9 Ways to change your life in 7 Days

 9 Ways to change your life in 7 Days

Changing life in one week is hard to believe, there are some facts and some action plans that can change, and for that, you need to come out of your comfort zone. Your focus on action plans makes changes in your everyday routine and will be definitely beneficial for you.

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Changing life means there may be the most challenging and uncomfortable habits you have to adopt. In other words, changing means your life is going to be tough. If you are willing to change your life and become more disciplined in life. If you have decided to change in life,  almost everything is possible.   

Identify why you want to change your life. Write down the things you don’t like or hate about the people where you live, and define the changes you want to make. Changes are like starting a business and traveling to adventurous places, removing bad habits, adopting regular fitness, helping others, and keeping happy, etc. 

Identify the things, which want you to hold back, like being addicted to alcohol, negative talks, and being unnecessarily busy with social media. If you are struggling to see what could stop you from transferring old habits. What are your priorities and how much time do you need to spend? Everything is based on your daily routine and habits. Different action plans will be described here to change your life in a week.   

Table of content

  • Eat healthy food
  • Reset your life in a week
  • Physical fitness
  • Release your tension
  • Help others
  • Super special
  • Keep happiness with words
  • Habit of persistency
  • Dedicate towards your passion
  • Conclusion

Eat healthy food

Healthy food can change your mindset, and life, you might not ever think about it. Avoid unhealthy food and control your diet. Eating a healthier diet means giving up the things you like most. Tasty and spicy food may cause many diseases, like diabetes, obesity, depression, Stress, or anxiety.

If you have decided to quickly change your life, you have to give up unhealthy food. you need to eat a healthier diet. Fix the time of food with the help of a dietician. You should eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, and sprouted grains. These are helpful for your healthy life.

Reset your life in a week  

What is your routine life and what are your habits, if you feel you need to make some changes in life or habits? By committing yourself you have to change your bed habits, and reset your life in a week, changing everything you feel better, even small habits. Practice it for one week, and it will just become natural forever. 

Somedays if you are not able to do it, you would feel like you are missing something. So it should reach the level that you have expected. Another thing is to keep track of all things you are doing in a day, what are your priorities, and how much time you need to spend or want to spend. Based on that every day before going to bed, make a list of things that you want to do the next day.

Again next day review this list of activities and see what you could do and what could not do. There are many good habits in life, and some good habits need to be known than are being described. Keeping track would give you an idea of where you are spending most of your time, and required your routine life to be changed completely.

Physical fitness

Your physical fitness helps you to change within a short period. Physical fitness is one of the best ways to boost your life. Whenever you feel down, you can do fitness exercises, which help you to relax from your stress.

Fitness exercise improves your sound sleep. It doesn’t take time, a shot workout can change your mood, feel better, and be healthy. If you want to change you must do proper exercise to keep yourself healthy forever.    

Release your tension

To release the tension you need to learn how to breathe properly. Breath direct from the diaphragm for at least a time daily. This habit will help you to release your tension so that you can concentrate on the next task properly. Releasing tension is just to recharge your mind. Just get relaxed to start the next task.

Make your mind up, and don't panic when confronted with a problem. Try to get its solution. Your panic may concern the negative thoughts in your mind. To keep away from the panic you should get its solution immediately. And that solution will get you relaxed from that panic or worry.  

Help other

Helping others live happier, somehow being happy in their life needs to give happiness to others, and this is possible by helping them. This is another challenge you have to accept for a big change in yourself, by motivating people to be good, your help may be beneficial for those who are helpless.

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If you are earning well, one week is a very short period to change, you are not going to be super in the week, changes are automatic as per the situation. If you practice at the end of the week you will feel changed.  The way you feel, and interact with others, all habits will change.

Helping others is our inner happiness. You need to make our routine habit to help others not only financially, but also help with cooking a good meal, help child teaching, and help with painting, but there are so many ways to help people. you need to devote your time to sharing your talent.

Super special

Don’t do any super special work, that becomes a habit, so many habits are luxuries even if you are earning a lot, that time may not be forever. Sometimes the richest people are respected for their down-to-earth habits. Don’t make such superspecial habits that can’t be maintained forever. 

Don’t hurry when there is no need to carry out the task expeditiously. Every decision is not required to be accepted, it may be harmful or expensive and there is no need for those assets in the future. 

Keep happiness with words

Happiness is our state of mind, just thinking about happiness is our tragedy, this refers to our keeping ourselves happy all the time. Your word keeps you happy and pleasant to others. This is a habit that is very difficult to maintain.

Our happiness keeps us balanced in our positive and negative circumstances. Don’t promise to do such a thing which is not possible, it affects the primary attitude toward our words. Use the words which give pleasure to all. Make your mind cool, when you are in stress, be calm, and think positively and happily. To make yourself happy change your habit and emotions.  

No matter what is going on, keeping happy always is a very big change in life. We must remember that everything in life is a lesson. Never forget the life lesson. If you're not getting a job or are not able to qualify for the interview it means something better is waiting for you. You need to step forward. 

Habit of persistence

How to pursue the habit of persistence? There is no matter where to live, how to make money? If you want to result in some points to be kept in mind for a successful life. You need to treat yourself as you treat someone you love.

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Adaptability is the only trait that matters, if you are not willing to change your thoughts, you will never be able to reach the desired destination. You can avoid a lot of trouble in life if you don’t go for it. It may be called your weakness. Your knowledge is power over yourself, if you ignore it, then others can have it over you. 

Don’t think about what others will say, pursue whatever you want. Nothing is possible without self-belief, your long-term mindset is required for health and wealth. Your laziness is your enemy, you lose your power when you make a threat, and your power projection is to reply without uttering a word.

Your self-confidence starts working at that level. People will try to make you fail, choose your company wisely, and their pettiness sees your success as a threat to their own. Caring is like walking around you.

Dedicate towards your passion 

Take a part of your time and do such activities you like most, like painting, writing, playing or gardening, whatever you are passionate about. Use some time that may change your life. Your hobby can change towards your activities which may join social activities.

Spend time in those activities you like, that may be any kind of hobby that affects your life. Whenever you get time in a week, that habit needs to realize your aim in life. Following your passion may be a big change in life.

 This habit may be pursued along with the job. The things you are passionate about may give you a chance to grow in life. Keep yourself passionate. Your passion can help you to enjoy life and to achieve your destination.


If you have decided to change yourself completely within a week, it is suggested to start with small changes. Start with one habit, practice, and become natural. Keep other things going in a day, what are your priorities, and how much time do you need to spend?

This habit will help you to release your tension, concentrate on the next task, and releasing tension is just to recharge your mind.  Just get relaxed to start the next task. Don’t do any super special work, that becomes a habit, so many habits are such as luxury even if you are earning a lot.

Adopt the habit of persistence, does it matter where to live? If you want to result in some points to be kept in mind for a successful life. Don’t think about what others will say,  pursue whatever you want, and believe in yourself, 

People will try to fail you, choose friends wisely, and people may deceive you about your success. Keep smiling and be passionate about your activities. Keep maintaining all activities of changes and follow with dedication. After one week all the habits will be your routine habits.  


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