What are Concentration, meditation, and spirituality

 What are Concentration, meditation, and spirituality?  

Concentration is a power that helps us to focus on meditation. Concentration is like working on a computer or phone which is a passive way of concentration. What are concentration, meditation, and spirituality? Active concentration is required to learn your attention like sports activities. Concentration increases our listening power, it helps to increase the power of the mind. 

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Meditation is a practice of listening to the vibration in silence. It's a kind of listening exercise. Meditation is a kind of mantra pronounced. Mantras like saying ohm have power or vibration. You can listen to 5 sounds during meditation in a silent environment, closing your eyes. The miracle of meditation works to cure all diseases

Spirituality is not prospective to give up luxury, comfort, family, or home. Spirituality is possible with everything but that should not trouble your mind. In Bhagvat Geeta's spiritual knowledge was given to Arjun by Lord Krishna, who suggested fighting against his relatives. Spirituality means concentrating on your work but outer things should not overpower your mind.

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  • Spirituality is not worship
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  • Concentration is power
  • Quality Trump holds a concentration
  • Concentration

Active way of concentration

If you are busy with your work on the computer or mobile your concentration power is passive. It's very easy to suggest to people about the active way of concentration, If you apply yourself, you will not be able to do the active concentration. Does meditation work - Concentration

How to increase the active concentration power that is required to learn to throw meditation. If you can learn active concentration, it will be in your control. You can practice as per your choice and remove as you wish.

You need to increase your listening power, there are many things during meditation, and if your mind distracts from the target you will miss the opportunity. Meditation increases the power of listening attentively with active concertation.

Spirituality is not worship

Spirituality is not the prospect of giving up everything but living with everyone and living with surroundings that should not trouble your mind. Even in Bhagvat Geeta's spiritual knowledge was given to Arjun by lord Krishna, who had to fight as a great warrior and who wanted to be the king. Spirituality means living with the world but outer things should not overpower your mind.

God says to try to recognize yourself and do your duty what you have to do. If you are studying, you must study properly, if you are a soldier, do your duty as a great warrior, which will help you to do your best in life. Doing your work with honesty and properly is spirituality.

Have faith in God

Everybody is trying to know God, they used to worship but they don’t pray with good faith. If you pray without any wish as a devotee to God that is real faith in God. Concentration for worship is a kind of meditation but try to listen to the voice of the infinity vibration, through meditation.  

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‘Sachidanand rupaya' is made of three things: ‘Sach’ is truth, ‘chit’ is awareness, and ‘Anand’ is happiness. God is for belief not for knowing, we need to surrender, if you try to know God then your mind is distracted with many doubts. Life is not so easy, nobody is happy, and being aware of the real truth is permanent happiness.

Whatever you're doing, do it perfectly, don’t be proud of happiness, and do whatever in life, God will always be there with you. With the blessing of god, everything will happen perfectly. Miracle of meditational practices

God is not the thing to know. We need to surrender to God in real life, not to grow in life, not to get rich, not for success or children's success, we need to surrender everything without any wish.

Everyone is sad in this world, but nobody wants to listen to others' sadness, everyone wants to tell their own sad story, but Bhavgat Gita Arjun listened with concentration to whatever Krishna told him. And accepted all the teachings.

Concentration is attention

How your concentration towards the goal is, for example, your playing cricket your concentration is on the batsman’s concentration. And bowler concentration is stamped. Badminton players' concentration is on the saddle if they miss the target they can’t achieve.

We need to listen to the vibration of the world, not what is going on in our mind, not the sound of our surroundings, that vibration can be heard without the ears. The most valuable thing of concentration is your attention, if you miss your attention it goes to other hands, and they will be benefited. And you will lose the opportunity.

If you want to understand clearly you can see in sports if you play badminton your attention must be on the saddle, if you miss your attention you will lose the match. The same attention is required in other games or the targets you have fixed.

Concentration is power

Concentration needs a little edge, if it is for putting in front of others, how to increase additional hours for concentration is a separate matter. Assuming for rest for a certain reason during the evening, morning, or late night. Concentration for meditation is different. The miracle of meditation works to cure all diseases

To awaken early or the eight hours of rest correlate to each other, for concentration proper rest or sound sleep is compulsory. During centration dozing for some hours will distract from concentration.

Concentration needs the regular practice of meditation with the concept of achieving a peaceful mindset and learning more about spirituality.  

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Rest for many hours feels lazy and test issues might lie somewhere during concentration. You will be more terrible, you might be deficient in inspiration. You can extend your concentration power for many hours. It's hard, seven stages will assist in beating laziness. Miracle of meditational practices

This will be increased day-to-day,  what makes a difference is the nature study.  You will not be able to concentrate for hours on the first day, and you may feel tired but need to increase your every day and concentrate for many hours.  

Concentration is the coordination of your energy with the trouble of your work. All things considered, actual activities help to learn capacity and long memory and control. The advantage of concentration is further development and focus, readiness, and preparation. 


Our mind has many memories, and thinking abilities all the time, we need to give up on the movement during meditation practices and keep concentrating on the real truth, the accent of God, and the pleasure of getting good things only.

This practice is required for meditation. Everyone wants to know about the truth and learns the method from different sources. But you will be able to reach it if you try to reach near to the truth with faith in God. 

Everyone is sad but nobody listens to others' sadness, they want to express their sad story, but Arjun listens to Krishna and accepts all his teachings. 

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