Importance of pension after retirement

Importance of pension after retirement  

This information is important not only for retired people but also for those working in any organization, whether in the Government or private sector, and planning for retirement. At the age of retirement, you will come to know about the importance of a pension plan. If your retirement plan is being managed by the government or by any organization then you are lucky, your retirement life is going to be best for you. If you have no retirement plan, and no income in old age, the hard work of your whole life will be worthless.

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The are thousands of pending issues regarding pensions in old age, people are suffering from pensions and running after the government’s pension offices, central government, state government, private companies, and employees' provident fund offices. These issues are pending with the concerned offices, and government officials are neglecting the people to get their work on time.   

I thought of motivational ideas regarding adult education for people on how to spend a pension life. Most of the questions were raised regarding how to submit a life certificate for a pension. I will try to solve most of the issues, but you need to follow the rules of the government. We will discuss all the issues. People have unlimited issues, I can’t explain all the issues here, but most of the issues will be solved.

The issues of central government and state government, private companies, employees' provident fund, and the people who have not submitted proper documents to the pension office. Such as a life certificate, and after death how to transfer a pension to the wife’s account or children if handicapped. Many issues need to be described as per the rules of the government. Please read all the following points that may be useful for you.

Table of contents

·        Importance of retirement plan

·        How to plan for the retirement life

·        Common Pension plans

·        Right age to invest in a pension plan

·        Answers for the life certificate issue

·        The rule for the private organizations

·        Conclusion

·       Solutions to common questions regarding pension issues

Importance of retirement plan  

People who are not able to invest in the retirement plan will realize when they will reach retirement age. Most people don't take it seriously, their whole life they have been working hard for the family. As per their love and attention towards the children and wife, your earnings are sufficient to manage your family and feel happy with them from 30 to 40 years old.

They will not even think about old age, they use to say that retirement time will never come for them which will separate them from their children, or they may not be giving you such importance in old age when you have no income or retirement plan for your survival.

My words may distract your mind or may irritate you sometimes, but it's the fact that if your earnings will be retained in your old age, you will be respected by your family till the end of life, if not, you will be ignored at old age when you would be needed special care.

You need to invest for your own, not for the children, your investment for the development of children and education is another type of investment, such as LIC policy or fixed deposits that all will be withdrawn as per the immediate needs, such as education and marriage of children, but the investment for the pension plan cannot be withdrawn. That will give you a respectful life in your old age.

How to Plan for the retirement life

If you are working with a government organization, and they have a pension plan that is good for you, if not then you need to think about the retirement age. If you are working in a private organization, a small amount is deducted from the salary and deposited as EPF. The pension will be hardly 7500/- after working for more than 30 years in any organization where your PF has been deducted.

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But then that is not sufficient in old age, therefore you need to invest in a pension plan at your young age. These plans are available at a bank or LIC pension plan, and many private organizations, which deal in insurance, will give you the best amount at retirement age.     

Common Pension plans

Many organizations provide pension plans to the investor, the plans of investment, are recurring deposit pension plans, or fixed deposit pensions, for a minimum of ten years to 30 years, recurring deposit plans are for the long term which is deducted from the salary, the fixed deposit pension plan is for short term for 10 to 15 years, it depends on the amount of investment and for several years. Long-term pension plans are more beneficial for the investor for the pension.

There are many investment plans, that could be obtained such as the LIC pension plan, HDFC PPF plan, ICICI Prudential retirement plan for a lifetime pension, SBI life Unit plus II pension benefits, and Life of martial emperor retirement. MAX life smart invest pension plan, and Exide life best years retirement plan.

The right age to invest in a pension plan

The right time for plantings for a pension plan needs to be known at the age of 30 to 40 years. This is the best age for a retirement plan. If you are planning after 50 years and you will not be able to deposit a sufficient amount that can give you the best return in your old age.

You have to plan before 40 years or even at 40 years you are planning for the investment for PPF and pension plan at least for 20 years then a minimum of 10,000/-  to 20,000/- can be received as pension after retirement. That depends on your amount of investment. They have different plans, and as per their pension scheme, you need to invest accordingly.

There are lots of people you will have seen surviving on their pension, even if they were not able to invest at the time of investing for a better plan when they reached retirement age they do have not such respect in life. Children may be separated from their families. And they start earning even at the age of sixty or seventy years people are seen earning through hard work.

Answers for the life certificate issues

Most of the questions are regarding life certificate issues, and that needs to be described first, as per the law of the Govt. A life certificate is proof that is needed by the Government offices in November every year, if you are not able to submit it in time, your pension may be stopped or delayed for late submission of the life certificate, which creates suspense for the official.

If the pension is transferred by mistake after the death of the pensioner, it's difficult to recover. And if the pensioner is dead, that information is required to be intimated to the pension office in time so that the pension could be transferred to the concerned dependents.

In the case of the pensioner having two wives, the amount will be divided equally, and in the case of the second wife being divorced still, the pension will be divided equally.

For the state government and central government issues, they have a pension office, where the pensioner needs to get all information about rules and regulations, regarding pension plans. Such as increments and arrears, the central government used to announce throw circulars in different online portals of the Government’s different departments.

Indian military forces have its portal which has been notified through online circulations. If any state government has no online portal, then you need to visit pension offices to know the rules of pension. 

The rules of the private organizations

In private organizations there is not any portal for pension issues, the PF office will provide pensions through the bank, or post office, and all the issues can be confirmed from the bank where your pension transfers.

The issue of the pension will be settled in the PF office only, if the pension is transferred to your account then you need to consult the concerned bank. They will further guide you if there are any issues regarding pension. 

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Before transferring a pension to your account you need to verify many things with the Employees provident fund office. Verification regarding KYC, mobile number, address, accounts number, pan number, Aadhar number, dependents' family record, etc. For more information, many check the pension plan of EPFO, and many guidelines for helping are available on YouTube.  


If your retirement plan is managed by any organization then you are lucky, your retirement life is going to be best for you, and you will realize it in your old age. I would like to suggest to all the people who are working on a salary and running a small business, which is not permanent stability, or any sales or marketing work they all need to understand the need for a retirement plan.

They must invest 5 to 10% of their earnings for the retirement plan for old age. So that their happy life at a young age can be better in old age. There are a lot of pension plans that have been discussed above and whatever is the best needs to be accepted start investing in the pension plan from 30 years to 45 years of your age.

If you have earned a big amount even in life and that may be expanded unnecessarily you can invest even at the age of 46 to 50 years for more than 15 years then you will be able to get a pension on that amount after the 60 years.

There are a lot of people who have been asking questions regarding their problems with the pension plan. They are receiving pensions from different sources and they are facing many problems that need to be suggested by answering those questions. Following are the questions asked by the people with their replies.

The solution to common questions regarding pension issues

Most of the questions are about how to submit a life certificate for pensioners, manual and online, which is valid.

Q. How many times should a life certificate be submitted? When will the pension start after submitting a delayed life certificate?

Ans. Life certificates need to be submitted at once every year. After submitting the delayed life certificate, the pension will be started after verifying the documents.

Q. Is there any center to submit a life certificate in Ghaziabad?

Ans. Every area has a PF office you can find by searching from the Up pension office in Ghaziabad.  

Q. What is the minimum amount a life partner gets after retirement if he gave 60 years of life?

Ans. After the death of the pensioner, 50% of the pension amount will be paid to the life partner's whole life.

Q. How can a budget secure life after retirement?

Ans. There is no chance to secure a budget after retirement, that amount is for your personal life only. Your family needs to manage the budget with the income of other members of the family.

Q. My mother is 90 years old. How can she fill out a life certificate with her pension at the post office?

Ans. You need to take her once to the post office for submission of the life certificate, they will help to fill out the certificate, and her signature is required for verification.

Q. How will I know that a digital life certificate is accepted?

Ans: If your pension amount is transferred to your account that means it's accepted.

Q. I want a performance of life certificate for a pensioner,

Ans. You can get it online if you know the related pension portal of pension.

Q. I have an HDFC pension scheme that will be matured in 2023, I want to have my amount in the account without going to HDFC. Will they allow it?

Ans. Yes, they will allow, it if your documentation is verified. You must visit the HDFC office before maturity.

Q. I am a resident of Karnataka, a government pensioner now living in Andhra Pradesh, not getting a pension whom to approach?

Ans. You need to approach Karnataka or the place where your pension has been transferred, if you are permanently living in Andhra Pradesh need to apply for transferring your pension to Andhra Pradesh.   

Q. If the UAN number is not stated by EPFO will the pension be credited?

Ans. Without the UAN number issued by EPFO pension will not be credited to the account, you need to confirm with the EPFO office to issue the UAN number. 

Q. How will we come to know whether the cyber and pension office has received my life certificate?

Q. How to submit a digital certificate for Coffee Board of India’s pensioners? I am a pensioner who wants to get a life certificate online.

Ans. A digital certificate is available online, confirm the e-mail of the Coffee Board of India’s pension, and send it by mail.

Q. Where to submit a life certificate in Kerala State? I am a pensioner. I want to submit a life certificate, what is the processor?

Ans. You need to check with the concerning department where you were working,

Q. I have not received a pension after the submission of my life certificate.

Ans. You have to check with your pension office, whether the life certificate has been verified or ask the reason for delaying.

Many more questions need to answer, if you are satisfied with this article please mention your problem in the comments section. I will try to solve your problems.  




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