Used for online works

Mobile is being used for filling online out forms and applying for jobs, we can pay all the bills online. Students are learning how to work ordering things online, booking tickets, ordering food, shopping, etc.

All the online classes are being conducted with the help of mobiles, and your college work and classes, and assignments can be taken at home. Lots of work can be done at home. Motivation for students to better learning

Social connectivity and entertainment

Students are taking all the benefits of the study, along with studying for the break, they have many entertaining movies, songs, and the latest technology inventions, GK, news, and information about the universe.

Best wishes, new ideas and social awareness, and motivational information, can be shared with their friends. If communication is not working to save time, get together by sharing mobile messages.

For others, the mobile phone has been used for entertainment, but in their free time, students use many apps such as games, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook for entertainment. These apps are not only being used for entertainment but students are earning money with the help of mobile phones.  

Mobile storage for memory

Android mobile has a large storage capacity, the student can store classroom activities that may require lectures for memory after class. They can record lectures that can be listened to in their free time, and diagrams, images, and videos can be taken as memories. Motivation for students to better learning

Students keep a record of documents that may be required at any time, and a large number of study materials can be mailed to your mail ID, to save time and be kept as records in a mobile store. Modern mobile has a large capacity of storage, as per the requirement new mobiles are being launched to meet the need of the modern demand.

Learning creating to the modern world  

Using mobile phone students has been learning and creating new opportunities in the modern world. Students learning is improving, learning to code, running YouTube vlogging channels, and a lot of new technology is being created, and their innovation is spreading through social networking to millions of viewers.

At an early age, they have done such a surprise to the nation. After the pandemic, they want to create something new for the coming generation and want to start any business that can be organized by mobile phones. What is the self-learning process?

Nowadays mobile phones have become a special asset for everyone. Most of the work is organized by mobile, connecting people through messages and calls can solve all the problems. Mobile can assist you in many ways, the major benefits of the mobile phone are education, social networking, and entertainment.  

Use of mobile in education

Mobile phones became the largest used device in the world, and most of the use of mobile is in the field of education. All the learning processes of colleges, institutions, and schools are known to throw out mobile phones. Computers and laptops are also used for the same but for ease and comfort, most of the students are using mobile phones. Teachers are using mobile phones for helping students with notes and lectures by uploading and sharing with the students. Importance of mobile phones in lockdown

Nowadays all institutes and colleges are developing study curricula online, to manage online processes computers and laptops were used but now mobile became common and convenient, and smartly used in the educational sector instead of laptops. Online mode of education is developed now and students are preferring the use of mobile.

The following are the major use of mobile in education:

·      Most of the time students use mobile phones to play games, but nowadays they smartly use them to solve their problems, clear their doubts, and listen to lectures.

·       For attending classes students do not need to be in class, with mobile they can attend classes from anywhere, and listen to lectures comfortably.

·       Through mobile the best educational and motivational messages are delivered to everyone.

·       All the essential information can be shared with the particular programs with no need to reach the destination, and the arrangements can be managed.

·       Course material can be shared by the teachers with students no need to notice and make a dairy. Mobile is also used for essential courses or free programs for students.  Motivation for students to better learning

·       Mobile helps students to inform about jobs or business ideas, training, and lots of internet searches. Mobile is used for downloading educational development programs.

The negative impact of mobile  

Nowadays mobile phones have become the most important device for people, but there are some negative impacts of mobile phones. These points need to be at glance.

Internet connection  

A mobile phone sometimes becomes useless for you, if your network is not working or you are out of network coverage. Your essential work gets interrupted, you do not even pass any messages, and your helplessness shows your dependency on your mobile phone. You need to look at the area for the availability of network connections.

Snapchat distracting

The habit of Snapchat distrusts students' habits, and sometimes get distracted during important lectures in class. They can’t concentrate on studying. Their study gets destroyed by watching music, Instagram, and movies.

Playing games and unwanted videos is also a bad habit, video games distract your mind, they don't even care about anybody while playing games disrespects the elders, or parents are creating bad habits by using mobile.  

Health hazard

Some students become addicted to using phones every time, playing games, or watching movies using headphones, they don’t leave their phones even when walking on the road. Mobile should not be used while crossing the road, making such mistakes occurs in accidents. By using phones continuously brain tumors and stress, and anxiety may affect health.


Mobile is also being used for fraud calls, and messages, they trap people through calls or messages from unknown numbers. Cybercrime and threat calling may be for a loan or any financial matters. Be aware of them. Sometimes vulgar recording passes, which ruins life, this is the wrong use of the mobile, be aware of such factors of mobile. 


The mobile phone has taken all the facilities of a computer in hand. Students have been taking a lot of help from the internet, the internet has a variety of information that can be used by the mobile phone for development.  

Students are using the internet to learn more beyond regular classes. All the related information, educational training videos, and tutorial lectures are available on the internet. Mobil is the device that helps to get all the information.

Students are always busy with mobile, for education nowadays. Students can watch lectures on their mobiles. The students use mobile for playing games mostly but now they have understood the value of mobile. Nowadays students are improving their knowledge.

Even for attending classes, mobile phones help students to attend classes from anywhere. Mobile has all the facilities to achieve anything whatever you want to get or do in life, that is possible with the help of the internet and mobile phone. 

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