Some hard truth makes our life better

 Some hard truth makes our life better

Some hard truths, the real facts of our life we normally ignore need to be taken seriously. Our life has some amazing hard truths that indicate and make us alert and ultimately make our life better.

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Everything that happens in life is not true, everything that we search for on the internet is not true, the real facts and some of the hard truths are married life, few people get happy about your success. The hard truth of life needs to be taken seriously and we should understand the real truth that helps us to make our life better.

The majority will mislead you, and you will have a hard time with what you should do in life. The majority has if you want to get the best in life there is nothing for you there.  The Internet is an amazing tool, everything we search for is not true, but we start believing in it and start following. We should not trust everything to make sure to verify all sources.

Life is always a constant battle, we need to face adversity to wake up to reality. We need to get rid of the illusion of how to move dedicated selves. We need to face life without hiding. This is the opportunity to make serious changes.

Table of content

  • Few people get happy about your success 
  • Don’t blame past moves on thinking better
  • Married life & responsibility
  • Use time with a positive mindset
  • Don't be sensitive
  • We are our own worst enemies
  • Life is too short
  • Anything can happen
  • Conclusion 

Few people get happy about your success

You have noticed that all your friends or relatives or your good wisher show happiness in your success. But only a few people are really happy with your success. Most people leave you in your failure, it is a hard truth that no one thinks good for you except your parents. All the people are not reliable and trustworthy.  

Even your relatives don’t think of your goodwill. Maximum people meet you for their benefit. You never know anybody, they never think better for you, only a few people always think good for you but you can’t judge them.

Therefore the learning is that we should not blindly believe in anyone and give our best what is possible for the benefit of people. Even if an employer gives you a job for his benefits, if you don’t make him benefit, he will truck you out even when you are the best hard-working employee for him.    

Don’t blame past moves on thinking better

No one deserves to be labeled by their past, those who try for better can change their future if they desire. Don’t blame your past need to move toward new opportunities, learn from past mistakes, and move on with new projects and new prospects in life.

Don’t get upset about past mistakes, we should learn from the past, and give our best in the present to make a better future. Whatever is done in the past, whatever mistakes were in the past we need to forget all, but we should learn from past experiences, work hard in the present, and change our plans and strategy to get a better future.  

Married life & responsibility

Getting married is not always happy. Most people think marriage is life just for enjoyment or personal romance. It is no wonder why many marriages fail. It is no wonder in the world to get married to two men or two men, but it is the lesson of life or why there is a reason for divorce.

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Some spoil life after marriage and some people get taunted their whole life, marriage should be a compromise between living for each other to serve each other to make the relationship of love a married life.

Married life should be just a love compromise with each other, if not satisfy both need to sacrifice for each other for children for the family which is arranged by the society or family or relatives, now if got married then it's a responsibility of living together and taking care of each other in any situation, we should spend the whole life taking care of each other and children are the responsibility of both.  

Use time with a positive mindset

Filling your timeline with a positive mindset instead of thinking negatively, always a positive mindset will change your life. Many negative thoughts will try to distract your mind, negative thoughts are more powerful than positive thoughts. How to make life enjoyable to live?

Don’t let negative thinking dominate you, your concentration must be on positive thinking for success and focus on the positive way. You need to work hard using your valuable time with a positive mindset that will change your life. 

Don’t be sensitive

If someone gives you the hard truth, you get angry with him because we are biased by our constructive criticism habit. Let go of bias and learn from the hard truth. How to make life enjoyable to live?

Some people used to give the hard truth about your activities or used to speak really about things. Sometimes we don’t take it personally if people don’t like us, most people don’t even like themselves. Everything starts with you.

We are our own worst enemies

No one knows how to stand better than we do in our life. Now one supports you to do better, this is the battle of life, fighting with ourselves. You have enough people who will try to make your life harder, and more complicated, we do not have to be any one of them. The truth is to become a friend to yourself.

We used to waste our time in jealousy, which has no meaning, it is human nature to criticize people, and we have to give up this habit that will make us better. People will call you cheap if you do fashion, if you are simple they insult you, you need to stop saying people bullshit. Fake people will love you if you are beautiful or handsome.

Most parents are forced even today to pursue engineering or medical degrees. But you need to get a good education only if you are financially stable. After basic education, you need to get an MBA to do better in business.

Life is too short

It passes by in an eye, we can never be aware enough of how quickly it will be gone. That’s why we have to set our priorities straight. Our time and attention can’t go anywhere. We use two resources to determine the outcome to like or not. As simple as that, we need to decide without hesitation that no one is going to wait for us.

We have only one life to live, and pretending to be fake is not worth it. We need to take advantage of you lying to yourself without reason. We have to live as that is final, do whatever ever you want to do but that must be remembered by the coming generation. Learning from failure is the key to success

Life is not getting easier. If you get older you will get more challenges, problems, and tension. This is the reality of life. We have to follow it in time to make it better. Do whatever you do but that should be a valuable life to live for the people to do something good for humanity.

Anything can happen

We need to stay prepared for any situation, life can hit at any time, and anything can happen. What is always happening can’t be the same, we need to be prepared, insured, sympathetic to all, and help others, if you are in trouble, you will be helped by the people in exchange.  

There are many up and down in life, be honest all the time. If you are ready, raise yourself alert. Life is too crazy, but there are many good things to do in life. Be motivated all the time, and be prepared for facing the coming situation.


Life is more about action and working. Overthinking is only a waste of time. Do what you want to do, take risks, and take charges to deal with pain and regret. Failure is your gateway to success, be real with yourself the true potential in life is failure is the best option. Learn from failure. Learning from failure is the key to success

Many things in life are not permanent financial status, friends love money, enemies, difficulties, problems, tension struggles, and profit losses. Enemies are not bad, they help us to be strong and help us to deal perfectly, insulting makes a lesson to learn better.

Enemies help us to make ourselves better and challenge ourselves. Remember all the good things you did that can be happy, forget all the bad things others did to you. Forget the misery and pain, that makes you happy, kind, wise, and gracious. That will glow your inner happiness.  

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