How to concentrate on study

How to concentrate on study

Concentration for long hours is very difficult but it can be easy for a short time, some people can not even concentrate for 10 minutes to study. If you are not able to concentrate on studying, you need to check why this situation appears, and where you're spending your maximum time. You have to have the purpose of spending your time on something other than studying.

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Find what your ambition is in life and what you want to achieve. If you ask yourself or your friends, they will advise you to read books related to that goal for which you are avoiding studying. There are solutions to minimize your stress. Here we have some examples that are necessary to complete the work with concentration.

Table of content

  •      Introduction
  •       Importance of study
  •      How to concentrate on the lecture
  •      How to concentrate more than hours
  •      How to concentrate on study only
  •      Why we postponed the study
  •      Motivation for concentration on study
  •      Conclusion


There are many things and solutions to help you to minimize your stress. Here are some examples to keep you busy with studying all the time. Even if you work in an office, you have to read emails, reply to emails, and draft letters, all these are a kind of study, and these things are necessary to complete the work with concentration.

You have to google there, to give the answers to all your questions or doubts. Studying keeps you busy for long hours if you think about the importance of studying, a suitable environment is necessary for concentration on the study, but a soundproof room-type environment is not possible everywhere. 

As per the location, you need to create the environment for study. Some solutions of concentration are specified per the study's situation and requirement.

Importance of study

There are lots of questions on concentration, here are some special questions mostly asked by the students who are studying, preparing for college exams, and preparing for competitive exams. These questions are:

I can’t concentrate on lectures, how do I get lectures at home? I can’t concentrate for more than one hour and get distracted quickly. I can’t concentrate on my studies and always postpone my studies. What should I do to study more? I can’t concentrate even more than 10 minutes on studying. How can we concentrate for hours on studying?

All the above questions are the same but the purpose of the concentration on study is different. The main concern of all the questions in the study. Before replying to all these questions we must know the importance of studying.

Everybody knows how studying is important for them. But, commonly, some students don’t like to study. They realize it’s important for them, but they still ignore studying. But it's a good habit of all that they focus on studying during exams because they have to qualify for the exams anyhow. For a career at least for normal qualification.     

How to concentrate on the lecture

The question of concentration for lectures is a very common habit of many people, when the lecture starts after some time they get bored in the class, seminar, or any training session. This happens to most people who cannot understand the lecture.

How to create interest if not able to concentrate.

Such people realize they are dumb, and their mind wanders off during the lecture. The reason is they are not dumb but they need to concentrate on the lecture. It is called mental hard work, some people don't like to put much pressure on their minds. They don't like to use their mind more. Our mind has a lot of capacity to store memories. It depends on the practice, as much as you will use your mind your capacity will increase.

If you are facing such a problem, the other solution is to read and prepare the topic before the lecture on which the lecture is going on. It will help you to understand the lecture properly. It will boost your performance, as the lecture goes on you will understand the concept and the topic will be no boring.

How to concentrate more than hours

Some students are not able to concentrate on studying for more than one hour.  You don't need any instruction for concentration. It happens with most people. You need to check your struggling for study, if you are studying for one hour it means you are craving some knowledge. You need to check the purpose of the study. To fulfill the requirements. You have to start studying for many hours. How can we concentrate for hours on studying?

Studying with concentration for many hours is difficult, whether the study of school, medicine, engineering, or management. You will face many challenges, and hard work with concentration is always required in study. This is possible with the study; only every topic needs to be learned with more enthusiasm. Everything is possible if you desire to study.

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You need to think when you are alone, how you will survive, and think about those who have no support and are still working hard to achieve their goal, they also get bored after one hour. But after rest, they start again because they have a purpose for the study. For better concentration set a table or study place and arrangement. Make a small goal and promise to complete that, and then make another goal for a longer period. In this way, you will be able to increase your capacity to study for long hours.

If your concentration sometimes fails, you may spend some time entertaining yourself with social media, but remember that you have to study more hours after some time. With planning and targeting the purpose.

How to concentrate on study only

Some people get busy working out, they concentrate on what to eat, how to maintain their diet, how to work out better, and if they are supposed to do engineering or accounting work. Some people love going to parties, and clubs and enjoy having fun in life. How can they focus on studying? They could not concentrate on studying. 

How to create interest if not able to concentrate.

If you are concentrating on the particular things above, you must also focus on studying. A suitable environment is necessary for focusing on study, such as a library, soundproof rooms, etc. This kind of environment is not possible as per the criteria of students, looking for such a location is difficult.

You should have all study materials, a laptop, a power supply, internet, books, and related materials. While studying you should have a proper study place, and energy food such as proteins should be provided after some hours, and keep the door closed so that nobody can disturb you by knocking.

You have to give your best in your studies and sometimes you need only entertainment for half an hour. And immediately change the channel to your study. Even watching TV you need to set a time for watching your favorite channels.

Why we postponed the study

Postponing study is the habit of many students. This problem is faced by many students. you need to know why you are postponing your study. Do you have a greater goal in life? You need to go for a better goal set to achieve the target. Yes, it might be there, but postponing studying for a better goal is good. If you are not able to concentrate is another matter that is created by your mind.

In this case, you need to check what your plan is, if you are depending on your family, or your family is dependent on you, then you have to concentrate more on your career and the duty of your parents to take care of them.

Motivation for concentration on study

The pressure of study can be your problem, your friend's group may be not concentrating on studying. or fake friends. Prove to yourself that you can do something. It depends on your working process. If you watch the phone you will be busy at the maximum time, if you're studying the maximum time your mind wants to study.

Your study session must be regular, and the preparation should be according to the class topic, for internal exams, semester exams, and final exams. Your stress will depend on the schedule of the exams. You have to manage the situation of studying for exams. Poor planning may affect your result, and the best planning and management will reduce stress. How to create interest if not able to concentrate.

Continuing is seriously done in exams and appears as a serious task. Everyone wants to get the best marks accordingly. This is the time to keep on studying regularly for many hours. Our study must be considered regularly and continuously for long hours.

Always think better, don’t think that it’s not possible for you, it’s too difficult. If you are positive then all difficult chapters will become easy for you,  just need to step forward for better study and be positive and motivated. Everything will be done easily, but your attention to study is required.


Concentration is a power that makes you efficient in your study, how to practice that way to focus on studying with concentration? As per experience, your study with concentration must be perfect. This is a fact that if you are busy with some work and your concentration on the task, it means for long hours you can keep concentration till the completion of work.

Even if sometimes you forget to take food or refreshment. It shows your real attention towards the study. We need to improve this specialty of concentration for study. On the second day, you may not be interested in doing as the previous day you did, you may be engaged with some other work or going somewhere with your friends, but the continuity of study should not be broken.

Similarly increase your habit of studying every day, at least for some hours, and after a week of practice, you will realize how much you have to study. You will be able to cover up, set a goal for the study, and attempt subjects first that you can do easily, and if your habit of study comes to the level, read more than you can plan for other difficult subjects. In this way, you will be able to complete all your subjects.

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