How does meditation work - concentration and practice

How does meditation work - concentration and practice

Meditation is a kind of concentration or focusing on the goal. Technology has been changing from time to time, but meditational practices are changing as per the new learning everywhere and people have made this a professional career of earning. These institutions have learned how to remain on the top. They are trying to make their position grow and succeed.

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And the impacts of meditation on education and means for the institutions of learning and moving forward. This process has changed in schools to create adult learning opportunities. Miracles of meditation work to cure all diseases

I have been meditating for many years, and I want to clear some misconceptions about meditation, and what to do while we go deeper into meditation practice. In meditation, some points are not supposed to be done, Meditation is not doing something but needs to be observed. It is not to focus on your breath, mind, and eyes, but meditation is the process of doing a different type of concentration aiming at the goal of avoiding disturbance, towards the destination.

Table of contents  

  • Introduction
  • How does meditation work
  • Concentration meditation
  • Loving-kindness meditation
  • The correct way of meditation
  • The absence of meditation realization
  • Self-realization and enlightenment
  • Conclusion


Everyone is busy with whatever their parents gave as a reward, which keeps your mind busy with traditional work. If sometimes you feel relaxed that is the time to worship or pray to god. And on the other movement, you get busy with routine work. In this way, people will still be suffering for their destiny.

Your life will become impressive and meaningful if you want to know the real truth. Otherwise, their life may remain suffering their whole life. We have to tell the people the reality. That is the connection of people with internal thinking. That can be possible through meditation. That habit needs to be changed by meditational practices.

We need to know what is the thing that connects people to the truth. These realities can be known by meditation. The reality of this universe is how it runs, what is the almighty god? Miracle of meditational practices

Meditation is a practice that involves focusing movement of the mind and paying attention to the present.  Many ways of meditation depend on your goal. Some meditation practice methods are concentration meditation, loving kindness of meditation, and self-realization and enlightenment.

How does meditation work

The thing in our mind which attracts us towards the truth of the universe, what is god, and how it works the all-knowing is meditation. How it works is a big question, Lord Buddha educated people on how to work hard toward the target setting and achieving the goal. Step forward and going toward a goal without interruption is the making of our connection with god.

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God has made us strong, we can achieve any level, and our supreme energy motivates us to connect with the divine. This is the power we can gain from meditation.  

Concentration meditation

Concentration meditation involves focusing on a single point, breathing, and on mantras. This type of concentration keeps your mind focused on the concertation and if your mind wanders by the consistency the mantra returns to your chosen focus. Miracles of meditation work to cure all diseases

Mindfulness meditation involves paying attention to thoughts in a non-judgment way, the aim is to be aware of the present situation to avoid distracting thoughts.

Loving-kindness meditation

Loving-kindness type of meditation involves the feeling of love towards oneself and others, kindness towards humanity, animals, and the creature in the environment.

These all are worthless and not the correct way of meditation, different methods may work better for different people. This can be helpful and try different approaches. Miracle of meditational practices

The accents of kindness inspire us to help humanity. And this kind of feeling helps people give us relief and strength. God has given us this strength that can be realized through meditation.

The correct way of meditation

First of all, you have to observe your breathing, how it goes up and down, and how it sounds, you do not need to control it. If your mind is relaxed and this is the right time to release any tension in your mind. And try to observe that your spine should be erect.  If you have pain, sanction, or any feeling try to detach from that thought and feeling and focus on the images of the place where you want to visualize yourself.

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You can meditate at any time, there is a specific place, you need to select a time as a convenience, which can control your mind for some more time. That place needs to be sound-free, away from noise and discomfort.  Your physical body is not inconvenient, you can control your mind.   Miracle of meditational practices

You have to take a more comfortable posture for maximum time if you are not in a comfortable position. your mind may be distracted by your body's pain. You have to focus without worrying about anything in your mind. Just start meditation, and you will realize what is disturbing the place. Like this, your meditation will show the listening place, sound, and picture, one day you will be able to focus on the goal and the period of meditation will grow day by day.  And you can check how much time you can meditate.

The absence of meditation realization

 Imagine such freedom, immense relief, and the realization of intellectuality, you can not experience those thoughts, commands, judgments, and noise running through your mind. The narrator narrates and assesses your mind. You are aware of such voices, and thoughts, if the awareness has no thoughts, it is just an observation, you can concentrate on silence in your mind and need to silence resting all understanding the bliss. If you can reach the position to avoid all noise, if there is no noise, that is the position of concentration.

Self-realization and enlightenment

You have to stop imagining and sit in silence for a while. Nothing needs attention at that time if all these thoughts are running through the noticed head, and now feel something is noticed. There is no thought and judgment as part of this, need not think or worry about any observation, need to watch for peace.

You have to select the silent place, the night of restlessness because there is no sound,  your body feels relaxed and sleeps soundly. Days pass with a lot of noise and a working environment. And the night is silent everywhere. That kind of silence is required for meditation. Miracles of meditation work to cure all diseases

When we meditate, we need the addiction habits because our self-realization goes down and becomes zero. We become slaves of drink that avoid the destruction of the mind.  This kind of addiction is required, and that devotion will bring you to different levels of devotion to god.  


The meditational practices and research are still going on, and we have found that they are being used for stress management and anxiety management. How to attract people towards meditational practices. We have found astrologers and face reading are being used as concentration or focus as meditation.

How to connect through meditation practice and control internal feelings, meditation has been a miracle for people with the help of meditation they have control over anxiety, stress edition, etc.   

How to make the habit of concentration and meditation has been used to say, they have tried many times, it's not possible, what is meditation practice. A clear determination is required to get things. We need to focus on particular things without disturbance. With the help of meditation, many diseases can be cured. The practice of fitness, to control stress, and control over our weaknesses.

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