Important guidelines for life in all circumstances

 Important guidelines for life in all circumstances

Important guidelines for life in all circumstances are knowing about friends, minding your emotions, minding your temper in anger, and ego, controlling your behavior, and keeping smiling, etc. 

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Your brilliant thoughts are just a waste for those who don’t understand you. They have no respect for you. If you have made a mistake somewhere, you need to apologize. We need to be thankful for those who help us and never prove ourselves if we are wrong.

Never quit in life, keep following your passion, and mind your emotions and thoughts. You need to control your emotions and heart feeling, whenever situations get emotional, your bravery will control emotions and help him in the right Decision making.

If your friends are doing wrong, meet on Saturday, and Sunday for fun and enjoy only. It means your friend's group is deceiving you, and wasting your time. Real friends are those who are supportive, realize your mistakes, and positively promote you. Some of the following guidelines need to be followed in all circumstances. 

Table of contents

  • What is real friendship
  • Keep smiling in all circumstances
  • Never quit in life
  • Mind your emotions and thoughts 
  • Admit if you are wrong
  • Mind your temper in anger
  • Mind your ego when god blesses on you
  • Control your behavior
  • Conclusion

What is real friendship?

Real friendship is different from all friendships. If any of your friends are not doing well, you need to stop them from doing wrong. If your friends are not doing well, meet on Saturday, and Sunday to have fun and enjoy only. If they are repeatedly doing wrong, it means your friend's group is deceiving you, and wasting your time.

Friends should be supportive in a positive way, if your friend is not doing good then, you need to give up that friendship and leave their group. Don’t be proud of your friends if they are on the wrong track.

Keeping smiling in all circumstances is a good habit. You have to be thankful to the people who have helped you in your bad time. Everyone will become your well-wisher, best friend, and relative in your good time. But in your bad time, only genuine friends and relatives will remain with you.

Keep smiling in all circumstances

Circumstances in life may be good or bad, just keep smiling and you have to be thankful for the people who helped you in a bad situation. In your good time, everyone will enjoy themselves. Your friends, relatives, and all those near your surroundings will be your well-wishers.

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In your bad times or critical situations, whoever is with you is a genuine friendship, and you must help those who remain the same in your good or bad times. Never forget the situation you've faced during your bad time. Never promise to do anything in life, or don’t prove to do that which is not ever possible in life. Need to keep smiling all the time in all circumstances.

Never quit in life

Whatever you have been attempting with passion, never quit in life, you must take rest if required and keep following your passion. Learn new ideas and implementations to perform better. Never quit the things you are doing for better achievement.

Be independent of yourself, never give up investing in yourself, and don't depend on others, your family and children may be good to you but your self-investment will secure your retirement life.

Mind your emotions and thoughts 

You need to control your emotions when you are in trouble. Getting emotional is a heart feeling, but who will take over when a situation gets emotional for everyone? Bravery can control your emotions and make the right decision in that situation.

You need to mind your thoughts when you are alone, don’t overlap your brilliant thoughts with those who don’t want to understand. Thinking about what is the right time for thoughts to put on them will be considered valid for them.  Mind your thoughts on loneliness.

If you make a mistake, it is human nature that the body can make mistakes but needs to apologize. If you are thankful for the work done by anyone, you always need to thank them.

Admit if you are wrong

Always admit if you are wrong, don’t try to prove yourself, and don’t give clearance about proving right. This is the quality of great humanity. We need to learn with experience. Doing wrong and proving right is not a  Good habit.

Doing wrong and proving it right is not a good habit or emotion that compels us to do wrong, but we realize it when we make mistakes. This habit is required to improve. We learn from our mistakes but never repeat them.  

Mind your temper in anger

Your energy mood can do wrong, every enger becomes selfish, everybody’s energy is in danger, in the angry mood they think they are right, but ultimately they are always wrong. Every decision was taken in anger resulting in the wrong. We must think before acting in anger. The reaction may be harmful to others and themselves too.

You need to mind your temper in anger, help those who respect you, advise you, and think better for yourself. That is the only way to control your emotions. Your temper in anger can be easily controlled, if you think on the suggestion of the people.

Mind your ego when god blesses you

God’s blessing is just growing your income or having everything good with you. It's your good time. You must know that God blessed you, and you need to mind your ego. Control your emotions, anger, or pride.

All these activities show your richness. Time is not equal all the time, there are many ups and downs in life. God has great blessings on your mind and your ego, and they will help in your business or profession.  

Control your behavior

Mind your behavior, when you are in the group. Your behavior control is very important in life. All the activities whether they are right or wrong depend on human behavior. Every action has its opposite reaction, our behavior also depends on the positive and negative reactions of the behavior.

If your behavior is polite you will be respected by all, and if your behavior is wrong, you will be treated negatively in response as well, as you will act the same and the result will be given back. So it's said to control your behavior for better results.    


The most crucial pill for humanity is just to keep smiling in every situation. Do all the reliable work, do your duty in life but invest in yourself. Nobody will be there at the wrong time with you. Your investment will give you respect, such as LIC, or other assets.

Don’t promise such a thing which is not possible in future. Follow your passion and never quit in life, if you have started something, keep trying always, and you will get the best result one day.

Mind your thoughts when you are alone for better results. Mind your emotions if you are in trouble. Apologies for any mistakes if you have attempted any, never forget to thank the people who have helped at your bedtime. Always admit if you are wrong. Always help those who respect you.

Mind your temper in anger, and control your behavior while in a group of friends, finally, you must mind your ego when God blesses you. Time is not always good for everyone. Always think good for everyone, and everything will be alright. 

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