The positive and negative impacts of Technology on Education

The positive and negative impacts of Technology on Education

The interactive experience is provided during our learning and teaching with the technology in mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and computers. Students are learning with apps, videos, and digital books. This learning keeps them more engaged and having the opportunity to develop deeply in their area of interest, which allows them to recognize their potential. Their talent may be their future concept or profession in education. 

The educational institutions take over them through training and development, and all the guidelines for all the educational fields of engineering, medicine, management, accountancy, and technology. Educational institutions have developed their skill with the latest technology. The main concept of technology is to make our learning better with creativity. Impact of mobile phones on students' life

Teachers provide them with the best way to express their experiences to the students. Education is the most important that must be in priority. Teachers must encourage new technology and promote interest in the latest, technology.

Technology has developed as online teaching with the flexibility of learning even at home. The education system has been changing and turned off learning welcomed by the whole world. New-generation teachers have adopted new technology as per the situation.

As per our traditional method of study, teachers report that students don’t pay attention in class. Some of the projects are not possible online. Education is not only to give books knowledge but need to develop students' social skills.

Table of contents

  •        The positive impact of technology
  •       Technology in classrooms to enhance learning
  •       Adopting technological skills and social skills 
  •       Technology provides essential information 
  •       Technology enhances creativity
  •            Technology makes learning easier 
  •       Affordability of education cost 
  •            Teaches us digital literacy 
  •          The negative impact of technology
  •       Technology is destructing classroom and outside 
  •           Lack of trained teacher 
  •          Network connectivity 
  •      Traditional education exposure  
  •      No use in physical education 
  •      Modern technology is expensive 
  •      Easy to cheat in the examination
  •          Conclusion

The positive impact of technology

Several Engineers are turning toward new ideas and new technology in the field of education. Changing profile toward creativity is the positive impact of technology. 

Technology in classrooms to enhance learning

The use of technology in the classrooms is necessary to enhance teaching and learning,  the importance of technology needs to be created in classrooms.

The biggest problem is our daily interaction with technological devices, which reduce attention, research intentions, and use of applications the nothing to do with the teaching process. This technology should be used in the class as necessary as the writing use technology.

There are many ways of using technology in a classroom like a projector screen, connected laptops and tablets with an internet connection, mike, sound system, cameras, CCTV, online recording, zoom, and meeting for a combined online class. All these are the technical instruments used in the class all these gadgets help helpful to reduce the costs for the students.    

Adopting technological skills and social skills

We have been learning from technology and reducing our intention of solving problems and an easy way. We need to learn a kind of motivation for better preparations that are required to learn from different sources.

Technology provides the most important concept of learning in education. Educational qualification and personality development depend on the quality of education.

You must know how to develop overall quality and gain the knowledge for further development in education. We should know the knowledge and efficiency related to academic development.

Technology provides essential information

We know that people can learn the skills in today's world of computer science. Our technology has given us everything to keep up with learning trends. Now the computer has solved all the problems of learning and acquiring technology. And the skill is highly known as the best learning.  

Internet connectivity helps us to provide videos to the students who are not able to avail of essential information. Various higher institutions have adopted this technology. During the lockdown have created value with the help of internet technical support. All higher education was conducted online, and the whole world conducted education online.  Impact of mobile phones on students' life

Many issues occurred during the lockdown. Online teaching became an alternative mode of education. Students focused on self-efficiency in learning. Many attitudes are developed, making the changes influenced by education more learning, like having an ambitious goal of proficiency in an academic career.

Most educational institutes shifted to online learning. The result indicates that most opted for online, however, the science and agricultural education may not be possible to be shifted online, but the scientific methods of farming were taught through the videos.

Technology enhances creativity

Education institutes have become functional and the students are on the track again. In the beginning, colleges were closed for an indefinite period, which caused inconveniences for education. How ICT enhances teaching and learning

Old lecture-based teaching was closed, and a level of online learning took place. Online learning depends on how the online learning will be effective for the students. The importance of teaching online can be effective, it has been examined that even in the agriculture field online learning was more effective. 

The result of the study was important for all educational institutions. The online mode of education was implemented and incorporated to make learning easy. And life after lockdown stays with regular online classes. With the uncertainty of the pandemic, social distancing was maintained as normal.

Technology makes learning easier

The technology of learning must be more effective and productive, and the learners will prefer to participate in online learning. The literature has highlighted easier forms for understanding the concept. It became easier for the weaker students, and the use of phones was converted to learning and solving educational issues.

With the success of online technology of learning, it was seen that only distance education systems used online mode of education before the pandemic. We have learned that study can be possible online with distance learning by focusing our attention on online education in all fields of education.

Affordability of education cost

Resources have been more affordable and accessible in education with technology. Such as tuition fees, books and prices reduced as per the need of the school.  Things have been made easier at a reduced cost which helps the student to approach learning more with other students. How ICT enhances teaching and learning

The high potential performance is being accepted without parents' pressure, a large investment is reduced, and another side of the technology in education is books are converted into e-Books with a reduced cost, which is one of the major environmental problems.

Online study can reduce affordability, online classes are cheaper than traditional classes, and the cost of books, uniforms, hostel fees, and food expenses were reduced. New technology has reduced classes which can now be managed by technology devices.

Even the assessment of attendance can be managed online, students can download a record of their attendance. The record of attendance can be taken from the previous classes.

Teaches us digital literacy

We know that young people cannot acquire the level of skill demanded by today. By implementing our technology as an integrated part of education students are given an opportunity of learning trends and more help for the student technological and digital skills, which will come into practice after 2021.

Who doesn't have modern technology? We don't have access to modern technology at home which reduces the social gaps. Filled with digital literature in the field of digitally literate people.

The negative impact of technology

There are lots of positive impacts of the technologies that have been explained above. Now if we talk about the negative impact of technology, only a small part of the population has adopted technical education, and others have to be interrupted by technology, which are power supply, non-internet connectivity, or unaffordable devices.  

Technology is destructing classroom and outside

Mobile is used throughout the day and is used for social media and video games. The biggest problem is that daily interaction with the technical device reduces attention span and research shows that attention spans the child from generation to generation. The teacher may have good teaching. It should be used in class only if necessary.

Technology in students enhances control over learning, students are learning throughout the day through the daily doges of social media, video games, and much more learning. Our research in the classroom will help to find solutions to the student's problems.  

Lack of trained teachers

The teacher must be trained for the online classes, for providing such examples according to the topic that needs to be displayed online.  The teacher must have the technical knowledge of using devices properly. Learning the digital form of teaching basic knowledge of computer technology is essential.

Trained teachers are not available in schools, management needs to invest in teachers learning programs, and necessary devices need to be provided in computer labs and classrooms.

Network connectivity

The unavailability of network connections in rural areas is a common issue because education is equal for everyone but not reaching everyone through the online education system. The poor and backward students are not able to access online technology.

As per the overall development government schools in rural areas are also part of society, due to poor network issues they are not able to access the facility. The government needs to provide help to them or issue facilities in schools.

Traditional education exposure  

In the traditional system of study, we need to go to school and have a wide range of exposure to learning, we have lots of friends to talk to, and we can share our ideas through good interaction with teachers.

There are many challenges and excellent mediums to clear our doubts. But for online classes, we need to keep our eyes on technology and we must know all the technical devices. Motivational tips to overcome academic challenges

No use in physical education

New technology is not in the field of physical education, we must have a specific time to play with sports ground and do physical exercises which are essential requirements of the students. Sports activities keep students healthy and active.

Along with technology in education, physical exercises and fitness are necessary for the physical growth of the student. That is possible if technology is improving on the cricket grounds, or football and hockey grounds.  

Modern technology is expensive

The cost of upgrading and maintaining technology is often overlooked. The world has innovations in the field of digital technology appearing almost every month. The powerful devices are costly and not in use after one or two years. The cost of a mobile phone is increasing every month and teaching and learning can't be done without technology. We depend on the device cost of laptops or modern computers every student can not purchase such devices.

The cost of the device was reduced after a few months. The cost of the investment reflects on the tuition fee of the students. If it is free online but the cost of mobile phone and internet charge affects the student's study.  

Easy to cheat in the examination

A huge problem is that teachers face cheating on exams and do not have to check the student’s knowledge. This is a big problem with online tests where students are searching for answers from different resources.

Teachers sometimes don’t know how the student accesses the answers. The institution is gardening to pass the students with good marks but the real knowledge is not at that level. They are qualifying for exams but are not able to study further.


The impact of technology in education is related to the online system of education, which has been appreciated by educational institutions. Technology has given us the facility of using the internet for online classes and entertainment. Teachers might not be well-versed in creating for the help of the students.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of technology. Online classes can be managed from anywhere, and we can reduce expenses and time. Students can get all lectures and study materials with the help of technology. Technology has the option to display pictures for clear understanding.

There are some disadvantages of technology, the teachers are not trained with the technical knowledge of computers. School and college management needs to provide training to the teachers.

The connectivity of the network is the most important issue for poor and backward people. Government schools in rural areas are always having such issues. They are not able to take the benefits of technology. Physical fitness, games, and sports, are also essential for students.

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