Learning from failure is the key to success

Learning from failure is the key to success

How does our failure help us to succeed, What does failure teach the meaning of success, What do we learn about success from failure? Why is failure an important part of success? How does failure leave learning? These are the questions that arise in the mind, but we know we learn from our failures. 

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We should say we have failed many times in life, but sometimes we hide our failures. Feels to be insulted or people may ignore listening as a failure experience, but we don’t think that we have been learning from our failures, improving ourselves, and performing better every next attempt.

We can count our failures or mistakes from childhood, We fell many times while learning to walk, but we never thought about giving up on learning, and again started to walk like the other children. What motivates children to do it, why can’t I, finally, learn to walk, run, and play with the others?

Table of content

  • Introduction
  • What are exactly our failures
  • The lesson we learn from failure
  • Failure should be used as experience
  • Accountability must be shared
  • The process of elimination
  • Winner from failure
  • Find out how to step forward   
  • Conclusion


We fell many times while cycling, even once I had a big accident, I got hit by a speedy running car on the road, the cycle was under the car and I jumped to another side of the road, many people came me see me and thank god I was alive, but I never give up riding a bicycle, I got repaired the cycle and came back to home by the same cycle. I learned I should not ride a bicycle on the road as compared with the bigger vehicles.

In cricket, I learned many things about facing fast bowlers, and many strokes but I could not learn music which I was much interested in because I was not sure about my music career. In childhood, everybody makes mistakes and fails. And that failure never ends as an adult. I was good at studying throughout the first class but in my job career, I failed. I could not get my dream job in life, and even today I realize my mistakes that could not meet the requirements for qualifying for those exams.  

If you are very concerned about a particular job, and if you are not able to get that, you need to have a clear focus for the job, whatever the maximum preparation required that must be done at the best level.

It is very good if we are good at studying at the school level but when we enter the senior secondary level we need to select the subjects as per our plans. That was the big mistake I made, now I used to suggest in schools and tuition coaching and public get-togethers how to plan for senior secondary study, and accordingly, the graduation will be conducted.  

I thought I would perform better in the future but it was not done. I made such a mistake that I don’t want to be repeated by anyone around me. I started to provide them with educational motivation, my failure experience worked for the young students and I was able to make the career of many students. Now I am very glad to see their career growth, which I could not do, and they have achieved the position as per failure experienced advice.   

What are exactly our failures?

There are lots of motivational books and quotes and people always share each other for great awareness. We should not think more about the past. How we have spent our life, whenever you feel you have failed in life, failure will never try to overcome mistakes.

Trying for the next time is not obvious for the failures. Some of them try more and more times, and they fail after many attempts, and finally, get successful, they have the strength to learn the best.

Trying for better repeatedly is key to success. Sometimes we feel like we are getting fired, we have done a crime, such as not getting a promotion, failing to complete a goal, or trying to do everything right, but still feel failure, disappointment, and deflation.

Failure can feel like a crime and suffering punishment, stopping growth, change, and progress. You need a lesson and help as per your expectation but you are willing to learn more from them but the failure activities come in between.

The lesson we learn from failure

We learn a lesson from our failure, there are some critical points to learn, and you feel like you have failed in life. The merit of trying, many times, is not to try for the next failure, failure runs deep in many people. You must try to get the position for which you have failed.

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If you find yourself feeling like a failure, then comparatively you have to work harder than the previous preparation. It will not work as per your hope it may be different from your preparation. Try again and with a better spirit and try something new, better, and different. Avoid the mistakes made in the previous failure.     

Through our mental stress. If I had done it as it should have been placed or properly used my mind all these questions may have arisen in my mind. But the reality is that time has been spent and now we should not waste our time on those issues. Need to be turned differently. We need control over failure.

 Failure should be used as experience

If we give our failure too much credit, we fail at something in life. If you fear the future, you can not succeed in that field again. You need to come up again with better thoughts. You have more experience or knowledge and you will notice why you failed, and that needs to be implemented, and not with the feeling of success or failure try your best on a new project.

 If you have identified the key factors of failure, repeatedly repeating that time will hurt failure too much. You need to change and look for an external change besides blaming others for the past failure.

Every failure is not in our control but can learn from it to show better. Just think about the competition and so many people are there to achieve such opportunities. Sometimes failure occurs due to a little mistake or a few differences between the winner and you.

At that period you should think of better opportunities and better performance next time. At that level, no failure should be counted. Because everyone can not be the winner. How has better quality and more hard work and effort got more opportunities to succeed? 

All the aspects you have tried well in two attempts of failure. You need to feel in control and motivated to try again with more chances of getting success.  Here you need to minimize the chances of failure again.

Accountability must be shared

The impact of the failure should not be shown on your presentation while attempting a second or third time. The point is to eliminate needs and excuses and needs state what comes next, even if nobody is involved.  

Your account must be there with your boss as a priority for the next time you could be more intent on your work to get a promotion. Set the goal for how you must be focused on the harder next time. To become more eligible with all criteria.

Learning from failure is sharing your failure, a new generation will learn from your failure. We learn lessons from failures, never hesitate to share your failure story, be open heart transparent, and bold while sharing, don't fear publicity or relationships, and when you will be recognized as a successful individual your failure experience will be taken as inspiration. 

If you are hard on yourself you feel compelled to hold onto failure. Your reflection, accountability, and learning from failure become its purpose. So used to say It's okay, let it go, and take the next step otherwise.

Comparatively, if you are a failure, have a breakup, and do self-reflection, you could behave more communicative and transparently during the relationship. You can make a point more effectively in pursuing a nested relationship.

The process of elimination

You need to think about the last time this kind of question was asked, You have to use the logical rule of choice which is most like the possible answer. Certainty and probably maybe just a guess.

Our life offers many opportunities all the time, and failure becomes helpful for us who have attempted, you reach closer to the right answer. Failure in life can process productivity informative, sometimes experiencing an attempt. They can get closer to finding the achievement.

Winner from failure

Sometimes the best player is not able to score the best or they get out without a score, but that failure is a very hurting incident for them they never make such a mistake again it’s new learning for them to win the next time.

But if failure happens more times they may be struck out from the team, so a failure impression should not feel like a failure. The winner always keeps motivated even after many failures.

Find out how to step forward  

Failure hurts in life, it is not easy to overcome, and sometimes this will affect us to face our failure our whole life. But we need to learn from failure. Leave the old happening and make it with the new challenge of life. Life may not be interesting but we should not pursue it with a broken heart. Apply again with new preparations and new skills.

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With the new preparation get back to prove that you are more talented to step forward. Get the capability, adopt skills, improve qualities step forward with new creations, and prove that you are not a failure, but you have learned a lot from that failure and motivated people. You need to find out what the best you can do.  


Our life has so many chances to be good for the future. Many other opportunities need to be moved towards. The big thing we have learned from the failure is how to be careful, and what to do. What Should I Do? And many learn due to failure. See every day a new career practice learning from failure, and taking another risk. If your failure in life is not your failure for life. Nobody is successful without failing first in life.

Where you have failed teaches us to avoid that mistake, it means you have learned how to overcome it. Every mistake gives us new learning, it is human nature to make mistakes, but we need to learn from the mistakes.

Your failure may feel insulted, but let the people be insulted, ignore them because you have learned a new thing from that mistake. These mistakes always occur in life, but we learn a lot from our failures.   

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